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Air Purifiers

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Buy Air Purifiers Online At Affordable Price

Having contaminants in the air at home can be cumbersome and sometimes a major health concern if you’re living with allergies. A lot of older people and kids can be affected by allergens in the air, causing respiratory problems, asthma, and even pneumonia in some cases. Having these filters is one good way to ensure these contaminants don’t find their way into your home’s atmosphere. At McCoy Mart, you can tap into some of the best air purifying machines in the business and use them in residential and commercial spaces. These have been specially designed to ensure they clean the air and keep you and your loved ones safe. From the best brands to the best products, you’ll be able to find all of your air purifying needs.

What are the Pollutants Air Purifiers can Remove?

Most of these cleaning gadgets can purify the following air-based pollutants which include:

  • The particulate matter comprises big elements. Most air cleaners use something known as a HEPA filter, which is comprised of nests. These nest can be less or thin, depending on the particulates that need to be captured. With every air pass, certain proportions of the particulate matter get blocked, and eventually, there is no more particulate matter present in the air.
  • Chemical pollutants are smaller particles, and it is virtually impossible to capture them with a physical nest. They require molecular sieves where there is a large surface on which the molecules can be adsorbed. Similar to how the lungs in the human body capture oxygen, these air cleaners do the same.
  • Various air cleaners generally work with different surfaces, and these can attract pollutants. These are loosely attached to the surface, and they end up being released whenever there is some change in the form of humidity or temperature.
  • Another type of common pollutant found in the air includes bacteria and viruses, and they have variable size, in general. It is essential to kill them before you come in contact with them and then fall ill.

Check out the different types of the air cleaners we have on our website

  • Air purifiers

These are one of the best devices to remove any contaminants from the air and improve the air quality indoors. These devices are handy for those suffering from allergies and also helps reduce the effects of second-hand smoke. All of these tools are carefully curated, so you enjoy only the best service and products. We source these air from well-known brands like Aariapure and Karcher, so you know you’re in good hands. You can check out the various styles and types and use them in a multitude of places, including commercial and residential spaces, as well as vehicles, among others.

  • Home air purifiers

These air cleaners can be used in your residential spaces, and they can efficiently purify your home with ease. These air cleaners are designed keeping comfort in mind and are extremely quiet and productive. These are built to absorb allergens that remain in the air, especially after the cleaning process. They are also known to work effectively in filtering in droplets and particles that arise while cooking and disseminating clean and allergen-free air quality.

  • Portable air purifiers

Portable air purifiers are another excellent investment for anyone who wants to be surrounded by safe and clean air. These portable air purifiers are available in various colors and styles, and they can be used at any place. You can keep them within your bags or even in your cars, and they will serve the purpose with ease. It’s essential to clean these portable these cleaners, but luckily, we work with brands that have high-quality products when it comes to creating their air purifiers. With these products’ help, you can easily self-maintain them for a long time and utilize them as and when you please.

  • Personal air purifier

If you’re generally suffering from breathing problems due to allergens, then the personal air purifier is just the product for you. It can quickly eliminate allergens, dust, smoke, and other particles. There aren’t any filters also needed to replace, and these products are versatile as much as they are lightweight. With affordable options, these personal air purifiers come with a full coverage area, so you can keep yourself protected from foul air within your vicinity. The best part about personal air purifiers is that they are super portable and can be used anywhere.

  • Small air purifiers

If you live in a smaller apartment or work out of a cubicle, then getting a small air purifier is one of the best investments. They can be carried around and placed wherever you please, and you can make them function only according to when you want to use them. Choose from a wide range of air purifiers only on McCoy Mart and enjoy amazing benefits and functionality. These air purifiers are exclusively sourced from reliable manufacturers, to ensure that your comfort and health are not compromised.

Popular Brands of Air Purifier Available at McCoy Mart

Ariapure Air Purifier Specification:

  • Reduces VOC’s/Pollutants Upto 10x
  • Eliminates odour
  • Filters Upto PM 0.25 (Particulate matter)
  • Safe to use
  • Kills 99% bacteria and virus
  • Gives great fragrance Upto 60 days

Karcher Air Purifier Specification:

  • Five filter inlays for various applications
  • Compact design with high mobility
  • Powerful motor for rooms up to 100 m²
  • Fan with three speed settings
  • Intuitive operation and simple maintenance
  • Laser Sensor
  • Allergy Friendly

Popular Brands of Air Purifiers

Eveready Air Purifiers