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Best Buy Offer On Fasteners Available on McCoy Mart

One of the main things steel manufacturing units, home furnishing units, and interior design companies are associated with is hardware fasteners. They play a vital role in making sure structures are set in place without breaking down or falling apart, and it’s crucial to find the right types depending on the application. There are multiple uses and functions for them, and they come in a variety of qualities and sizes for the tools and machines used. Generally, these brass fasteners are termed as hardware tools that fuse two pieces of equipment. It is a tool that can be easily attached and detached easily with the help of power tools, and they consist of bolts, nuts, screws and rivets, washers, and pins. At McCoy Mart, you will be able to access a multitude of these tools on our site at amazing prices. The applications of these are many, and that’s why they can be used interchangeably.

What’s Their Purpose?

Generally, the standard purpose can be divided into two categories, namely -

  • De-attaching for restoration and examination purposes
  • Standard designs which consist of many sub-assemblies

What are the Types?

Most common types include:

  • Bolts and nuts which allows parts to become entirely attached and detached without any significant impact
  • Cotter pins, which are a type of mechanical fastener which enable parts to be disassembled with ease
  • Long-lasting, industrial fasteners which can never be reattached, such as rivets. They are made to fuse two parts or compress them together and don’t work as fulcrums, axles, and pivots.

Let’s learn all about these components in details - 

  • Nuts and bolts

These are a type of fasteners that are used to fasten or secure materials together. There are types of bolts and hardware nuts, and on our site, you can gain access to the eye bolt, hex bolt, and the hex nuts. Bolt types generally consist of threaded fasteners that comprise of machine threads. These nuts and bolts can be made from various materials like titanium, plastic, or steel, and the finish affects the looks and durability. These nuts and bolts can be used for high strength finishes and also come with flanges. You can also avail hexagonal bolts and socket heads for easier use.

  • Pins

Pins come in the form of dowel and split pins, and they are used to maintain alignment between machine parts or locate them in a fixed position. They generally consist of three types, primarily solid dowel pins, spring dowel pins, and taper pins. The other type of pins is the split pins used in multiple applications across the board. They are used as both threaded and unthreaded stainless steel fasteners that can be used for additional security purposes like locking. This ensures no accidental detachment that can be caused due to vibration and other similar activities. Most split pins are made from low carbon steel to avoid damage when bending and can be bought as zinc-coated or self-finished pins.

  • Rivets

At McCoy Mart, you can also purchase blind rivets that are also known as POP rivets. They are used in applications where there is no access to the blind side or the rear of a joint. These rivets generally come with two-piece construction, where one is the rivet shell, body, or hat, and the other is the mandrel or stem. These mandrels and hats are generally pre-assembled and can be used immediately. Most rivets are installed with the help of a riveting tool that draws the mandrels and causes the body to clamp down or deform on the joint. Once the desired clamping force is reached, the mandrel snaps get discarded. These wall fasteners are not material-specific, and they combine two different types in the same way. 

To properly use these rivets, a hole is drilled to seat the rivet inside it. A tool pulls the mandrel against the rivet hat, and the back of the mandrel has a bulge or is connected in some way to the hat, making the edges expand down towards material. Once it reaches the material and builds enough pressure, the mandrel’s designed fault reaches peak force capacity and then snaps, thus installing a proper rivet. Rivets come with the benefit where there is no way to under- or over-torque them. If the correct diameter and grip range is chosen, it will perfectly fit in every single time. Some typical applications of POP rivets include trailers, RVs, machinery, aircraft, small electronics, jeans, battleships, and more. For home use, they can be used for structural beams and other furnishings.

  • Screws

At McCoy Mart, you can access a number of different types of screws for a variety of applications. These screws can be used as wall fasteners, among other uses, and they play a vital role in keeping multiple pieces of equipment and furniture together. It is essential to find the right screw for your needs, and you’ll be able to gain access to different types in our store. These include the pan head screw, countersunk, self-drilling screw, set screws, and even threaded rods that can be installed with ease. Depending on your needs - both functionally and from a quantity perspective, we will deliver a top-notch product straight to your home.

  • Washers

These are another type of automotive fastener and component for machines used together with screw fasteners such as nuts and bolts. They serve to keep the screw from loosening and distribute the load from the bolt or the nut equally. These thin flat rings are made of soft steel in general for proper distribution, but there are also plastic fasteners for washers that can be used in multiple applications. Thus, whether it’s automotive fasteners or any other type, with McCoy Mart, you will be able to access and purchase the lot. Head over now and start your home improvement processes right away!

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