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Ceiling Mounted Fan

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 Know the considerable things before buying any type of Ceiling mounted fan online 

This fans are an essential home decor requirement that also produces soothing breeze around the room. No doubt, all this fans are efficient enough, but there are some aspects or factors that differentiate the efficacy of these fans, pricing, and a few other aspects of it. In this article, you will know about some of the considerable things or factors that you must know before buying fan.

  1. Great rate of energy-saving factor

    The Ceiling mounted fans are meant to improve the room comfort but at the same time must be adequate for saving energy to reduce bills. Choosing any of the ceiling fans for your house might get you to end up with hefty energy bills at the end of every month. So, it is better to analyze the energy-saving factor of the fans to help enjoy the soothing breeze without worrying about excessive energy consumption. Using this fan with a high energy saving factor, you can save up to 40% on your energy bills. Some quality fans available in the market guarantee you to keep your room temperature 7 degrees cooler than other ordinary fans without putting a strain on your pocket for bills.

  2. Consider the size of the room

    The size of the room also matters when you are out for choosing a fan online. Consider the size of the room as bigger rooms require big  fans. If your room is quite small as in 50 sq ft, then you can consider getting a fan of 29 inches. Similarly, as the size of the room increases, the fan size requirement also hikes. It is essential as a small fan cannot circulate the air if it is too small or placed too high. If your room is small, but your Ceiling is at height, then consider buying an extension to hang the this fan to keep the distance around 8 feet from the floor. Place the Ceiling-mounted fans close to the center of the room to help it circulate the wind more efficiently.

  3. Motor covering for outdoor ceiling fans

    If you are looking for a Ceiling mounted fan for outdoor purposes, then you must consider the ones that have motor coverings to avoid corrosion due to moisture over time. The outdoor fans are not only restricted for outside use but are also feasible for indoor use. The outdoor ceiling fans are usually small of around 29 inches. The protective cover around the motor protects it from adverse weather conditions that are responsible for hampering the motor functionality.

  4. Consider the size of the fan blades and its pitch

    The pitch and the size of the fans are very important considerable factors that are responsible for better circulation and throw of wind. All the Ceiling-mounted fan blade pitch is around 12 or 15 degrees that are stated for efficient windthrow and circulation. The weight and size of all the blades must be equal and must be fitted on balanced platforms to avoid the tottering of the fan. also the fans have a blade pitch less than 12 degree is inefficient for circulating or producing wind. Make sure you choose the fans with a higher blade pitch for a better throw of wind around your room.

  5. Choose high-quality and efficient motors

    The motor is the essential mechanical part of the fan that rotates the blades at an optimal speed to circulate the wind. The motors of high-quality suppress the noise as they are equipped with heavy windings and quality bearings. It is better to go for high-quality motors only because the lower-priced fans come with less efficient motors that generate high operating temperature and requires frequent lubrication and maintenance to avoid noises. By choosing this fans with high-quality motors, you can be relieved of maintenance needs for an extended period of time.

These are a few of the things or factors that one must consider before they decide on buying any type of Ceiling mounted fan. Find the best  fan price over online e-commerce sites and check on the features to get the best deal.

Havells Ceiling Mounted Fan Specification:

  • Mounting - Ideal for low height
  • Safety - Grill for protection
  • Performance - 360 Degree gyroscopic movement/adjustable wind direction

 Usha Ceiling Mounted Fan Specification:

  • Light Weight
  • Effective cooling
  • This fans are ideal for office spaces & shops

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