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Anupam is the brand name of kitchen sinks and modular kitchens designed and manufactured by Garg Sons India Private Limited. The anupam kitchen range of products include high-end stainless steel sinks, modular kitchens and many other kitchen products. The company got ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification in the year 2005.

Range of kitchen sinks

There is a wide range of anupam sinks incorporating the latest design features which make them world class in terms of quality. The various types of sinks manufactured by the company have been grouped into various collections. The range of anupam kitchen sink includes single bowl sinks, single bowl sinks with drainboard, double bowl sinks, double bowl sinks with drainboard, corner sinks, three bowl sinks, undermount sinks and round bowl sinks.

The following collections of kitchen sinks are offered under the brand name of Anupam.

Signature series- Signature anupam steel kitchen sink is constructed of AISI-316 grade stainless steel containing molybednum. It is highly resistant against corrosion and dents. 1.2mm thickness makes it very strong. The corner radius is 20mm. The square shape of the drain facilitates easy disposal of waste. The kitchen sink also has undercoating and sound suppression pad to absorb sound, maintain the temperature of water in the sink and protect against moisture buildup. The signature series of Anupam sinks come in various sizes ranging between 34 x 20 inches/ 860 x 510mm and 45 x 20 inches/1145 x 510mm.

Prism series- Prism anupam steel sink is made of heavy duty AISI-304 grade steel. Thickness is 1.5mm. The sink is highly durable and is resistant against dents, temperature fluctuations and impacts. The corner radius is 10mm. The sink uses the brand’s trademark Intellidrain which uses dual anti-clog technology for waste disposal. Undercoating and sound suppression pad also feature on the sink. The sinks are available in a plethora of sizes ranging between 30 x 18 inches/760 x 460mm and 45 x 20 inches/ 1145 x 510mm.

Cube series- Cube steel sink is made of AISI- 304 grade steel which imparts high durability to it. 1mm thick steel is used for its construction. The corners are square shaped subtending an angle of 90 degrees which form straight side walls for more space in the sink. Intellidrain is used for clog free disposal of

waste from the sink. Cube series steel sinks are available in sizes ranging between 18 x 16 inches/ 460 x 410mm and 45 x 20 inches/ 1145 x 510mm.

Other series of Anupam kitchen sinks include prism series, elite series, luxury series, royale series, zio series, excell series, ace series and luxe series.

Anupam Kitchen Sink Price List

Anupam Kitchen Sinks Price
Anupam Kitchen Sinks Rs 8,000/ Piece
Stainless Steel Rectangular Anupam Kitchen Sink Rs 1,550/ Piece
Anupam CS902DS 225 mm Cube Kitchen Sinks Rs 17,990/ Piece
Anupam Kitchen Sink Satin Rs 21,000/ Piece
Yes Anupam Kitchen Sink, Finish Type: Galvanized Rs 11,200/ Piece

The anupam kitchen sink price depends upon the series to which it belongs, number of bowls, other features features and dimensions. For example, the anupam sink price for a luxury series single bowl sink with single drainboard with size of 41 inch/ 1040mm is Rs 27,990.

Complete anupam sinks price list is present on the official website of the company. The anupam sink price list can be searched according to type, bowl depth, thickness, steel grade and price range.

Comprehensive information besides price is provided in anupam sinks online list.

Dealer network

Customers can search for anupam sinks dealers in their cities by clicking on their respective states from the list given on the official website of the company.

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