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Atomberg Pedestal fans

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Buy Atomberg Pedestal Fan Online At McCoy Mart

With the rising changes in technology, every small thing we use is changing. Things as little as fans have also been categorized into another type named Atomberg Pedestal Fan, where Atomberg is the company’s name. Although this particular product type has been seen in the past few years, it has evolved immensely with the passing years. It has become popular enough because of changes in its style, easy use, and convenience. Unlike any other company, Atomberg Pedestal Fans provide the best features, just the most suitable weather or place option. Unlike any other fans, Atomberg Gorilla Pedestal Fans can provide easy movable options from one place to another, as per the user’s requirement.

Before buying these Atomberg Stand Fans, one must know the different benefits it provides its users. The following benefits are -

  • Movable 

One of the best and admiring advantages of Atomberg Pedestal Fans is it can be moved from one point to another. This is because it is lightweight and extremely portable. It can be transferred to and fro from one point to another in the space, plugged in a socket, and turned on. Thus, if you are sitting on a terrace or balcony and want to feel a cool breeze, then it can easily be carried to that position and used well. 

  • Multi-functionality  

With an increase in technology, the human is advancing even the smallest thing around them. One such invention is an air conditioner, a brilliant transformation in the room’s air circulation. But it has certain disadvantages like more power and energy consumption, plus it also leads to specific health issues. On the other hand, Atomberg Pedestal Fans are very economical and environment friendly. It consumes less power than AC and also can easily be rotated from one point to another. 

  • Modern features 

With modern problems, we need modern solutions. With a change in the environmental issues, living style, and certain other features, the Atomberg Pedestal Fans have also changed its characteristics. Now, in the case of regulators, remote controls control the speed and other necessary functions. Other than that, these can easily be adjustable at any height as the requirement of the user. 

  • Modes 

 As smarter the technologies, the smarter are the ways products work. The same is with this particular product. It comes with different mode changing features which can easily be changed as preferred. For example, during summers, the speed of the blades can be increased to its maximum level. On the other hand, when the chilly and cold breeze is already blowing during winters, a change in the temperature and speed would make the place cozy and comfortable to sit. Nonetheless, several companies pitch in to introduce new features that would be cost-effective and environmentally sustainable with these modern changes and modern elements. Thus, Atomberg technologies have eventually introduced an excellent and excellently featured air blades, which will be described further. 

Atomberg Pedestal Fans

If this thought of buying an excellent and affordable air blade comes to your mind, then what is the best feature you would prefer? A multifunctional Atomberg Pedestal Fan with eco-friendly features or a standard air blade that might harm your environment? Your choice would be the one that provides good health to you and the environment. Originally named Atomberg Efficio Pedestal Fan, it provides excellent durability and efficient working. Some of its features which make it an ideal option to choose are -

    • A powerful, smart, and energy-efficient BLDC motor
    • Along with a BLDC motor, it also has an oscillator motor that works simultaneously and works on the blades’ oscillation
    • Its height can be adjusted from higher to lower, where it can be kept on the table
    • Made of super durable, strong, and excellent ABS plastic
    • Consists of double ball bearings
    • Can be controlled with a remote controller from a distance up to 20 feet
    • This particular remote comes with features of speed adjustment mode and sleeps mode settings
    • Atomberg’s BLDC motors consume 1/3rd energy of an induction motor, which is 28 watt, making it super-efficient
    • Runs three times for a longer time than a standard inverter. Hence, it is very cost-effective, which cuts a lot of money from the user’s electricity bills
    • Noiseless operation 
    • No heating of the motor after a longer duration of motor work, which ensures longer life of the motor
    • Provides consistent output even with fluctuating input voltage
    • Very much flexible in terms of design, size, and material selection
    • Provides 28% more air at high speed than a standard air cooler 
    • Attractive LED lights which indicate the speed and motor energy consumption at the point of use
    • It comes in a sweep size of 400 mm.
    • Consists of an onsite warranty of 2 years
    • Consists of 3 plastic made blades.

Thus, this long list of Atomberg Bldc Pedestal Fan features makes it very clear that it is far better and useful than the normal ones. Its outstanding style, energy-efficient motor, dual size feature, and excellent life long working features makes it the best choice for any season.

Above all, McCoy Mart, a very trustworthy and affordable marketplace for home decor furniture and appliances, sells this product. It’s trustable because it directly contacts the manufacturers (in this case Atomberg Pedestal ) and provides its buyers the original product. Along with this, it offers affordable prices to its buyers with cost-effective discount prices. Along with McCoy Mart’s excellent ten-day return policy, it also provides cash on delivery with free shipping and EMI availability. Thus, when you are buying good air conditioning appliances for a home or office, you should look at these benefits of the particular pedestal air cooler too as good alternatives. Therefore, trusting McCoy Mart with your product will be the best decision that will never be regretted.