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Buy Blue Star Water Purifier Online At Affordable Price

Purifiers are a need for all, either at home or the office. You can get them from many companies in various shapes. Moreover, they are loaded with different technologies too. However, when it comes to the best brand to choose, it is always the blue star water purifier. Whether you buy the RO model, UV model, or RO+UV model, the company ensures safe purification to keep you healthy. The items are constructed from food-grade materials that make sure no contamination takes place. They are also equipped with mineral filters, alkaline antioxidants that make your water appropriately purified. The blue star water purifier rate is affordable, and you can get them from all online and offline stores. Furthermore, they have an ergonomic panel that allows you to control the filter properly.

Know about the unique features of blue star aquaguard

The filters from this company are famous for the efficient cartridges they have for purification. It enhances your drinking experience and keeps you healthy. Apart from that, these features differentiate them from the other companies as well. Know about these features in detail below:

  • Alkaline antioxidants: A particular cartridge in the blue star alkaline water purifier provides alkaline antioxidants to the fluid. They add naturally ionized minerals which increase the pH of the purified water. Thus, making it alkaline, which reduces the oxidation potential to provide you with antioxidant water. The models from these company that has these features are:
  • STELLA (RO+UV): This blue star hot and cold water purifier is the first model to produce dual fluid in the purified stage.
  • ICONIA (HRRO+UV+UF+ALKALINE): It comes with a big seven-liter tank with a full tank indicator.
  • ELEANOR (RO+UV+UF+ALKALINE): Triple-layered protection and filter changing indicator make this model look stylish.
  • IMPERIA (HRRO+UV+UF+IBT): It comes with a massive 9.2-liter fluid storing tank.
  • OPULUS (RO+UV+UF+ALKALINE): It comes with copper impregnated activated carbon with UV fail indications.
  • OPULUS (HRRO+UV+UF+ALKALINE): This model comes with an 8-liter tank and purification indicator.
  • Mineral filter: A mineral filter is a modern demand for all. The blue star ro uv water purifier comes with an aqua mineral filter that adds minerals like magnesium, calcium, and other minerals that oxygenate the fluid. These minerals essentially boost your health. The models that are equipped with this feature are:
  • IMPERIA (RO+UV+UF+MINERAL): It comes with a massive 9.2-liter tank and an aqua taste booster.
  • OPULUS (RO+UV+UF+MINERAL): It comes with an 8-liter tank, triple-layer protection, and a full tank indicator.
  • ICONIA (RO+UV+MINERAL): Along with a seven-liter tank, the model comes with a Copper Impregnated Activated Carbon.
  • ICONIA (RO+UV+UF+MINERAL): This model comes with a high purification capacity and a seven-liter tank.
  • RO++: The blue star ro water purifier combines several advanced technologies like RO, UF, and UV to provide you with double and triple-layered protection. The RO membranes remove impurities, microorganisms, heavy metals, and radioactive matter, while the UV membrane eliminates bacteria. Finally, the UF membrane eradicates all types of microorganisms, ensuring triple safety. The model from this company equipped with these features are:
  • EXCELLA (RO+UV+UF): It comes with countertop or wall mount options along with the aqua taste booster.
  • GENIA (RO+UV+UF): This model has a compact size and copper-impregnated activated carbon and triple-layer protection.
  • ARISTO (RO+UV+UF): The product comes with a Large Capacity 10 Inch Filter and a seven-liter water tank. It has also got an indicator that alerts you when UV fails.
  • ELEANOR (RO+UV): This blue star ro uv has a filter change alert and double-membrane RO+UV. It also has an eight-liter tank and a high purification capacity.

Look at the reasons why Blue Star is the best in this field

The blue star purifier price is low, which is one of the primary reasons the brand is preferred. Besides that, you can rely upon the quality products it manufactures. Moreover, they fuse to the latest technology to build these filters. You do not need to be tense regarding your health as they manufacture using food-grade materials. The various filter cartridges also properly cleanse the water, given the Blue Star RO price. You can get crystal clear fluid without any impurities. The machines are accessible in many colors like black, white, and grey. You can also get them in many sizes. The models are also available from all online marts and especially from McCoy Mart. All these factors make this brand the best-seller in the market.

Check the things to consider before buying a Blue Star UV water purifier

There are specific pointers to check. Checking them can assure you of a perfect purchase. The things that you need to consider before buying a filter are:

  • Modes: Several modes or membranes are attached to the filter for purification. They are RO, UV, UF, Mineral, And Alkaline. Some models fuse all these features, while some of the models have them individually. Buy one that you feel will serve you better.
  • Size: There are several sizes in which these filters are available. You can buy them according to the space you have. Check the specifications to know about the size of the items and then buy.
  • Color: Generally, black, white, and grey are the three colors available in the market. You can choose anyone that suits your choice. You can also match it with the room color where you will be mounting.
  • Price: The cost of the filters varies from model to model. However, they are affordable, and thus you don’t need to worry about buying them.

Enquire about the blue star water purifier price list from McCoy Mart

When you have finalized about buying a filter, you need to know about the price list to understand the range of the items. You can do that by visiting McCoy Mart. The store has a collection of various items and brands. Moreover, if you own a pro-McCoy Mart account, you can get bulk discounts and GST invoices. In addition, you can browse through them, check the specifications, and then buy.

Best Selling Blue Star Water Purifiers Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Dimensions Starting Price
Blue Star Aristo Black RO UF Water Purifier
(34.2 L x 20.5 W x 45 H) cm
Rs. 11,400
Blue Star Excella Black (RO-UV) Water Purifier
(24.4 L x 36.2 W x 42.5 H) cm
Rs. 13,400
Blue Star Opulus Black & Silver RO UV UF with AMI Water Purifier
(2.52 L x 3.61 W x 4.78 H) cm
Rs. 19,900
Blue Star Eleanor Black & Grey RO UV UF with IBT Water Purifier
(23.4 L x 36.1 W x 47.5 H) cm
Rs. 22,900