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Mr. Anand Ambekar is the founder, CEO and chief mechanical architect of Adeetya’s Kitchen System.He is responsible for corporate management and strategic direction of the company.

Anand is associated with the mechanical industry for more than 22 years and has previously worked in organizations of International reputation like Greaves Ltd. as Purchase Officer and Manager, Production & Development in Metatech Pvt. Ltd. a company engaged in manufacturing Metallurgical Testing Equipment located in Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA.

He is a Mechanical Engineer with postgraduate qualifications in management (DMM and MBA).

Mr. Shashikant Devdas

Mr. Shashikant Devdas is the co-founder of Adeetya's. He is mainly responsible for financial management, product management. He is also actively involved in the mechanical design of the product. Shashikant has 25 years of experience in planning and finance and has considerable background in defining the requirements of the product from the customer's view.

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