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Fevicol Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes

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Best Buy Offer On Fevicol Adhesives Available on McCoy Mart

Fevicol Adhesive is not just another glue, but it is something that has been a part of our childhood and grew with us. But apart from being a household mate, the adhesive comes to great use even in the industrial sectors. We know how the Fevicol Wood Adhesive has helped the world of carpentry evolve in India, reaping significant benefits, so how could the industrial sectors stay away from the boon? So, let us explore a bit about the usage of the adhesive in the industrial sectors. The product falls under the category of latex adhesives and synthetic resins, which derive its existence from the Polyvinyl acetate; thus, they neither have colour nor odour. The best part about using the wax is that they hardly get affected by the fluctuating temperatures and absorb little or no water. So, the name of the product has been given relating to the brand and its synthetic composition, that is, the Fevicol sh Adhesive.

Now, you must be wondering what do 'sh' stand for - right? Well, SH stands for synthetic resin and is considered when one of the surfaces it is to be bonded with is porous. It comes in a ready to use box, which can be used directly by opening the seals. Compared to the other products by the brand, the particular one comes with a great flow and spreads uniformly, helping the workers use it effectively. All you need is just an applicator, be it a brush, a roller, or spreader, to mix the adhesive and apply it skillfully. You can also do it with your fingers if you have not got any applicator.

Here We Have Listed Down Some of the Features of the Adhesive That Makes it Count as the Best One -

With a history of years and a ton of experience, it is undoubtedly expected for an adhesive brand like this to develop a product that has got the best of all and suits the industrial purpose ideally. Let's look at the highlights that stand out for the brand:

  • The Fevicol White Adhesive can be diluted by adding water to the solution before working with it. Make sure that you give it a nice mix and stir continuously before you begin with it
  • Unlike other adhesives, it allows you to shift or detach the bonded surfaces within a time limit of five to seven minutes
  • It gives a smooth and uniform flow in the first coating that does not require or call for multiple applications
  • It comes with an excellent coverage guarantee, ensuring that your investment would not go in absolute vain.
  • Bonds are faster and much stronger than the other products of a similar category
  • Resistant to heat and fluctuating temperatures, so you need not worry about too much heat or too much cold
  • Does not come with any prescribed rules of application and can be done with or without an applicator
  • It does not have any strong fragrance or odour, so if you are intolerant to smells, this product can be an ideal choice

Here's Why We Feel That the Brand is the Best in the Industry

The Fevicol Industrial Adhesives stand out to be the best one for various reasons. Since the early 20th century, the brand has been catering to the needs of the industry. Wondering what makes them the best? Then, read on below.

  • Understanding the industrial needs

Unlike other brands, Fevicol pays excellent attention to understanding the industry's innate needs and shows great interest in learning the fulfillment of these needs. They begin by assessing the revenue and the industry type and then design their products and think of the compositions accordingly.

  • Maintaining excellent brand-customer relationships

They think and value their relationship with their customers at first. Being in the industrial sectors, their customers tend to come from larger and smaller scales of industries. However, they have a well-knit team of managers who ensures customer satisfaction and is available to serve you with information any time of the day.

  • Reasonable price point

While launching a brand, the price point can create great havoc among the customers. But in the case of Fevicol, there is no such issue because they have always kept a great price point. If you check out and compare their prices with other brands, you would know how reasonably their costings are.

  • Variety

Indeed, the brand has got a fleet of types to offer that would not disappoint any business proprietor out there. With such a great variety at disposal, one can discover the perfect match made for their business, without any regrets later.

Before You Buy the Product, Here are The Most Important Aspects That You Should Consider

Here are some of the things that must be taken into consideration before you avail of any products by Fevicol in the industrial sector.

  • Figuring your purpose

It is essential to figure the intention of your use before you purchase it. Whether you need it for household purposes or industrial, deciding it helps ensure that you never invest in the wrong product incidentally.

  • Type of the product

Once the purpose is figured out, it is time to consider the product type. If it is a small household job, then it can be done with regular glue. But if it is involved industrially, you must go for the one that can bring you great benefits and do justice.

  • The surface of application

From Fevicol Adhesive for Metal to the ones with woods and paper, the brand has got something to offer everyone. So, before you choose the one from the bonds, take time, and come around.

Why Choose from McCoy Mart?

Choose McCoy Mart to purchase the ideal adhesive for your requirement. From Fevicol Sealant to a variety of bonds, McCoy Mart has got everything in stock for you, and we can assure you that you'll be spoilt for choices!