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Buy Carousel Corner Online At Best Price! | McCoy Mart

The carousel corner is the latest interior decor style used in modular kitchens nowadays. These are space-saving plates/trays which are fixed inside the wooden cabinets. These are mostly used in kitchen cabinets to save up space and avoid clustering of the utensils. It helps keep the kitchen cookware in an organized manner, thus, preventing any confusion. These are the most creative storage options in a kitchen, which has a lack of adequate space. Here, the trays are fixed inside the cabinets along the central axis. Thus, when the cabinets open, they rotate around the axis and open in front. Therefore, it makes work very easy. Thus, kitchen corner carousels provide suitable space utilization, which is seemingly accessible. 

Features of Carousel Corner Unit

As these are very suitable for space conservation, which is one of its features, it is popular for some other features as well. To name some of them-

  • These are revolving items that are fixed inside the cabinet, centrally with a steel rod or poles.
  • 2-3 trays are stacked one upon the other in the cabinet.
  • These carousel kitchen trays are mostly circular or semicircular, so they can easily fit inside the cabinet.
  • These generally are used in kitchen cabinets that have an L-shaped or U-shaped cabinet end. This leads to the maximization of space.
  • One such important fact is that they are designed according to the kitchen cabinet. They cannot be designed independently from the cabinet. 
  • These trays can carry heavy or light crockeries of food items. 

Thus, choosing such corner trays for your kitchen cabinets can be the best option. Nonetheless, McCoy Mart, the hub of classic and stylish home decor supplies, sells branded and excellent kitchen items. It sells these trays of some branded companies at an affordable rate for giving your kitchen a perfect decor. It has a variety of them as suitable and preferred by the buyer.  

The Various Types

The kitchen cabinet ends can be decorated in many ways, which help in space use at its maximum. Some have a single opening, some have a double entrance, and some have a center opening. These are only possible when the opening of the kitchen cabinets are from two sides. Here we will be discussing some ways or ideas that are generally designed for these types of kitchen cabinets.

  • 3/4 carousel corner unit

this particular piece is made up of stainless steel with an angle of 270 degrees in the center. These kinds of corner carousel items come under different dimensions, according to the size of the kitchen cabinet.  The tray or the plate, called Carcass, is available in different dimensions, among which the common ones are from 450*450 mm (minimum) to 800*800 mm (maximum) sizes. Another material that is used to make this piece is the chrome steel plate. These look extravagant and classy in a modular kitchen. This material has a good advantage in carrying any amount of weight. Above all, it is easy to install and maintain, as well. It can easily be washed with detergent and water. Thus, it adds comfort and style to your kitchen.

  • 1/2 carousel corner unit

this particular one is at an angle of 180 degrees, which gives the shape of the letter 'D.' It is a unique way of creating a storage space in a small left area in the kitchen. This corner carousel piece can add some space for smaller utensils or food items in the kitchen cabinets. Although it is quite expensive, it is advised to maximize kitchen decor cabinet style in today's home interior formation. 

  • S carousel corner unit

These cabinet units have trays that are S-shaped. They usually have two trays in each set. They are easy to wash and maintain. The trays are made of chrome steel, which is an excellent and strong material. It can withstand heavyweights. 

Above all, an interesting feature here is that the trays' height can be adjustable whenever necessary. They come in two different styles where the s-shaped tray fits totally on the left side with the cabinet opening on the right side and vice versa. They have dimensions of about 900 mm. This particular type of unit cabinet unit set comes in another category where the s-shape carousel has a smooth/ soft close. This means it has undergone the electroplating process, which gives each tray the ability to withstand about 25 kilograms of weight. The size of the Carcass is around 1050-1100 mm. The frame is made of high-quality stainless steel, where the pole's height can easily be adjusted. 

Tips to Choose Good Corner Carousel Unit

With different storage solutions, one should also know about the points to remember while buying these storage units. Thus, the points to remember are-

  • While choosing these kitchen corner carousel, one should remember to choose wisely. The measurements of the cabinet, the units placed should be remembered.
  • The capacity each tray can hold is an essential point to look into. The amount of weight it can carry and the material that can withstand the weight should be considered before purchasing one.
  • Cost efficiency is also crucial. Think of the budget and then move further in decision making.
  • The durability of the product is paramount. Remember to check the warranty and the flexibility of the trays and poles before buying it.

Thus, before making a final decision, all these points should be appropriately studied to avoid any problems later in the future. Moreover, different companies have different ways of manufacturing and selling. McCoy Mart provides you the opportunity to buy such branded and stylish kitchen corner units at amazing discounts and with a good warranty and servicing.  Above all, McCoy Mart provides 100% original product from the manufacturers, which directly is send to the buyers. It also provides a safe and secure system for payment and an easy return policy.