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Akemi Akepox 1006 A (Component A)- 1 Kg
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Akemi Akepox 1006 A (Component A)- 1 Kg, AKEMI11710

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Akemi Akepox 1006 A (Component A)- 1 Kg


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Product Specification

Light Transparent
Package Content
Akepox 1006 - Component A (1 Kg)
1 Kg
Model No.
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Akemi Akepox 1006 A (Component A)- 1 Kg

Product Description

AKEPOX 1006 - low viscosity, 2-component filler, hardening time approx. 48 h (20°C), only slight tendency to discolour, easy to colour, free of solvents, weather-resistant, light transparent

Best to treat stones which require a strong colour intensification. Very long hardening and very good penetration in fine fissures and webbings. Fills small holes and finishes the surface of the stone at the same time. For industrial use.

Key Features:

  • Area of application - Stone industry
  • Material - Natural stone, Granite, Marble and limestone, Concrete ashlar
  • Bonding application - Filling, Strengthening, Resinating
  • Working time - Long
  • Bonding application - Pores, Stitches, Finest hair cracks
  • Adhesive technology - Epoxy resin
  • UV stability - Well
  • Hardening time - Slow
  • Polishing ability - Excellent
  • Consistency - Highly liquid
  • Colour - Transparent, Can be coloured

Technical Details:

  • Density - Comp. A: 1.13 g/cm³ / Comp. B: 0.93 g/cm³
  • Consumption - Approx. 100 - 200 g/m²
  • Working Time -
    • At varying temperatures and a quantity of 125 g - 15°C (approx. 3 - 4 hours) / 20°C (approx. 2 hours) / 30°C (approx. 1 hour)
    • Hardening times for stone slabs which have been pre-warmed to the given temperatures - 20°C: approx. 2 days / 30°C: approx. 1 day


  • AKEPOX 1006 is a very fluid, two-component, epoxy resin system with a modified amine hardener which is used for firmly closing cracks and pores.
  • AKEPOX 1006 is characterized by the following properties:
    • Hardens relatively quickly
    • Has highly penetrative properties on account of its low viscosity
    • Very strong colour intensification
    • Clear transparent
    • Free of solvents
    • Weather-resistant
    • Good grinding and polishing properties
    • Increases the firmness and improves the quality of natural stone surfaces
    • Increases the yield and the productivity

Application Area:

  • AKEPOX 1006 is mainly used in the stone-working industry for strengthening porous and fissured natural stone slabs, concrete and concrete ashlar if a very strong colour intensification is required.
  • The hardened product shows a minimal tendency to yellow if exposed to ultraviolet light or to warmth.

Instruction for Use:

  • The stone slabs which are to be treated must be pre-calibrated according to their nominal thickness and must be clean and dry.
  • Four parts by weight of Component A are to be thoroughly mixed with one part by weight of Component B (e.g. 100 g and 25 g) until the mixture is free of streaks. Alternatively, seven parts by volume of Component A are to be mixed with two parts by volume of Component B (e.g. 175 ml and 50 ml); Large amounts can be worked more easily with a dosing and mixing apparatus for AKEPOX products.
  • AKEPOX colouring concentrates or Stone Ink can be used for colouring if required (max. 5%).
  • The mixture remains workable for approx. 2 hours at 20°C and
  • is applied to the whole surface with a fine-toothed spreader; apply more than once in the event of larger fissures or areas of greater absorption. Cracks which are running completely through the stone are to be closed on the back before application of AKEPOX 1006.
  • The surfaces can be ground and polished after approx. 2 days at room temperature. Pre-warmed natural stone slabs can be polished and grind after approx. 3 hours at 60°C and subsequent cooling.
  • The contact pressure of the grinding and polishing segments should be 1 to 1.5 bar at the most.
  • Tools can be cleaned with AKEMI Universal Dilution.
  • Warmth accelerates and cold retards the hardening process.
  • Empty the container fully before disposing of it.


  • 2 years approx. under cool conditions in the firmly closed original container.

Health & Safety:

  • Read all instructions clearly before handling or using this product

Special Notes:

  • The optimal mechanical and chemical properties can only be attained by adhering to the exact mixing proportions; excess adhesive or hardener has the effect of a plasticizer.
  • The colour of the treated surfaces may deepen to a greater or lesser extent depending upon the type of stone involved; a deepening of colour may be more noticeable in the fissured area. Therefore we recommend to test on a sample piece.
  • Use separate vessels when component A and B are being extracted from their containers.
  • The resin is no longer to be used if it has already thickened or is jellying.
  • The best surfaces can only be achieved by using high-quality grinding and polishing segments.
  • The product is not to be used at temperatures below 15°C because it will not sufficiently harden.
  • The hardened resin can no longer be removed by means of solvents. This can only be achieved mechanically or by applying higher temperatures (> 200°C).
  • If the resin has been correctly worked it presents no hazard to health when the hardening process is completed.

Pack Content:

  • Akepox 1006 Component A - 1 Kg

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