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Best Buy Offer On Kitchen Corner Units Available on McCoy Mart

Struggling to find a place to store all of your cooking utensils? But feel like your cooking area doesn't have enough space for it? With kitchen corner units, you don't need to worry anymore. These things contain multiple baskets that can easily get folded into one shelf. If you have many utensils and are in dire need of space to put it all in, then the modular kitchen corner units are the answer. It is sleek and also modern. Still, feel like they are too good to be true? Read on below: 

Benefits Of Using A Kitchen Unit

  • Lots of space

First of all, the main thing that you will get with this unit is that it will give you a lot of space to store your stuff. Everything from plates to pots and pans, you will be able to keep it all without any issue. 

  • Takes up less space

You will be able to store a massive amount of your things within a tiny space. After all, this modular kitchen corner unit storage will fit into one cupboard easily. Yes, you heard that right. It has been designed in such a way that it takes up less space. Actually, instead of spreading out vertically or horizontally, it fits itself smartly within the space given. In this way, it utilizes space efficiently. 

  • Sturdy

These kitchen corner unit baskets are made from sturdy stainless steel or aluminum. As a result, these containers last for a long time. After all, aluminum and stainless steel give these baskets the strength and durability they deserve. The entire piece is also coated with corrosion-resistant material. This ensures that it doesn't get corroded easily and can last longer. 

  • Modern

The manner in which the entire kitchen corner stand folds it into itself is fascinating. But more than that, it looks sleek as well as modern. After all, the new trend is to make more things fit into less space, and that is precisely what it does. With this, you can put more of your cookware in these baskets without wondering about how much space they are taking up in your cooking section. 

Factors To Keep In Mind While Buying A Kitchen Unit

  • Size

Needless to say, before buying utensils storing container, you need to judge if it's the right size for your needs. Take into stock all the utensils you want to store in here. Then browse through the items and check their sizes. This will allow you to imagine if you will be able to fit all your things in it. Also, while you are thinking about utensils storing container sizes, make sure that you buy one which can easily be turned into a kitchen corner fitting unit. At the end of the day, if you cannot store the entire thing, it will be a waste of money. 

  • Flexibility

Ensure that the containers you are buying are flexible so that it is easy to take them out and again push them in. Check for creaky hinges and mismatched baskets. Because if you find any defects, then a basket might refuse to go in, and you will be stuck with a huge issue. 

  • Price

The price for such utensil storage starts at ₹3000 and keeps on going till ₹20,000 and more for a full storage set. The more the price, the better the quality you will ultimately get. But you should always keep your budget in mind while buying these things. Also, know that the more-price-gives-you-better thing isn't always true. You can get great utensils storing vessels within your budget, which is of the right size. 

  • Compartments

Generally, these storage containers come in sets of 4 baskets. But you will get to see sets of 6 as well. So you should choose the one which you need. After all, with six baskets, you will store more of your utensils, but 6 baskets will take up more space than 4 baskets. Remember that a 6 container storage will cost you more than a four container one. So before buying, take your needs as well as your budget in mind. 

Overall, these units are beneficial. After all, for less space, you will be able to store more. Sure, it might cost you a little more than just buying a basket, but in exchange for the price, you are getting a set that neatly fits together in minimal space. While buying one, you must take into consideration the number of compartments available, the size, as well as your budget. Once you keep these in mind, you will be able to get yourself excellent storage space.

Hafele Specification

  • Large-area shelves
  • Left or right handed
  • Automatic assist opening
  • Shelves operate independently
  • Easy to assemble pull-out shelving unit

Ozone Specification

  • Soft close Mechanism
  • Chrome Finish
  • Available with height adjustment option