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Fevicol Adhesives & Glues

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Fevicol Adhesives and Glues In India | McCoy Mart

Glues come in thick liquid form and are very useful to fasten materials like paper, wood, plastic, fabric, leather. They can also be used to repair jewelry. Fixing timber and metals, repairing and decorating furniture can also be done through gums. The generic name used for these gums is craft glue. It is advantageous and handy to students as this adhesive helps in craftwork and projects assigned by the school. It can also be used to fix handicraft items. Fevicol Glue is non-toxic, and it dries up very fast. It has been a constant item in everyone's craft box for decades. Fevicol is one of the oldest adhesive brands that exist. It has survived for such a long time as it caters to the needs of the customers. Manufactured by Pidilite, it not only caters to the needs of carpentry but also household requirements. They manufacture gums in different bottles and packs useful and handy to use.

Various Gum Products Have Different Usages and Features. Some of the Types and Their Features are as follows:

  • Fevicol white glue

    • To fix porous and lightweight materials, including paper, cloth, cardboard, this glue is used
    • Kids prefer this gum extensively for the craft
    • It is nontoxic
    • The adhesive dries up fast, but it can bear strength only when it is completely set
    • You can add food coloring and glitters to the adhesive to make it attractive
  • Fevicol wood glue

    • This is made from vinyl acetate polymers, the same elements used in craft glues
    • It sticks wood very quickly, and the hold is so strong that it does not leave
    • Sawdust can be added to the gum to get special effects
    • It sets in an hour but does not add tension to it before twenty-four hours
    • There are three types of wood glue. Type I is waterproof and performs well in swampy areas. Type II is excellent for exterior conditions. They can bond at cold temperatures also. Type I and II can be used for fixing external items. Type III is not a water-resistant one. It is suitable for interiors
  • Fevicol super glue

    • Super glues are also known as cyanoacrylate adhesives
    • They are easy to fix and dry fast, very clearly
    • It would be best if you used them on items that do not need to withstand much strength
    • When they are in the process of pasting, you can use acetone solvent to clean it. But once it gets fixed, you cannot dissolve it
    • They take hardly a few seconds or minutes to set. It dries up, making the area waterproof
    • Cyanoacrylates work excellently on wood, metal, ceramic, leather, glass, and certain plastic types
  • Fevicol clear glue

    • Clear glue is a transparent liquid that is adaptable to everything
    • It can be used in houses, schools, offices, or manufacturing works
    • To join glass, leather, rubber, plastic, it can be used
    • It is widely available and affordable
    • It can also bond items like pearls and stones
    • They are best for craft and repair works
  • Fevicol leather glue

    • This sets fast and can fix items like rubber, EVA, Canvas, PVC, PU, besides leather
    • It is transparent and has a flexible bond
    • As it does not drip, it helps you to fix things properly. The adherent stays in place also without messing.
    • Being water-resistant, the bond does not get affected when it comes in contact with water
    • It can withstand high pressure. If it is used in any repair works, it repairs the place and lasts long
    • This is ideal to be used in sport's shoes and leather shoes. It can also be used in sandals
    • It is non-staining and nontoxic
  • Glue Sticks

    • They are handy for kids, though they can be used anywhere.
    • They are low bonding adherents but provide permanent bonding on paper, cardboard, foam board. It dries up fast
    • These sticks are commonly used to seal envelopes, stick labels, fix paper in craft, do art projects, and paste items in scrapbooks

Here's Why We Consider This to be the Best Brand When it Comes to Adhesives

The quality of the product is the primary factor for which Fevicol is considered the best brand. Secondly, its wide range of products has gained much popularity and evolved as the best brand. Thirdly it is its affordability that made Fevicol an item mandatory to every household. From fixing or repairing furniture to pasting pictures and crafts, you will find this adherent in our day to day lives. Thus, it is tough to say how many other ways Fevicol became the Adhesives' best brand. Due to its innovative visual advertisement, this company has raised curiosity in the minds of ordinary people who became their customer. The prices of the various products that they manufacture are pocket friendly. This increases the number of purchases, which, in a way, makes it a desirable and famous brand.

Nevertheless, it is undeniable that the quality of the product has always remained constant. It is practical and efficient in bonding over any surface. From pasting paper to furniture, it does it so well that you can trust this brand. From the trust it gained, the company became one of the best brands. The brand has a wide range of products, which helps the customers a lot. They can purchase the particular type of adhesive required for work, as and when needed. Using the specific kind of gums will enable proper pasting and finishing.

Before Purchasing Adhesives from This Company, You Should Keep in Mind:

  • The type of bond you require for the work
  • The amount or size of the jar you need for the work
  • The price of the product you buy

Why Should You Choose from McCoy Mart?

While buying gums, you can purchase it from McCoy Mart. It is a reliable one-stop solution for buying adherents. You can get discounts that are available on products. If you buy during festive seasons, you can get special offers. Why wait? Visit McCoy Mart to buy the item you need.