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Best Buy Offer On Fans Available on McCoy Mart

Fans are a great addition to any room - commercial or residential. They come in different types and serve the purpose of cooling a space extremely well. Depending on their size and style, you can take a break from heat respite with relative ease. From mini and portable that are perfect for a small space to an industrial blower that can cool an entire factory floor, there's something for everyone at McCoy Mart. Choose from the widest range of manufacturers, styles, colors, brands, and more. We've got the best in our store, and you're sure to find the exact model you need.

Here are the Type of fans available in the store

  • Electric Fan

As its name suggests, these punkahs work with electricity. There are different styles of electric air blades, and the most popular one is the ceiling fan. Found in the majority of households these come in different sizes and styles. They are effective, especially during the warm months, as they can immediately ensure hot air is replaced. You can get your ceiling based mechanical blades as per your requirement, from the sweep size, voltage, right to the brand, and color of your choice. These types of blades are suitable for every room, and you can get them based on where you'd like to keep them. From kitchen ceilings to bathrooms, you can avail them in different variants and choose them based on the convenience and comfort factors. They circulate the air effectively and also help in saving a lot of money on electricity bills too.

  • Industrial Fans

Industrial fans are also known as blowers and are used primarily on factory floors to provide cooling for the many processes being undertaken. These factories work under a lot of heat, and the industrial blowers help regulate the flow of air to help keep the temperature in check. These rely on turbines, and the flow rate can go from 200 to 2,00,000 cubic feet in one minute and operates where the resistance is primarily on the downstream side. The uses of an industrial blower include combustion, aeration, ventilation, exhaust, air-cleaning, drying, cooling, and more. Many industries are served by the industrial blower blades, including the likes of pollution control, metal manufacturing, petrochemical, cement production, cryogenics, food processing, and more. At McCoyMart, you can get some of the best industrial blowers in the business and work with the top manufacturers. These include brands such as Havells, Luminous, Usha, and more. You can segregate them based on size, style, cost, and choose the product that fits all of your industrial needs.

  • Mini Fan

It's always good to find an optimal cooling solution, and apart from ceiling air blades and A/Cs, the mini fan is an excellent option. They offer powerful airflow and also come in a variety of different models, that can be customized according to your needs -

    • Size - One of the most important things to look for when purchasing a rotating air blade is the size, and you'd like it to fit into any room ideally. With our range, you can choose an air blade based on different sizes and styles.
    • Noise - Size is also an important factor that goes into the process of purchasing these rotating air blades. You'd like these air ventilators to be in a limited space and not make noise. 
    • Portability - One of the most significant features anyone looks for in a mini air ventilator is its portability factor. As they are designed to be used for a maximum of two people, they need to be portable enough to be carried anywhere. They're light in weight and allow you to move it from one room to another conveniently.
    • Ease of use - When buying a mini fan, its ease of use plays a significant role. It needs to be user-friendly enough to be operated with ease, and you can adjust all of the blade settings based on how you'd like to operate it.
  • Portable Fan

Portable fans are the best if you're looking to buy it only for your personal requirement. There are different types of portable air blowers available in our store, and you can choose one based on your needs. Once you finalize the personal fan type, you can segregate them based on size, color, and purchase with ease.

These are the different types of fans you can choose from, and enjoy a bit of relief during these warm months. It's essential that you understand the dimensions of your room and the overall requirements before choosing one of your likings. From industrial blowers that cool entire factory floors to personal fans that you can use individually, you can get access to everything on our page. We work with the best brands in the industry to ensure you get all of your cooling needs answered.

Personal fans are great because they are

  • Lightweight - You can carry them from one room to another with ease
  • Easy-to-use - They have a simple mechanism that can be figured out in a matter of just minutes
  • Portable - In the hall or the bedroom, depending on where you'd like it, you can carry it around

Havells Brand Features:

  • Silent, stylish
  • Aerodynamic Presenting Stealth Air
  • The Stunning Fan Complement stylish Interiors

Usha Brand Features:

  • Let Life Bloom
  • A range of fans that keeps dust a bay
  • Energy Saving Fans

Luminous Brand Features:

  • Sleek and Stylish design
  • Remote Operated
  • Normal Speed, High Speed

Atomberg Brand Features:

  • Save Upto 65% on Electricity bills with Gorilla Fans
  • 3 Yr Onsite Warranty
  • Supper Efficient BLDC Motor

Types of Fan available on McCoy Mart


Price Range

Ceiling Fans Starting from Rs 1325
Kitchen Exhaust Fans Starting from Rs 828
High Speed Pedestal Fans Starting from Rs 2372
Personal Fans Starting from Rs 1461

Top  Brands in Fans

Bajaj Fans      |     Crompton Fans     |    Atomberg Fans      |       Havells Fans      |      Luminous Fans    |    Orient Fans     |     Usha Fans      |     Zigma Fans