Cladding Manufacturers:

Cladding is a coat or covering which is applied to surfaces to provide a unique look and support to the walls while facade cladding is a vertical cladding filter used to design the outer surfaces of a building. The façade cladding is done while considering factors like geographic area, climate, design and budget. There are uncountable types of cladding facades available like metal facades, glass facades, galvanized steel facades etc for cladding purposes. Cladding and facades are available at competitive prices in the markets as well online.

Wall cladding suppliers:

The wall cladding manufacturers manufacture and supply panels for facades, metal panels for facades, metal shingles, metal laminates, composite material facades, glass facades, wooden panels, opaque wall panels and much more for the perfect exterior and interior finishing. Cladding material for glass, HPL, metal, terracotta, ceramic etc is available in a huge variety online.

Wall cladding installation services in India

Wall cladding is done on interior and exterior walls to provide a designer look to the walls. Materials wood, vinyl, stone, PVC etc are used for cladding. There are companies offering installation services where the walls are first measured, the sheathing is done, house wrap and foam is installed, row cladding Is done, overlapping and finishing is done over the walls for perfect cladding.

Here is the list of best wall cladding manufacturers in India:

  1. Nanak furnishers Pvt Ltd
  2. Ecoste wood polymer composite
  3. Alu Décor Lamination Pvt Ltd
  4. Wonder Alu Board Overseas
  5. FunderMax India Pvt Ltd
  7. Future Good Flooring
  8. Finilex Laminates India Private Limited
  9. Greenlam Industries
  10. UFC International
  11. Aroma Timber Corporation
  12. Straton Group
  13. The English Oak Corporation
  14. Onkar Laminates
  15. Prakratik Interiors
  16. Alstone Industries Private Limited
  17. Greenlam Clads
  18. Plywaala
  19. Accord Floors
  20. The Red floor India

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