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Atomberg Ceiling Fans

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Buy Atomberg Ceiling Fans Online At McCoy Mart

McCoy Mart is a marketplace which is an excellent place for all the furniture and home decor items. It reaches out to trustable suppliers and sells their refined products at a fair and discounted price. Thus, these products are original and directly from the supplier to you. One such supplier is Atomberg, which manufactures different kinds of fans like ceiling, pedestrian, and wall mount. Here, we are talking about different air coolers for circulation. Atomberg Gorilla Ceiling fans provide smart technology, with or without remote control and power-efficient BLDC motor. Thus, it emerges that this particular air cooler type is preferred to be the best for your home decor. Above all, these Atomberg Ceiling Fans have been categorized into different types. So, here we will be describing to you what product is best suited for you through the various features. This will help you find the right way to choose the desired product for yourself.

Atomberg Efficio Ceiling Fan

This particular product comes with a BLDC motor and remote control to operate it. Some of its excellent features which make it worth a try are-

  • An energy-efficient appliance due to its power-efficient BLDC motor
  • Super efficient, power-efficient, cost-efficient, and energy-efficient motor
  • Runs three times longer than the working power of an inverter
  • Saves 65% of an electricity bill, which cuts off lots of money
  • A remote-operated appliance with timer, boost, and sleep mode
  • The remote is operable from a distance of up to 20 feet
  • Three blades with deep double-sided steel welding
  • Available in different sweep sizes of 900 mm, 1050 mm, 1200 mm, and 1400 mm
  • Available in an array of colors like white, matt brown, matt black, and ivory
  • Comes with a three years onsite warranty
  • The power consumption percentage and air delivery quality depends on the sweep sizes

It is available in another edition, a smart edition of the original Officio version. Most of the features are some other than the features like -

  • Available in more variety of colors like pearl white, earth brown, metallic gold, pearl ivory, and sand grey
  • It is available in all sweep sizes except in 1050 mm
  • Along with a matt finish, it also has a dust resistance coating over it

Atomberg Renesa Ceiling Fan

This particular Atomberg Ceiling Fan is the most common one with an excellent finish and remote controlling operator. Some of its outstanding features which makes it favorite of all is -

  • Available in different sweep sizes of 600 mm, 1200 mm, and 1400 mm
  • Available in eye-catching colors of black-brown, ivory, ivory black, matt brown, white and white black
  • Power and energy-efficient BLDC motor, which does not heat up after a longer duration of working
  • Runs three times faster and better than an inverter, saving a lot of extra energy consumption
  • Comes with an LED display which depicts the speed
  • Has a longer span for blades than any other Atomberg Ceiling Fans
  • It comes with remote control, which can change the speed performance and can also set up the duration of working. It can also be set to decrease or increase the speed one notch by every 2 hours
  • Can be operated from a distance of 20 feet
  • The remote control consists of an extra feature than the Atomberg Efficio Ceiling Fan, i.e., speed control
  • Comes with three blades with deep grooved double-sided steel shielding
  • It is a perfect blend of style and saving
  • Saves power consumption, electricity cost, and energy consumption than ordinary ones

Every Atomberg Ceiling Fan has an edition of itself, which is smarter than the original one. So, in this case, the Atomberg Renesa Ceiling Fan smart version makes itself unique because of the following reasons-

  • Available in an extra variety of color like natural oakwood, golden oakwood, earth brown, and pearl white
  • Available only in the sweep size of 1200 mm
  • Provides a dust resistance coating over the original texture
  • Provides three years of onsite warranty

Atomberg Studio Ceiling Fan

  • A stylish innovation of dust resistance coating
  • Available in an array of color combinations of pearl white, earth brown, golden, and sand grey
  • It is only manufactured with a sweep size of 1200 mm
  • Super excellent and efficient BLDC motor
  • Runs three times more efficiently than a standard inverter
  • Provides a superb dust coating over the regular finish
  • Cuts the cost of electricity at an excellent rate
  • Comes with a remote control same as the renesa and efficio air coolers
  • Comes with three blades and three years of onsite warranty

The extra smart studio ceiling fan consists of features like-

  • Available in an excellent extravagant color of wood brown, sand grey, and white
  • LED indication for speed
  • Metal finish with wood polish bottom
  • Modern look with broader blades
  • 1+1 onsite years of warranty

These Atomberg air coolers are available on various websites, but the product might be delivered as a fake model. But, McCoy Mart provides you with the original Atomberg Ceiling Fan Online. When talking about the cost, Atomberg Ceiling Fan Prices are neither too high nor too low. It comes at an affordable cost. These rates depend on their different features, color textures, warranty years, power consumption, energy consumption, and remote control settings.

Atomberg Gorilla Ceiling Fan Price might vary for the different technologies used to make different types, the BLDC motors, the matt finish type, and the dust resistance coating. All these additional costs are added, which makes up the total price of the product. When thinking of redecorating your home with better electronic devices, buying these products from McCoy Mart can be the perfect decision. This particular marketplace provides you all these electronic appliances at an affordable price, directly from the supplier, with excellent discount offers. These offers differ according to the features each of these appliances might possess. It guarantees a 100% easy return policy with no security threat to the personal information provided to them. So, consider buying these delicate and useful Atomberg home decor products from McCoy Mart itself.

Top Selling Atomberg Ceiling Fans Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Starting Price
Atomberg Efficio 3 Blade Ceiling Fan With Remote Control and BLDC Motor, 900mm- Brown
Rs. 3,177
Atomberg Renesa Ceiling Fan With Remote Control and BLDC Motor, 1200mm (Brown Black) - GORRSA1200BB
Rs. 3,575
Atomberg Studio Ceiling Fan With Remote Control and BLDC Motor, 1200mm (Sand Grey) - GORST1200SG
Rs. 3,708
Atomberg Renesa+ Ceiling Fan With Remote Control and BLDC Motor, 1200mm (Pearl White) - GORRSP1200W
Rs. 3,974
Atomberg Renesa Smart+ Ceiling Fan With BLDC Motor, 1200mm (Pearl White) - GORRSS1200W
Rs. 5,301