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Buy Bajaj Room Heater Online At McCoy Mart

If you want to combat the chilling winter season appropriately, you should buy a Bajaj room heater. Besides being affordable, it is effective in making you and your loved ones comfortable in the cold. They are available in several designs and shapes, and you can purchase them from any offline or online mart. You can also use them in your office. The products from this company come with a proper warranty also.

Moreover, you can also get them in various color options. The sturdy body it has got makes it durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, you can get appropriately sized models of Bajaj blowers for your rooms. The devices are easy to handle and portable. They are equipped with thermal power cuts to prevent overheating. To understand the product in a better way, know about the features it has got.

Noteworthy features of Bajaj hot air blower

The features of room heaters differ from one model to another. You should know them to buy the accurate product for your use. The notable characteristics of the different models are:

  • Flashy Radiant Room Heater - 1000 Watt
    • The device is plated with nickel chrome and has mesh grids. It also has a shiny nickel chrome-coated reflector
    • Besides that, the superior heating element makes this Bajaj room blower very desirable
    • It has got a compact and stylish design along with a unique wavy and reflective surface
    • It gives you proper warmth in winter and comes with a two-year warranty
    • The Bajaj electric heater price is also reasonable

  • Blow Hot Fan Room Heater - 2000 Watt
    • The thermal power cut of this model prevents the device from getting overheated
    • This Bajaj electric room heater has three modes that you can control. They are cool, warm, and hot. You set the device on these three modes anytime
    • An adjustable thermostat enables you to control the power settings between 1000 watts and 2000 watts
    • The sturdy outer body ensures the durability of the model. It also gives the device a high impact resistance and increases the lifespan of the model
    • The bajaj blower room heater operates at zero noise. Thus, it will not disturb you while working or sleeping
    • The model is a perfect fit for medium to small rooms. It works neatly and cleanly as there is no need for refrigerant or oxygen.

  • Majesty RFX2 2 In 1 Room Heater / Personal Fan -Grey
    • This Bajaj blower heater is a two-in-one machine that you can use in summer and winter. It will act as a heat blower in winter and serve as a personal fan in summer
    • The device has quadra safety assurance, including a thermostat, safety tip against tilting, auto thermal cut-out, and thermal fuse. These features make the gadget efficient and long-lasting
    • As the gadget does not need any refrigerant or oxygen, it has a clean and neat operation
    • The model is easy to handle and has two heat settings

  • New Majesty RHX 3 Halogen Room Heater - 1200 Watt
    • The model makes the room warm faster because of its instant heating process
    • The three halogen rods of this Bajaj heat convector heat the surroundings effectively according to your need
    • Moreover, it has a thermal fuse and safety tilt switch that safeguards it from improper installation
    • There are adjustable power settings that vary between 400 watts to 800 watts to 1200 watts
    • The sturdiness of the machine is assured with high-quality plastic and a tough net
    • The noiseless functioning allows you to work in a comfortable environment. Unlike the other models, it also has a neat and clean operation

Learn why Bajaj is the best brand to shop from

The company has been manufacturing electrical appliances and other items for a long time. So, it has a reputation in the market. Moreover, they manufacture quality items that do not degrade quickly. Even the cost of the items is customer-friendly. The products are infused with the latest technology to serve you in a better way. You can get them from all online and offline stores. Other than that, the unique features of the models make them demanding. The company fuses innovation with aesthetics to create its products. All these reasons collectively make the brand the best to shop from

Check the things to consider before purchasing a Bajaj fan room heater

Unlike any other product, you have to check certain things before buying the warming gadgets from this company. It will aid you in having a regretless purchase. The things that you need to consider are:

  • Color: Generally, these products are obtainable in several colors, but the most common ones are white, black, and grey. Choose any color that matches your taste.
  • Price: Though the cost varies from model to model, the Bajaj room heater price is affordable, and you don’t have to dig much into the pocket.
  • Modes: There are two-in-one modes gadgets that you can use in both summer and winter. Moreover, there are models with two or three power controls to adjust the heat. Choose one that suits your purpose.
  • Noise: Commonly, the models operate noiselessly, but some models function by making noise. You should check the product description to know whether the machine makes noise or not before purchasing.
  • Safety assurance: While some models have quadra safety assurance, some models have dual safety assurance. You must check the product’s properties before buying to be sure about the safety features it has.
  • Power setting adjustment: While some models have power setting adjustment between wattages, some models don’t. You must check the properties to be sure about the adjustment facilities before buying.

Shop Bajaj Room Heater online from McCoy Mart

McCoy Mart is an online shop with a plethora of items on display. There are several brands from which you can buy. Moreover, you can get good discounts on purchases too. You can have customized searches by adjusting the search filter. You can even know about the Bajaj blower price.  Use either the app or the browser to shop for your desired product. However, if you have a pro account, you can get bulk discounts on all purchases.

Best Selling Bajaj Room Heaters Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Starting Price
Bajaj Flashy Radiant Room Heater - 1000 Watt
Rs. 995
Bajaj Blow Hot Fan Room Heater - 2000 Watt
Rs. 2,478
Bajaj Majesty RFX2 2 In 1 Room Heater / Personal Fan -Grey
Rs. 2,690
Bajaj New Majesty RHX 3 Halogen Room Heater - 1200 Watt
Rs. 3,469