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Faber Water Purifiers

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Best Buy Offer On Faber Water Purifiers Available on McCoy Mart

Water purifiers are among the essential items that you should have in your house. These filters play a significant role in the house by providing purified liquid. Every house needs to stay aware of waterborne diseases. These filters will help in doing so. When you have a Faber Water Purifier at home, you need not think about a liquid's characteristics. You will get the best-purified aqua without any contamination. Besides using these filters, you must also use a TDS meter to check the trait of the liquid. The filters can be differentiated by shape, color, series, and most importantly, the technology used in them. Faber manufactures the most efficient and stylish aqua purifier using the latest technology. They use copper guard technology to deliver the best-purified aqua. There are various storage capacities of the tanks of the cleansers. Good plastic is used to make the body of the model. The company also caters to the needs of the customers properly. They even produce these models at an affordable rate. It is a trustworthy company, manufacturing various electrical and kitchen appliances for a long time.

Different models of Faber RO Water Purifier have different features. The features vary depending on the tank's capacity, the technology used, and obviously on the shape and size.

The Features of Some of the Models From This Company are:

  • Faber Galaxy RO Mineral Water Purifier

This filter is available in two colors, white and light blue. The storage tank can store nine liters of liquid. The elegant design of the model is beautiful, along with the glossy finish and stylish tap. It increases the aesthetics of your kitchen or wherever you fix it. As the machine is RO enabled, the liquid that enters for notification passes through the RO layer, where all hazardous chemicals and hardness are removed. The seven-stage purification makes this model stand apart from other models and brands. The RO, UF, and MAT layers ensure that the liquid you drink or use for cooking is completely safe. This machine's most prominent feature is its copper guard refining water and making it more safe and clean.

  • Neutron Plus Alkaline Water Purifier by Faber

Neutron Plus is a Faber Water Filter with a ten-liter tank and a nine-stage purification technology. The color of the machine is black. Being an alkaline filter, the machine boosts alkaline in the water through the increment of pH level. The pH level continues to stay within seven point five to eight point five. RO layer properly purifies the liquid and removes all sorts of dirt and hazardous particles. Besides having RO, UV, and MAT, this model has a copper guard and pH enhancer. It guarantees that the liquid swallowed by you is safe.

The most significant feature of this model is its nine-stage purification filters. The nine filters are:

  • 20-micron sediment filter
  • 5-micron sediment filter
  • Pre carbon filter
  • RO membrane
  • Post carbon plus copper guard
  • UV filter
  • Alkaline filter
  • MAT filter
  • Faber Casper Plus RO Mineral Water Purifier

Casper Plus comes in black with a 10-liter liquid storage tank and seven stage liquid purification. It has got an elegant design and a glossy finish that makes the model attractive. This model surely will fit in every type of home decor. RO layer makes sure that every drop of liquid you drink is safe. Liquid cleaning becomes effective with the seven stages of purification. The seven stages are 20-micron sediment filter, 5-micron sediment filter, pre carbon filter, RO membrane, Post carbon plus copper guard (two in one cartridge), UV filter.

Why is Faber Considered to be the Best Brand in the Market?

Faber Water Filter is considered the best brand for using the latest technology to manufacture products. The company designs trendy designs of the models with efficient motors. Every model is equipped with a copper guard. This copper guard makes the liquid much safer. Besides all these, the models from this company have various tank sizes. You can buy the model that fits in your kitchen. All these cumulatively make Faber evolve as the best brand.

Before installing a filter to get Faber RO Water, you must consider specific pointers. This will ensure a proper purchase.

The Things That You Should Compulsorily Consider Before Buying are:

  • Tank Size

Tank size should be selected depending upon your requirement. If you have too many family members, you have to buy a machine with a big tank. There are various tank sizes available from this company. Select the one that suits your purpose. Please do not buy a filter without knowing the capacity of liquid it can store.

  • Technology

Various models use various technologies. There are RO + UV models, as well as RO + UV + MAT models. There are also other variations, including copper filters. There are seven stages, as well as nine-stage purification mechanisms. Choose the model wisely after knowing about the technology and mechanism of purification it uses.

  • Design and color

Design is a secondary thing you should consider after checking the tank size and technology. Most of the models have an outlook that suits every sort of decor. It enhances the look of your room too. There are various color options from which you can choose. Choose the design and color of the models keeping in mind your requirement and taste.

Why Choose Your Purifier from Us?

You should choose McCoy Mart for buying filters from this company. You can compare the Faber Water Purifier Price with the price of other brands. You can also browse through several models from this company with just a click. You can buy them without any hassle. Faber RO Price is affordable and varies from model to model depending upon the components it uses. McCoy Mart is a reliable one-stop mart to purchase purifiers. So why wait? Head to McCoy Mart to buy the model of your choice.

Top Faber Water Purifier Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Starting Price
FWP Galaxy (RO+UF+MAT) 7 Stage Water Purifier
Rs. 9,871
FWP Casper Plus (RO+UV+CU Guard) 7 Stage Water Purifier
Rs. 11,391
FWP Neutron Plus (RO+UV+UF+CU Guard+pH Enhancer) 9 Stage Water Purifier
Rs. 14,243
FWP Altroz (RO+UV+UF+MAT+Mineral Filter) 9 Stage Water Purifier
Rs. 15,826