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Atomberg Wall Fan

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Buy Atomberg Wall Fans Online At McCoy Mart

Fans have become an integral and essential part of our home appliances. With technology making progress, we must make our daily life more comfortable, and atomberg has provided us with it. They believe that India struggles with outdated home appliances and builds meaningful, scalable, and impactful home appliances. They build fans majorly. It produces a DC motor ventilator, which reduces power consumption and helps in the remote control. They have also made smart ventilators possible. They can be controlled by google assistant, Alexa, or wifi. they manufacture 20 different varieties of ventilators (Atomberg wall fan, atomberg ceiling ventilator, etc.)

At McCoy Mart, you can get their ventilators at a reasonable rate. Atomberg wall Fan price is economical and affordable for a consumer. At McCoy Mart, you are also provided with discounts. Their mounted ventilators offer you many reasons to choose it over others. Atomberg wall mounted fans, also known as gorilla ventilators, consume 50% less electricity. It uses a BLDC motor, which saves up to 1500/- per year by consuming less electricity. It also runs three times longer on an inverter. Therefore, choosing these might be the best option for an individual.

Uses of Atomberg Gorilla Wall Fans

These ventilators can be put to a lot of use in our daily lives. In different fields and different ways, they make our lives a little more comfortable. Here are some ways their product can be put to use:

  • Residential uses - at our homes, basements or gyms might require extra ventilation to avoid suffocation. These ventilators might be a perfect choice in such cases. They can be used in kitchens too, to make the environment a little more pleasant to cook. Atomberg kitchen wall fans can be installed in such cases. Also, when the construction of any room is inappropriate, which makes proper ventilation quite difficult, these coolers can be used. They provide a remote control facility too. Atomberg wall fan with remote can make it even easier to operate them, making our lives more comfortable.
  • Greenhouses - they need a good amount of airflow and circulation. If you grow plants at home, you know plants require proper rotational airflow along with other factors. Along with light, dehumidifiers, adequate airflow is needed for:
    • Ventilation
    • Moderate air conditions
    • Plant respiration
    • Reduction in plant rod and mold
  • Garages or sheds are compact places, and working includes a lot of heat generation, where these ventilators can be put to use. Garages have a tiny surface area, sometimes making it impossible to install a table fan; therefore, a small part of the room barrier can be used to install atomberg small wall fans. Often, installing a window becomes difficult as well; therefore, for proper airflow and ventilation, a mounted ventilator is necessary that enables workers to work comfortably.
  • Commercial uses - outdoor restaurant spaces are preferable by consumers these days because of the scenic beauty. It can be made more comfortable by installing a ventilator there.

Atomberg wall mounted fan price is affordable. It is sold online at a good bargain at McCoy Mart at a nearly 16% discount. Atomberg has the best wall fan in India with power-saving technology. Now you must wonder why you should choose their ventilator. Well, here are a few reasons how our wall ventilator benefits your lifestyle.

Benefits of Atomberg Ventilator:

  • Affordable - Compared to ceiling ones, these are relatively cheap. They are available at a low price and are more effective. Therefore it seems a rational choice to choose a wall fan over a ceiling one. Besides, they come with a power-saving technology at McCoy, which implies that electricity consumed will be less; therefore, the electricity bill will be less.
  • Requires less space - These are perfect for small and compact spaces. Ceiling ventilators need quite an amount of space and are expensive too. In such a scenario, it seems entirely rational to buy a wall ventilator that uses less space. In many cases, like in a restaurant or a cafe, installing a wall one might be the only option because of space constraints.
  • Energy-saving - Since such fans' blades are small, they require a smaller motor, therefore consume less energy. This makes them an economical as well as an eco-friendly choice too.
  • Directional and rotational airflow - they provide a better cooling effect than a ceiling one. It can give a cooling effect to the entire room as well as a particular direction. Ceiling ones have been proved to heat the room with the temperature of its motor and push the air only in one direction, thereby ignoring large areas of the room. However, a wall-mounted ventilator provides a better cooling effect because it pushes and rotates the airflow to every nook and corner of the room.
  • Installation - They have comparative installation advantages over ceiling ones. They need to be mounted to the room divider, unlike the ceiling ones. They require a lot of effort and time.
  • Low maintenance - They are installed at a lower height, which makes it approachable. Therefore cleaning and repairing becomes relatively easy. The cage can be opened and wiped easily, as well. They also acquire less dust because of the dust-resistant coating on them provided by atomberg. They also offer remote control technology with the help of which you can set the speed to any level.

Posted above are a few reasons why you should choose atomberg ventilators over others. They also provide a (2+1) year extended warranty. Along with the above, they provide online and offline facilities as well. With McCoy Mart, you can buy their products in an easy online way. McCoy also provides plenty of discounts on such ventilators.

Atomberg Wall Fan online at McCoy Mart gives all specifications of the ventilator available. It also comes in two different colors. They also provide Easy monthly installment options. McCoy Mart guarantees the durability of the products sold. Therefore buying products is the best option for a rational consumer.