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Buy Bath Tubs Online At McCoy Mart

Bath Tubs are an essential part of your lavatory decor. They not only add decor to your toilet but also helps you relax after a tiresome day. You get many health benefits from bathing in casks. They de-stress you and improve the blood circulation in your body. Bathroom Bathtub is made from porcelain-enameled cast iron, thermoformed acrylic, fiberglass-reinforced polyester, or porcelain enameled steel. They are available in various sizes and colors. Traditionally they were available only in rectangular shapes, but as thermoformed Acrylic Bathtub models came up, different forms also started to develop. There are two broad categories under which Lavatory Bathtubs can be classified. They are the western style and eastern style. In western-styled casks, you can lie down entirely. Whereas in an eastern-style one, you need to sit up. They are deep but short. 

Types of Product That You Should Consider According to Your Washroom Space

There are different types of Modern Bathtubs. They are listed and discussed below: 

  • Standard bowl

They are the most affordable and common models available in the market. They are called traditional due to the class size they have. It is five feet long, thirty inches wide, and fourteen to sixteen inches high. They are available in drop-in, alcove, or freestanding installations. It is one of the most basic casks available in the market. 

  • Soaking cask

They are much deeper than the standard casks. From the name itself, you can understand that you can get a better soaking experience using it. They are a little expensive than traditional casks. 

  • Whirlpool bowls

The specialty of these bowls is that they have jets attached. The jets are positioned so that as you lie down in the cask, your body's major muscles will feel relaxed. The force from the jets is like a massage. It reduces body aches and gives you proper relaxation. 

  • Air casks

They are similar to the whirlpool ones and have jets attached. However, in place of water, they dispense air from the jets. The sensation it provides is slightly robust and pleasurable, for which many prefer this than the whirlpool ones. 

  • Combination casks

If you are confused as you hear the separate facilities for separate casks, you can opt for the combination models. They are a mixture of various features combined. They also have some additional features depending on the brand. They are much costly than the other models. 

  • Walk-in bowl

They are designed for senior family members who have a problem getting in and out of the casks. These casks are designed in such a way that you do face any risk in entering them. They are also costly, as the combination models. 

  • Alcove casks

They are the easiest to install Modern Bathtub. They need three walls to be installed, with the fourth side open. As three sides of the cask are fitted to the wall, only the furnished front side can be seen. They come with propositions to add showerhead and faucets. They are affordable and easy to replace. 

  • Free standing bath tubs

 These models are designed so that neither parts needs to be fitted on the wall. They have their own feet on which they can stand. Clawfoot holds the entire weight of the casks. It takes a lot of space to be fitted in. If you do not have much space, then do not opt for these models. 

  • Corner bowls

They three-sided models that are installed in the corner to save space. The two sides of the cask are installed in the corner. It saves a lot of space. If you have a small lavatory, then corner casks are the best option. They are available in various designs. The shapes also vary from the other models as it is three-sided. 

  • Drop-in casks

These models do not have the shell-like other models. You can put them into a frame made in your lavatory beforehand. This model's installation process is a little challenging because you have to include it in an enclosure. If you want to match your cask with your lavatory's other fittings, you have to choose this model. 

  • Undermount casks

These are similar to the drop-in ones, but they have a layer around the rim.  

Best Brands to Consider for Purchasing This for Your Washroom

A Granite Bathtub is something that will last for a long time. You need to select from a brand whose products have durability. It would be best if you also were satisfied with the product you buy. Here is a list of some of the brands that manufacture various models of casks. 

4 Things to Consider Before Buying This Product

While buying a Mini Bath Tub or a bug one, there are certain factors that you should keep in mind. Some of them are: 

  • Size

You must keep in mind the size of your lavatory while you choose a cask. If you have less space, then you have to go for a Small Bathtub. You also need to select the size depending on the type of installation you choose. 

  • Style

The various types mentioned above of products are the different styles you have to choose. There is a wide range of options. 

  • Cost

A Marble Bathtub being a product of luxury costs much. You have to invest some money to purchase this. You need to fix a budget depending on the model you are thinking of buying. 

  • Material

As you finalize the shape, size, and cost, you need to select the cask's kind of material. There are various materials from which these models are made. Some of the materials are cast iron, marble, copper, cast polymer. 

Jee o  Specification

  • Light weight material
  • Synergy within the collections
  • overflow: with integrated overflow
  • Water capacity: 290L
  • Material: DADOquartz - Scratch & abrasion resistant

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