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Buy Adhesive Strips Online At McCoy Mart

Adhesive strips are tapes that are made of a material and adherent which is used to join objects without the usage of screws or fasteners. These tapes make the area stay protected without damage as you don't need to screw me fasten in something. At times the liquid adherents take much time to dry and may often become messy. In those places, you can easily use this tape which will keep your surface clean and neat. You don't have to wait much for bonding while using these tapes. The Adhesive rubber strips are double-sided and one side is made from paper, or plastic film, or cloth, or foam, or foil. The other side is the sticky surface. They can bond a variety of items very easily. Besides that, many brands manufacture them and they are available in all leading online and offline stores. Mostly acrylic, epoxy, rubber-based resin, silicone sealants, polyurethane, and Isocyanate are used as an adherent to this tape. 

Take a Look at the Types of Adhesive foam strips Available

There are various types of these tapes that you can use for multiple functions. The various types of this product are classified based on their binding nature. The types of tapes are: 

  • Pressure-sensitive Strong adhesive strips: This type of tape does not require heat, moisture or water to get activated. They can bond with the other surfaces only when pressure is applied. You can just use your finger to apply pressure and fix it. However, the temperature should be moderate while the application is going on. They are widely available in online stores at a reasonable rate. 
  • Heat-activated Plastic adhesive strips: As the name suggests, to bond with another surface you need to produce heat which will make it get hold of the other surface. The minimum temperature that it needs to get fixed is 180° F. At times it also demands much more elevated temperature. These tapes are also widely available and at reasonable rates. Many companies manufacture them and you can get them at an affordable rate. 
  • Water-activated Foam strips: This type of tape demands moisture to return to its sticky nature. The water-activated tapes are a sort of glue paper that is either animal glue or starch which gets activated as you apply water or it gets moisture. They are widely available in online and offline stores and you can buy them at affordable rates. Their main usage is in closing and sealing boxes. 
  • Self adhesive foam strip: These tapes do not require any applied force or external pressure or effect to get activated. They are self-adhering. It is widely available in all stores and is inexpensive.

How to Understand the Best Brand to Buy from?

It is not at all easy to understand which is the best brand you can trust for buying Self adhesive plastic strip or any other type. Many brands manufacture them as the product is in great demand. However, it is difficult to choose which is the best brand, and thus in this guide, we will help you to know about it so that while purchasing you can be sure about it. The best brand to buy these tapes from is 3M.

3M is an experienced company delivering Adhesive strips for walls for a long time. They produce items at a very affordable rate. Besides that, 3M caters to the needs of the customers and manufactures products. You can buy their products both from offline and online stores. Other than that their products can be applied on a variety of surfaces. All these together make them stand as the best brand and thus you should choose them. 

Here are the Pointers you Must Check before Purchasing

There are certain pointers that you must properly check before you buy Double sided adhesive strips. If you check these pointers and buy, then you will be able to buy the product that meets your requirement properly. The factors to check and then buy are: 

  • Types: The various types of this product like the Self adhesive strips, pressure tapes, water-activated tapes have been discussed above. You need to consult your workman about the best type suitable for your use. After that, you just finalize which type to buy. This will be wise as well as economic. You can also go through the details of the various types and know more before selecting them. 
  • Material is glue: The sticky pastes that are used as adherent are acrylic, epoxy, rubber-based resin, silicone sealants, polyurethane, and Isocyanate. They are very good gums and all of them can be fruitful for you. However, before buying you should read the specification to know about the material being used in the gum of the tape. 
  • Price: Another crucial factor to consider before buying Double sided adhesive strips is the price. Though these tapes are available at a very affordable rate, still you must check the rate and then buy.

Where to Buy from? 

You can buy Heavy duty adhesive strips from McCoy Mart as it is one of the trustworthy online stores from where you can get many items. From hardware to sanitary ware, furniture to appliances you will find A to Z of your requirement in this store. If you have a pro account you can also get a proper discount. Besides that, you can browse through the plethora of products that this shop has. You can also know about the price of various items and you can also compare them with the other brands before buying. So why wait? Head to McCoy Mart to buy the product of your choice.

Adhesive Strips Price List at McCoy Mart

Adhesive Strips
Sizes/Model No
3M Command Poster Strip (White, 12 Strips)
Rs. 149
3M Command Medium Refill Strip (White, 12 Strips)
Rs. 199
3M Command Medium Picture Hanging Strip (Black, 4 Strips)
Rs. 249
3M Command Medium Picture Hanging Strips With Self Adhesive Multicolor Bumpers
Rs. 682
3M Command Plastic Picture Hanging Strips - Medium (Black, 12 Strips)
Rs. 747