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Bajaj Table Fan

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Buy Bajaj Table Fans Online At McCoy Mart

Table fans are the perfect choice for any season. During summer, it is competent to produce proper air circulation, and during other seasons the airflow can also be modulated. In summer, when ceiling blades fail to deliver adequate coolness, these coolers come to the rescue. The increase in the usage of table coolers is due to its ability to circulate air and coolness in a customized way. Bajaj is one of the most popular brands. Bajaj is one of the senior electrical companies which have been working with proper dedication for eight decades. It has been working to present people with innovations that may simplify life. It has a vast business folio, starting from cookware to appliances, pedestals to lights. It also expanded itself in the field of power transmission and distribution. They are always a crucial part of the Indian lifestyle. The hot and humid weather makes it necessary. The products of this company are of superior quality and trustworthiness. They have the most stylish and affordable models that will enhance the aesthetics of your room.

Some of the advantages of the models of this company are:

  • It helps the air circulation focus on you
  • Bereft of what temperature the room has, it will provide you coolness
  • The air circulation reaches the furthest corner of the room
  • You can have a comfortable sleep without using ceiling blades

Different types of Bajaj Table Fans

  • Bajaj Esteem Table Fan

Esteem ones are of the dimension of 51 x 20.5 x 51.5 centimeters. It has a button control. The base is made of plastic for which it is very light and easy to carry. The wattage that it consumes is 50 watts. It does not make any sound while in motion. This is one of the advantages of this model. You can work without any disturbance of sound. This model is equipped with a copper motor. It helps in the long run of the blades. The sweep size of this model is 400mm, which allows the air to cover more area. The internal materials and the base plastic makes it strong and durable. The most significant advantage is its least power consumption, which makes it more demandable.

  • Bajaj Midea Table Fan

Midea models are also made of plastic, which makes it easy to carry. It has a button for operation. This model is enhanced with acrylic blades, which ensures better distribution of air. It gives zero wraps from air pressure. It has a 25mm stack motor. It is practically proved that the higher the stack is, the stronger is the motor. The stack of this model increases performance. An overloaded thermal protector acts like a fuse, which protects the engine from damage. The speed of the model is 1300 RPM. This equal distribution of air makes this model popular.

  • Bajaj Neo Spectrum Table Fan

This model has an aluminum base with 46 x 20.5 x 51.5 centimeters (L x B x H). The weight of this model is 5000 grams, and the wattage consumption is 100 watts. It can provide you with a high-speed refreshing breeze as it has 2100 revolutions per minute. You don't need to think much about power consumption as the consumption rate is significantly less. To increase the durability of the motor, a copper motor is being used. It also has an overloaded thermal protector, which protects it from all sorts of damage. This model has a sturdy design that makes it serve long. The equal and focused circulation of air makes it much more attractive to buyers.

  • Bajaj Elite Table Fan

This model is also one of the popular models. The power source is electric. You will get a two-year warranty as you purchase this model. The power consumption is just 55 watts. It also has a full copper motor, which makes it very competitive. It does not make sound and works silently. This is one of the most significant advantages you get. You will get a motor body, a stand guard, blades, and a warranty card along with the pack. This model has high air thirst and is useful for its proper distribution of air. The Bajaj Elite Table Fan 400mm Price stays within 2K. 

  • Bajaj High Speed Table Fan

This company is the largest manufacturer of high-speed coolers. The high-speed ones can go up to 2300 RPM to provide you with proper air. The materials used for these models are sturdy for which it has longevity. Though it gives you high-speed air circulation, the power consumption is less. This is one of the most significant advantages of these modules. These models are light in weight for which it is easy to carry from one place to another. There is also an overloaded thermal protector. This provides a security guard to any instability in the motor. This model is entirely adjustable as you can fix it on the wall or keep it on a slab. 

Some of the benefits of using the models discussed are:

  • Portability: You can carry it from one room to another without any complications. While cooking, you can keep it at a distance and cool yourself without harming the flame
  • Oscillating features: You can customize the direction of the fans in the way you like
  • Button Facility: You can control the speed with buttons that are there. You can also switch it on or off using the buttons
  • Ventilates the room: At times, due to the heat absorbed by the walls, your room becomes too warm. You can use these to ventilate the room with cold air
  • Less power consumption: Models described above consume significantly less power. You need not think much about the energy used. The electricity bills will not be too much if you use these fans

Bajaj Table Fan Prices differ from model to model. You need to fix your budget and then choose the fan. However, these models are not too costly and are handy. They are also available very easily at McCoy Mart.

Top Selling Bajaj Table Fans Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Starting Price
Bajaj Ultima PT01 Table Fan 200 mm (White)
Rs. 1,054
Bajaj Esteem Table Fan 400 mm
Rs. 1,850
Bajaj Elite Neo Table Fan 400 mm
Rs. 1,875
Bajaj Midea BT07 Table Fan 400 mm (White) - 60134
Rs. 2,156
Bajaj Neo-Spectrum Table Fan 400 mm - Grey
Rs. 2,290