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Adhesive Remover & Primers

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Best Offer On Adhesive Remover & Primers Available on McCoy Mart

Adhesive removers are helpful to remove glue from any surface. They are beneficial during new paintings, remodeling, and shifting your property from one place to another as using them; you can easily remove extra glue from the surface. They are widely used in both residential and commercial buildings. You can buy them from both online and offline stores. They are available in many types and have many features too. Some products are separately made for distinct surfaces also. As it is beneficial, the product becomes much more popular. 

Here are The Types of Products that this Item has

Several types of Glue remover are available in the market. They are used in the removal of various substances. The types are divided into two types depending on their composition and usage. The notable types of this product are as follows: 

Types based on usage

There are four types of this product classified based on their usage. They are: 

  • Tile adhesive remover: This removing solution is used to clear the area where tile glue exists on the tile. It clears the tile and makes it free from the mortar. You will get them everywhere in the market. They are very useful while remodeling your home. It is even helpful when you are shifting your address. 
  • Floor adhesive remover: Often, many types of glues are applied on the floor to model your house and interior decoration. However, while leaving the house or office or while remodeling it, you need to clean them. In those cases, you can use this product. They are readily available in all leading stores. You can buy them very easily. 
  • Carpet adhesive remover: It is seen that the carpets are stuck on the floor with the help of mortar. However, while remodeling your house or changing the carpet, you need to clean the mortar on the floor so that the new carpet sticks well. To do so, you need a carpet adherent cleaner that will clean the sticky thing from the floor. They are also known as Vinyl adhesive remover. They are widely available in various shops, and you can buy them in a hassle-free manner. 
  • Sticker remover spray: Removing stickers from anything is very tough. It leaves a bad scratch from wherever it is removed. Using this sticker cleaner will help you to clean the area properly by spraying. The spray is one of the easiest ways of cleaning. Besides, that you can easily purchase them from any offline or online store. 

Types based on the composition 

There are three types of this item based on the composition of the product. They are: 

  • Citrus-based cleaner: This is the most common type of cleaner, including citrus and propane as the main ingredient. Elements like chloride, halogen, sulfur, and fluoride are also used to make them. They are best for removing tapes and are known as Adhesive tape remover. 
  • Soy-based cleaner: The soy-based cleaner has soybean oil and propane as the main ingredient. This product is best at removing old bonds and is widely used in industrial and professional areas. 
  • Solvent-based cleaner: A solvent-based cleaner is one of the most vital types of cleaner that enters the surface and breaks the chemical bond to clean the mortar. Acidic chemicals like xylene, ethylbenzene, toluene, benzene, methanol, and naphtha are used to manufacture this type.

Look at the Best Brand from which You can Buy

The Best adhesive remover brand to trust is McCoy Soudal. It is a brand that delivers quality products that do not leave any side effects after usage. The chemicals used in the manufacturing are appropriately tested. This product is a proper fusion of innovation and technology. The brand delivers your products at an affordable rate. You can quickly get them at online and offline stores. Besides that, being the own product of McCoy Mart, you can get them quickly at McCoy Mart. The company produces products by catering to the needs of the customer. Even the items are not overpriced, which helps you to buy commodities without differing much into the pocket. All these factors make this brand the best brand, and thus you should buy products from them. 

Check the Two Pointers you Need to Remember before Buying this Item 

Before buying Super glue remover, you must consider certain factors and check them properly. This will ensure you make a proper purchase of the product you are going to buy. It will also make sure that you don't buy the wrong item, which will be a misfit. The factors to check before buying this item are:  

  • Types: There are several types of this product. They differ based on their composition and usage. The types have been discussed above broadly. You need to consider them properly so that you get the perfect type of product that you need.
  • Price: The price of these items is affordable. You don't need to dig much into your pocket for buying them. You will quickly get them at all leading online and offline stores. 

Your Buying Destination Should be McCoy Mart!

If you are thinking from where you will buy these adherent cleaners, then the only answer is McCoy Mart. It is an online store where you can purchase various items from hardware to sanitary ware, furniture to appliances. You can also get bulk discounts if you have a pro account. Besides that, purchasing from this store is easy as you can buy them from both the browser and app. So why wait? Go to McCoy Mart to buy the product of your choice! 

Adhesive Primers Price List

Adhesive Primers
McCoy Soudal Silicone Remover
Rs. 338
McCoy Soudal Silicone Scraper Blister
Rs. 329
McCoy Soudal Universal Cleaner165
Rs. 1,138
McCoy Soudal Universal Primer175
Rs. 5,551