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Rajasthan , India

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Advegis—Complete solution providers We at Advegis intend to provide comprehensive solutions to our customers.   With an enthusiastic group of professionals and vision & focus on clear set of goals to serve the growing needs of the Infrastructure Industry, we offer a range of services, right from start to finish of projects with the latest execution techniques, for an updated product delivery for the end user. This covers; Interiors, Modular Furniture, Electricals and Lighting, Networking Solutions, HVAC Services, Smoke & Fire Safety, Security & PA System, Office & Home Automation.   We can repair everything in the same proficient manner as we build a perfect office or any establishment for you and these services are available for everything we deal in, such as;   · Interiors, Modular Furniture, Paint, Plumbing, Gypsum Ceiling & Glass work. · Electrical, Lighting & Networking Solutions. · HVAC Supply, installation & Services. · Smoke, Fire Safety, Security & PA System. · Office Automation.

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