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Best Offer On Double Sided Tape Available on McCoy Mart

The Double sided tape is one of the useful materials which is used to stick calendars, and are used in crafts. They help a lot in bonding many items which are light in weight. They are also used for pasting decorative items. You can buy them both at online and offline stores. They are highly popular among school and college goers. The maximum use of these Double tape is in schools and colleges for pasting charts, and other informative items on the soft boards. The heavy-duty models are also used to paste heavy items on the wall. You can stick photo frames, nameplates, and whiteboards using this. Unlike fluid glue, it does not create a mess during application. It can be effortlessly used.  They are attainable in numerous forms. Using this product can help you fix items on the wall without drilling. It is the best alternative to craft glues. 

This Product is available in five Different Types. They are: 

  • Tissue Double sided sticky tape: The tissue sticky strips have a coating of tissue on the upper layer. They are ideal for art and craft as well as  office, house, and other places. They are not only easy to paste but also easy to remove. They can also be fitted on irregular surfaces without much hindrance. They are produced by many brands and you can get them at all online stores. 
  • Acrylic Double sided adhesive tape: This sticky strip is used for industries to fix many sorts of items. They can stick to any surface in a better way than the tissue strips. They are unique from others because they can be fixed outdoors and are resistant to all types of weather. They can also be used indoors. They give a permanent bonding. This type of product is widely available in the market. 
  • Polyethylene Double sided foam tape: As the strip is made of polyethylene it is very different from the other two categories. Due to the presence of polyethylene, it gets a good cushioning which allows the strip to endure heat and absorb other external impacts. It also provides insulation. This strip also reduces the sound of vibration and shock. You can get them in strips or pads, or dots. They are widely available in online marts. 
  • Plate Heavy duty mounting tape: This type of strip is used in the printing industry mostly. To secure flexographic print plates on cylinders or sleeves of a mass printing machine, they are used extensively in these fields. They are mostly used for heavy-duty usage so that they can hold the weight. You can get them at all online marts easily. 
  • Floor Double sided paper tape: The floor strips are used on the floor to fix carpets or other items which are not expected to be moved. They keep the item intact in its place. They are also ideal for mounting vinyl sheet flooring. You will get them easily at leading stores. They are easy to use and effective too!

Best double sided tape brand from which you can Choose

Several brands are manufacturing this product and it is difficult to decide which brand to select. We are here to guide you about the best brand from which you can buy this tape. The brand is 3M.

3M has been manufacturing these strips for a long time. They deliver quality products which last long. Besides being easy to use, this product is effective to hold items. The brand produces all types of  Strong double sided tape. You can choose any one as your requirement is. You can get them at major online and offline stores in the market. They fuse innovation and technology to devise the best product that will be suitable for the customers. 

Things to consider before buying Thick double sided tape

There are certain factors that you need to consider before buying so that you can have an errorless purchase. It will ensure that the item you buy is ideal for your work. Whether you need it for craftwork, or for pasting items on walls or floor, or whether you need it for industrial purposes, all these factors need to be considered before you buy this product. The notable things to consider are: 

  • Types: There are five types of this product and it has been discussed above properly. You should go through them before buying, and see which type of product you need and which type is ideal for the requirement you have. Then you should decide the product type and buy. Choose wisely so that you don't regret it later.
  • Brand: Choosing a brand is not an easy task. Many brands claim them to be the best brand, however, they are not. You shouldn't fall into their trap. Neither should you choose a brand depending on the price. You should select a brand on the quality they have. We have mentioned the best brand to buy from. You can opt for that brand as it is trustworthy and delivers a quality product that lasts long. 
  • Price: The price of Red double sided tape is not much, and you need not dig into your pocket to buy them. They are available at affordable ranges. All you need to do is select how many products you want to buy, the quantity so that you can fix a budget and buy.

Buy Glue Strips from McCoy Mart, the trustworthy online store

You must buy from McCoy Mart as they are a reliable mart where different types of products are available. Whether you buy a Heavy duty double sided tape or any other model, you should choose this store. You can browse through the plethora of products and know the price of each product and compare them with other brands. You can also get proper discounts. If you have a pro account you can get bulk discounts. Besides being a trustworthy store, buying is very straightforward here. You can buy either from the browser or all. So why wait? Head to McCoy Mart to buy the product of your choice! 


  • Alternate to glue craft
  • High performance acrylic adhesives
  • Double-sided VHB foam tapes
  • Widely Used for Attachment Purposes with Stronger Bonding
  • Closed cell technology

Double Sided Tape Price List at McCoy Mart

Double Sided Tape
Sizes/ Model
3M Scotch Double Sided Foam Tape
(3 m x 24 mm)
Rs. 130
3M Mirror Mounting Tape
(24 mm x 2.5 m)
Rs. 532
3M Fast Bond Tape
(30 MM x 20M) 1 Roll
Rs. 429
3M Black Mirror Mounting Tape
(12 mm x 5 m)
Rs. 307
3M Attachment Tape
(1.2 cm x 4 m)
Rs. 284

Popular Brands of Double Sided Tape

3M Double Sided Tape