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Buy Birla Aerocon Fibre cement board Online At Affordable Price

You must have seen fiber mortar planks at many buildings. As you don’t know what it is, maybe you could not recognize it. The sidings have a wooden finish and enhance the decor of the exterior of the building. They are ideal for both residential and commercial properties. Apart from being long-lasting, the siding needs significantly less maintenance. They are constructed out of cellulose, mortar, and sand. When it comes to choosing the best brand, no one can compete with Birla fiber cement board. The company fuses technology with beautification ideas and creates the product. 

The sidings are much better than decorative wooden planks, as wood rots when exposed to weather conditions. They do not need repainting and are resistant to fire and weather. The Birla fiber cement board is available in many sizes and shapes and in various designs that make your building dazzle. Installing them is also very straightforward. The sidings are thick and solid. Besides that, they are available in variable ranges. However, before knowing anything more about these planks, you must discover the features it has. 

Know About The Features That The Birla Aerocon Fibre cement board Has:

There are many features that a siding has. Before buying them, you must know what they are. It will not only help you understand the product but also help in purchasing the right one. The notable features of the sidings are: 

  • Non-Asbestos: These sidings are very often confused with the asbestos sidings. However, both are very different. People traditionally used them for decorative purposes, but now they have been discarded. The current product does not contain asbestos. 
  • Resistant to all weather conditions: The Birla fiber cement board for exterior wall can endure all types of climate. As they are resistant to all weather conditions, they can be easily installed on the exterior of the building. They do not erode or rot. You don't even need to paint them frequently. 
  • Resistant to water: These sidings are not like wooden planks. They are immune to water and don’t swell or rot when they come in contact with water. It ensures that the product will last long. 
  • Not brittle: Often, these sidings are termed fragile, but they are not so. If you deliberately want to break them, they will split, but they remain intact for a long time when unharmed. 
  • Resistant to fire: Nowadays, many exterior and interior designing items are constructed by making the product resistant to fire. The Birla fire rated fiber cement board can resist fire and remain intact after any unprecedented fire attack. 
  • Resistant to termites and other insects: If you use decorative wooden items for exterior designing, you will notice termites and other pest infestations taking place. However, the current product from the company is resistant to pest infestation as they contain mortar in it. 
  • Slight Shrinkage: There is always a chance that the decorative product might shrink when exposed to all sorts of odd. However, these sidings don’t shrink much and remain intact for a long time. They retain the beauty of your building from the installation date. 
  • High durability: The presence of fiber, mortar, and sand makes the item durable and helps it to last long. Unless the decorative products are durable, you will not be able to utilize them. As they are used in the exterior of the building, the sidings from this company have a high durability rate.
  • Light in weight: Another critical feature that the sidings have is their lightweight. Due to it, they can be easily installed at any height and place. Moreover, being light in weight, they don’t fall apart easily. 
  • Decorative: The Birla aerocon fibre cement board enhances the look of your building. Their top-notch style and designs are decorative, making your building look much more dazzling and modern. 
  • Flexible: Being light in weight and available in many sizes makes the sidings flexible. They are even widely available across all online stores, especially McCoy Mart. 
  • Multiple usages: The sidings from this company can be used for various purposes. They are ideal for exterior walls, partitions, false ceilings, doors, wall paneling, cladding, signboards, cabinet back lining, and mezzanine flooring.

Are You Thinking Why Is Birla The Best Brand? Here Are The Reasons To Consider! 

There are various reasons why you can trust this brand. Some of them are: 

  • The company has been manufacturing several products for decades that are of high quality. 
  • The sidings have a long life, and they don't erode quickly. 
  • The sidings are a perfect fusion of beautiful ideas and technology.
  • They are affordable at reasonable rates and across all online stores. 
  • Moreover, the sidings can be used for multiple purposes. 
  • They are also available in many sizes, with trendy designs. 
  • Birla is a best seller in hardware products for the quality items and customer-friendly products that they deliver.

Remember The Things To Check Before Buying

You should keep certain factors in mind before buying the Birla fiber cement board. If you check them, you can have a regret-less purchase. The things to consider before purchasing are: 

  • Size: The size is a crucial thing to check before buying the product. The sidings are available in many sizes, but you must select one ideal for your purpose. If you have prerequisite sizes, then buy models that match them. 
  • Weight: Weight is another essential thing to consider before buying. You must check the weight of the siding and see whether it is light in weight or not. It would be best if you chose sidings with less weight. 
  • Durability: Whether you buy a siding or some other product, you need to check its durability to be sure of its utility. Check the specifications to learn whether the product is durable or not. 
  • Resistance: Often, people forget to check the resistance capacity of the product they are buying. You must check whether your item is resistant to termite, fire, and water. 
  • Shrinkage: Some sidings shrink very quickly. So, before selecting the product, you should check whether the product you choose shrinks less or not.

Don't Loiter Here And There! Visit McCoy Mart to buy sidings

McCoy Mart is an online shop where you can get the A to Z of your needs. Moreover, you can read specifications, check the cost, compare it with others, browse various brands, browse through designs and sizes and then buy. The Birla fiber cement board price is reasonable at McCoy Mart. So, visit the store and purchase the beautiful items that you want. 

Birla Aerocon Fibre Cement Board Price List

Birla aerocon fibre cement board
Birla Aerocon 4 mm C Board (Fibre Cement Board) By HIL For Dry Wall
(L) 2 Feet x (W) 2 Feet
Rs. 49
Birla Aerocon 4 mm C Board (Fibre Cement Board) By HIL For Dry Wall
(L) 1.95 Feet x (W) 1.95 Feet
Rs. 46
Birla Aerocon 18 mm C Board (Fibre Cement Board) By HIL For Dry Wall
(L) 8 Feet x (W) 4 Feet
Rs. 1,755
Birla Aerocon 8 mm C Board (Fibre Cement Board) By HIL For Dry Wall
(L) 6 Feet x (W) 4 Feet
Rs. 585
Birla Aerocon 10 mm C Board (Fibre Cement Board) By HIL For Dry Wal
(L) 6 Feet x (W) 4 Feet
Rs. 731