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Cera Urinals

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Buy Cera Urinals Online At Affordable Price

Urinals are an essential part of the bathroom, and they are used in both residential and commercial toilets. Especially in offices, public restrooms, the use of this appliance is seen more. It is generally constructed from ceramic and is available in various sizes, shapes, and designs. They are attainable from all online and offline stores. You can buy Cera Urinals for your toilet as they are the best brand manufacturing this item in the market. They deliver this product with wall mounts and flatbacks. The models have an elegant glossy finish that does not fade away. They enhance the look of your toilet. All the models of this company are made in India and marketed globally. They deliver quality products. They also develop a Cera Sensor Urinal that flushes water on its own after leaving the urinal. The products this brand manufactures are a fusion of quality, technology, and innovation.

Here are the Features That Urinals from This Company have -

The features are an essential thing of a product that classifies the product from another. You should know about the features that a product has and then buy it. The features that the various models of this company have are as follows: 

Caravan Flat Back

  • This model is available in white and has a flat back.
  • The glossy finish suits all types of toilet decor and enhances the look of a lavatory.
  • The product is constructed from ceramic.
  • It has got a ten-year warranty.
  • The weight of the model is 15.548 kg.
  • The product's width, depth, and height are 265 mm, 335 mm, and 695 mm, respectively. 
  • The shape of the model is oval with a square bottom.

Civic Flat Back

  • The Civic flat back model is also available in white.
  • It has a square-shaped structure with an elongated front.
  • The polished body matches with all types of decor and does not fade.
  • It is sturdy as it is constructed from ceramic.
  • The model has a warranty of 10 years.
  • The weight of the model is 19.42 kg.
  • The model's width, depth, and height are 340 mm, 350 mm, and 615 mm, respectively.  

Cicily Flat Back With Integrated EFS

  • This model is equipped with EFS (sensor).
  • Cera Urinal Sensor model is available in snow-white color.
  • It has a glossy finish which makes it suitable for all types of bathroom decor.
  • This model is a lidless product.
  • It saves up to 2.5% water and is a green product.
  • It is also an IAPMO certified and star-rated product. 
  • The product has a warranty of 10 years.
  • The weight of the product is 13.742 kg.
  • The dimension of the product is 320 mm (width) x 300 mm (depth) x 525 mm (height).

Core Flat Back With Integrated Wash Basin & Sensor Tap 

  • This model is a fusion of both urinal and basin.
  • The top portion of the model has a small hand washing basin.
  • The whole model has a sensor.
  • This Cera Urinal Sensor Price is a bit high, but it is equipped with modern features.
  • It has a flat back with a wall mounting proposition.
  • The model is made from ceramic and has a warranty of 10 years.
  • The weight of the model is 15.594 kg.
  • The dimension of the product is 330 mm (width), 310 mm (depth), 540 mm (height). 

Reasons Why You Should Rely on This Brand

This brand is one of the senior-most companies delivering this product for a long time since 1980. It manufactures bathroom fittings and solutions that are of high quality. Besides that, there are other reasons for which you should trust this brand. They are:

  • They manufacture and deliver products starting from sanitary ware items like commodes, washbasins, faucets to bathroom accessories like mirror, tiles, and other items
  • They deliver urinals with a flat back and wall mount proposition.
  • They manufacture the product from ceramic.
  • The products that they manufacture are of ideal quality and last for a long time.
  • Some of the models have sensors that make the product a fusion of quality and technology.
  • You can buy them from all leading online and offline stores.
  • You will get the Cera Urinal Price List from the browser and even from online marts.

All these reasons cumulatively make this brand the best brand, and thus you can rely on it. It is also one of the bestselling brands in the market. 

Remember to Check These Factors Before Buying! 

There are certain things to consider before you are going to buy this product. If you keep them in mind, you can buy the best that will be suitable for your home. The factors that you must remember to check are:

  • Material: Almost all the products of this company are made from ceramic. Ceramic makes the model sturdy and strong. It can also carry proper weight. You must check the specification column to know about the product material.
  • Size: The size of this product varies, and you should buy one that will be suitable for your toilet. You must read the specification to know more about the size of the models before buying. You can also contact your plumber who can help you to guide you about the size.
  • Sensor: Some of the models are equipped with sensors, while the others are not. If you want a sensor model or need a sensor model, you must check the specification to know about it. The Cera Urinal Price is high for the models with sensors.

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Best Cera Urinals Price List at McCoy Mart

Cera Urinals
Cera Calcia Flat Back Urinal Without EFS (White)
(365 W x 335 D x 670 H) mm
Rs. 8,235
Cera Calcia Flat Back Urinal With Integrated EFS (White)
(360 W x 330 D x 740 H) mm
Rs. 14,688
Cera Caravan Flat Back Urinal (White)
(265 W x 335 D x 695 H) mm
Rs. 5,657
Cera Civic Flat Back Urinal (White)
(340 W x 350 D x 615 H) mm
Rs. 6,165
Cera Cicily Flat Back Urinal With Integrated EFS (White)
(320 W x 300 D x 525 H) mm
Rs. 12,249