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Durian Office Chair

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Buy Durian Chairs Online At Best Price! | McCoy Mart

The office spaces are increasing in numbers day by day, and with it, the office chairs' requirement is also increasing. Nowadays, when so many options are available, people will settle for anything. But those who value quality and comfort above everything will go for Durian Office Chairs. Among all the brands who have come up with their variety of seats, Durian stands apart, proving its quality over anyone else in the market. There's a difference between a standard seat and an office chair, and to purchase the ideal office chair, you need to have specific knowledge. Several specifications need to be taken care of while buying the ideal one. Whether you are working from home or looking to work from a professional space, the requirement of a comfortable Durian High Back Office Chair cannot be neglected. It is the comfort you get by sitting on it that decides how productive you can be. Your work productivity depends on how you feel in the seat, so choose wisely.

To Take into Consideration, There are Different Types of Durian Office Chairs Online That Will Make Sure Your Back Doesn't get Hurt While You Work for Prolonged Hours. These Include -

  • Faith

It stands out to be one of the brand's best designs, and with an ergonomic back support build. With the back coming up to your neck and the sloped-down arms, there's hardly any chance to miss out on your comfort while working. The best part about it is that you can choose whether you want a mid-support or high-support because it comes with both.

  • Zuzi/5690

You have often seen the waiting area seats, but not much attention is given to their comfort. However, Durian values comfort above anything else, and thus, even the particular range has comfortable waiting seats.

  • August

A working space requires a variety of chairs and Tables, and certain seats denote certain positions. August has been designed to be used as a director's chair, that is, for the senior ranked employees. There is a mix of style and comfort with its exquisite semi-aniline leather material and required leather paddings all over it. Lastly, the wooden base of the seat gives it an aesthetic look and feel.

  • Elegante

As its name says, it is one of the elegant seats that Durian has even made, with a modern touch to it. Though it does not come with a high-neck design, it ideally supports the waist posture, which will help you avoid waist pain later on. The brown leatherette body with the wooden seat below finishes it off well, with a touch of uniqueness.

  • Curio

Curio is a perfect choice if you are looking forward to purchasing something affordable. The Curio is ideal for the reception area to the clerks with a back cushion and ensures comfort.

Durian Office Chair Specifications

  • Material - Mesh, Premium Leatherette
  • Seating Capacity - 1 Seater
  • Type - High Back, Medium Back, Low Back
  • Base - Chrome Base
  • Style - Contemporary and Modern Style
  • Finish - Matte

Whether it is for buying a Durian Furniture Office Chair or any furniture of the sort, the brand has been one of people's first choices. Wondering why?

Here We have Some Reasons for You That Will Make You Rely on the Brand as Well!

  • The best manufacturing process

They, as a manufacturer, have always worked towards building a great relationship with the customer. To make the relationship stronger, they source raw materials from their estates and use them to produce the best seats in the market.

  • Expert In Designs

As a brand, they have had years of experience designing and crafting the best of all designs. Thus, while working on a design, they take both comfort and style into consideration.

  • India-oriented Products

All the products manufactured from the brand are made in India. Thus, in a way, they are benefitting the Indian workers and holding up the Indian economy.

  • Warranty Benefits

Along with providing products with top-notch quality, they provide the customers with excellent warranty periods that wouldn't risk their investment. They promise great endurance with their product, and thus they will undeniably last for longer periods.

  • Ensures Premium Quality

The quality offered by the brand is exquisitely premium, and thus you would hardly have any complaints from it. They make their materials go through a series of laboratory tests, which confirms their authenticity and longevity.

  • Sustainability

With years of experience and concern for the environment, its products are exceptionally durable. All the products manufactured by them possess the tag of SEDEX, which ensures sustainable development and implementation of eco-friendly materials.

There are Certain Things That You Need to Consider Before You Purchase the Office Chair from the Brand, These Include -

  • Number of Quantity

The quantity you need is the determinant factor of which one to go for. If you need more quantities, you certainly cannot go for something pricey and need to settle for the affordable ones, which can be bought in more quantity.

  • Height of the Individual

If you are getting it for a particular individual who is short in height, then you do not need an ergonomic design. While, if the individual has a higher back, you need not worry about the size.

  • The Chair's padding

To support your back ideally, the seat needs to have good padding. So, before you purchase the seat, make sure you look at the padding stiffness and quality.

Why Choose Your Chairs from McCoy Mart?

McCoy Mart stands out to be one of the most well-known shopping sites when it comes to seats. They cater to a variety of types and give you ample options to choose from. Moreover, you can also get exciting discounts on the Durian Office Chair Price while shopping from McCoy Mart.

Best Durian Office Chair Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Dimensions Starting Price
Magic Fabric Ergonomic Office Chair - Low Back (Black)
(625 W X 450 D X 920 H) mm
Rs. 6,045
Millenium Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair - Medium Back (Black)
(620 W X 480 D X 1015 H) mm
Rs. 8,580
Define Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair - High Back (Black)
(660 W X 490 D X 1250 H) mm
Rs. 8,775
Marvel Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair - High Back (Black)
(660 W X 490 D X 1315 H) mm
Rs. 9,035
Jordon Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair - High Back (Black)
(640 W X 480 D X 1240 H) mm
Rs. 10,790