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Buy Bottle Trap Online At Affordable Price

You have not noticed the Bottle Trap fixed to your basin and it is quite obvious. However, this accessory is one of the most useful items that help you keep your bathroom clean. You often search for stylish basins and taps for your bathroom, but the tangles should also be considered seriously. 

The work of a Sink bottle trap is to prevent the bad odor and from coming back to the bathroom once it goes down. When we wash each hand or use the basin, the used water goes down through the pipe to the drains and finally lands up in the sewer. In the sewer, many other wastes stay amassed. There are many harmful as well as foul smells that emerge out from that region. To stop those gases from returning, these Basin bottle trap is being used. This accessory is also known as P or U bend. The SS Bottle Trap maintains cleanliness and hygiene in your bathroom, becoming an integral part of your toilet which you should not neglect. 

There are Three Types of Wash Basin Bottle Trap Based on the Shapes They Have. They are:

The different types are designed so that the product becomes much more flexible in use. 

There are three types of Wash Basin bottle trap based on the shapes they have. They are: 

  • P bend: P bend accessory looks like the alphabet p when installed. It has a U-tube which prevents the foul gas from coming back with the help of water. 
  • Q bend: Q bend also has a U-shaped tube primarily which possesses water that acts as a prevention from the foul gases and does not let them come back. They are named after the formation they get once installed.  
  • S bend: S bend looks like the alphabet S when it is fixed. Its curve also has water which prevents foul gas from returning. 

There are two types of tangles based on the material it is constructed out of. They are: 

  • SS tangle: The stainless steel trap is a widely seen model of this accessory. It is sturdy as well as looks elegant. Most of them have a mirror finish which makes them much more demanding. 
  • Brass tangle: The brass models are also sturdy. They are either coated with nickel or chrome which protects them from corrosion. 

Here are Some of the Best Bottle Trap Which You can Trust on. They are: 

Many brands manufacture Stainless steel bottle trap. As the demand for this accessory has increased, it becomes widely available in all marts. It becomes really difficult to find which is the best brand and which is not. Here are some of the Best bottle trap which you can trust on. They are: 

  • Cotto:  Cotto is one of the best-selling companies which manufactures steel and Brass bottle trap for a long time. Most of their products are nickel and chromium plated. They last long, but you should not hang a weight of more than two kg on them. All the products from this company come with a one-year warranty. 
  • American Standard: American Standard also manufactures Kitchen bottle trap made from brass. They are also plated with chrome. This company is one of the iconic companies manufacturing this product. Besides this accessory, this company also manufactures faucets, showers, bathtubs, and other sanitary ware products
  • Hafele: Hafele is an international brand that has been serving hardware and sanitary ware products for a long time. It began in 1932. They produce reliable Bathroom bottle trap which last long 

The Pointers That You Must Not Forget are:

There are many things that you need to consider before you Buy bottle trap. If you keep these pointers in mind you will be able to purchase the perfect product without regret. The pointers that you must not forget are: 

  • Type: The different types of this accessory have been mentioned properly above. You need to choose one which you think will be suitable for you. You can choose the type according to your preference of P bend, Q bend, and S bend. 
  • Material: The material out of which the Bottle trap for kitchen sink is constructed is another important factor that you need to consider. Most of the models are either made of stainless steel or brass. They have a chrome-plated or nickel-plated finishing touch that makes them resistant to corrosion and makes last longer. 
  • Cost: Bottle trap price varies from model to model. Besides costly models, there are reasonable models also. You must choose one that fits your budget and does not seem a burden to you. 
  • Design: The design of this accessory is plain, however, some of them are designed elegantly so that it matches with the decor of your sink. Often this appliance is neglected and thus considering its design is also not considered. However, you must consider a design that looks classy and suits your bathroom. 
  • Size: There three standard sizes from which you need to choose this product. The 1.25 inches model, the 1.5-inch model, and the 2-inch model. Depending upon the size of the pipe you need to select the size of this accessory. 

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Best Bottle Trap Price List at McCoy Mart

Bottle TrapSizes/ModelPrice
Cotto Basin Trap, P Shape
Rs. 3,641
Hafele Brass Water Trap For Sink
(L) 328 mm x (W) 58 mm
Rs. 2,650
American Standard Bottle Trap
(335 L X 200 H) mm
Rs. 1,166
Hafele Brass Bottle Trap For Sink
(L) 300 mm x (W) 32 mm x (H) 190 mm
Rs. 1,600