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Clothes Hooks

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Different types of clothes hooks or hangers and their preferable uses by the people

Clothes hooks, also popularly known as cloth hangers, are useful for keeping the clothes ironed and are also easy to store. Some families do make use of some designer clothes hooks or door clothes hanger to add a complementary look to the wardrobe. There are many different types of clothes hooks or hangers available in the market, such as coat & hat racks, door cloth hanger, and others that are made up of different materials and helps in storing them properly. With the extensive collections, it is very confusing to choose one amongst all others. You must know the efficacy of different types of hangers that are meant for a different set of clothes varying from innerwear to suits.

In this article, you will know about some of the different types of clothes hooks or hangers and their uses. Once you are aware of the beneficiary properties of different types of hangers, you can easily decide on the ones that you require.

Shirt Hangers: The Shirt hangers are usually made up of different types of material to add glamour and stylish look to the wardrobe. This type of clothes hanger hooks is designed specifically for shirts with divots on either end to make sure that the shirts do not slip down while on the hangers. The wooden material shirt hangers are considered to be the best of all as they last long and also gives a traditional look to your wardrobe. 

Mostly all the shirt hangers are ubiquitous. These clothes hooks are very easily available in most of the stores, but you need to ensure quality before buying as these hangers need to be slim in shape and must have the notches to make it anti-slip. You can go for online purchases in sets from the reputed sites to save a good amount of money for buying in bulk.

Pant Hangers: The pant hangers also come in different styles and materials to sustain the different weights and types of pants. The formal pants require slim clip type hangers to hold it firmly in the wardrobe without any chances of slipping down. But the jeans and other pants require a straight bar hanger with a broad body and sturdy clips to make sure that the pants do not slip and fall down off the cloth hanger hook. 

There is a different style of hanging the pants on to the clothes hooks by folding them before clipping on to the hangers. Do not worry as the clips come with cushion padding from inside to avoid hampering your pant fabrics. The pant hangers are usually expensive than the shirt hooks or hangers for the implementation of more sturdy materials and high durability.

Sweater Hangers: Sweater hangers are a different category from that of shirt hangers because the sweaters require to prevent dimpling or to pucker from the shoulder ends for which different hangers are essential. The sweater fabrics are soft in type and require proper storage to avoid damages. The hangers used for the sweaters are usually narrow from the shoulder end to give space to the shoulder parts protecting the fabric of it. These hangers are usually designed with shoulder flocking to make it a necessary product, especially for the winter, wears.

Skirt Hangers: Skirt hangers come with rubber padded clips on them to hold the skirts on to the bar without affecting the fabric or ironing. These hangers usually allow draping skirts in a vertical manner. The clips on these types of cloth hook must be movable from either side to adjust them according to different skirts. 

Skirts are not meant to hang in any other kind of hangers because they will fall from them due to their small size and slippery texture. Having the clothes hooks for skirts will free up space in your wardrobe. The price range for the skirt hangers is less when purchased in bulk from the online or offline stores.

Suit Hangers: Suit Hangers or the hooks for coats are very much popular and are like the rich ones amongst all other hanger types. The suits are an important part of all families and are out for almost all functions and parties. For the office goers, the suits are the best asset, and keeping them safe and ironed for a long time requires proper storage. 

The suit hangers also known as wall coat hanger are available in different variants such as padded, wooden, broad plastic, and others. All these hangers come with shoulder notches and a thin metal bar in the middle for the pants. The suit settles on the shoulder notches and can be safely hanged inside the wardrobe till the next time of use. 

Some of the suits come along with the vests that can also be carefully hanged on to the single suit hanger. The coat hook priceis usually expensive for their purpose, but buying in sets is a better decision to save some costs. The shoulder part of the hangers for the suit must end right where the sleeve falls to give it a bulk appeal.

Tie Hangers: There is a different category of hangers or hooks for the ties that comes in multiple loops in a single product to accommodate all your ties at once. These are a convenient set of wardrobe essentials that gets you compliments for managing your clothes and complementing accessories so well. Even though the ties do not take up much closet space but still having a hanger for it will avoid it slipping off from other cloth hooks or hangers.

These are a few of the different types of hangers usually preferred by the people for their closer or wardrobe. There are many other types of hangers for different clothes and accessories for diverse use of people, such as door clothes hangers, belt hangers, nursery hangers for babies, cloth hanger for bathroom, and others. Now, you know the different types of hangers and their uses to differentiate amongst the collections and find the ones that you need for your closet. Go online and find the best hanger and place your order in bulk to fulfill your need and save some money at the same time.

Clothes Hooks Price List

Clothes Hooks Price
Kich S.S. 316 Grade Robe Hook (Satin) - RH50S
Rs. 192
Kich S.S. 316 Grade Cloth Liner (Satin) - CL50S
Rs. 940
Kich S.S. 316 Grade Robe Hook (Satin) - BA345S
Rs. 243
Kich Roab Hook - RHP5S
Rs. 684
Hepo Clothes Hook - (W)447 x (D)55 x (H)133 mm
Rs. 1,021
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