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Best Offer On Glass Standoffs Available on McCoy Mart

Standoffs hold the glass properly in a cabinet, shelf, railing, shower door, countertop, stair handrail, panel, or door. They are made from stainless steel that makes them free from corrosion and helps them last longer. You will get the glass standoffs in various shapes and sizes and in numerous designs too. They are available in all online stores. Besides being perfect for residential buildings, this product is equally excellent for commercial buildings. You can also use them to install mirrors on your walls. The screws and wall plugs are also provided with the set. Nonetheless, before buying, you should know about the properties this product has.

Know About The Notable Properties Of The Product

As you are about to buy the stainless steel standoffs for glass, you should be aware of their properties. It will help you know more about the product. Moreover, you can also have a regretless purchase. The remarkable properties are: 

  • Stainless steel body: The product has a stainless steel body that ensures durability. Moreover, it can bear the weight of the glass for a long time. The stainless steel body of the product also ensures that it will not rust and damage the glass. 
  • Look: You will buy standoff glass railing for having a professional and neat look. Well, this product ensures that you have such. Furthermore, the clean look will also enhance the decor of your property. The holders are always bound to provide a classy appearance. 
  • Anti-skid spacers: There are nylon spacers between the stud and barrel that protect the glass from damage. While fixing the holder, the mechanic needs to apply pressure and rotate the screw to install it. Due to extra pressure, the glass might break. These nylon spacers are used to avoid unprecedented events so that your glass remains intact. 
  • Multiple usages: The 50mm glass standoff is used for numerous purposes. They are suitable for both outdoor and indoor usages. You can utilize them in your office, store, company, supermarket, shops, houses, advertising boards, and where not! 

Look At The Best Brand To Buy From

Many brands in the market produce glass panel standoffs. So, while choosing the brand, it becomes challenging to decide. You should not only look at the reasonability of the product but also at the quality. Nevertheless, we are here to guide you about the best brand to choose from. So, you can trust Taj Products and buy the best standoffs from them. There are certain reasons why we recommend this brand. Look at them: 

  • Taj Products manufacture quality products at an affordable rate. 
  • They fuse the latest technology with beautification ideas to make their product brilliant. 
  • The holders are available in all online stores. 
  • They are created from high-quality stainless steel that is long-lasting.
  • These holders are available in many sizes.
  • You can use them for multiple purposes. 
  • Taj Products have been manufacturing quality hardware products for a long time.  

Remember To Check The Following Things Before Buying 

There are certain things you need to check before buying. It will ensure that you are purchasing the correct product. The factors that you should check before buying are: 

  • Material: You should check whether the model you choose is made from stainless steel or not. Stainless steel makes the product solid and free from corrosion. Moreover, it lasts for a long time. Therefore, do not go for models having steel finishes with other metals inside. 
  • Nylon spacer: The nylon pressure makes the entry of the screw smooth during tightening. You must check whether your model has a nylon spacer or not. Nylon pressure also ensures that the glass doesn’t break while tightening. 
  • Size: Read the specifications to know about the size of the product you choose. Moreover, check whether the available size matches the requirements you have. Generally, the available sizes for this product are 12 x 1 inch, 8 x 1 inch, 6 x 1 inch, 5 x 1 inch, 4 x 1 inch, 3 x 1 inch, 2 x 1 inch, and 1 x 1 inch (H x W). 
  • Affordability: Generally, these holders are affordable, and you don’t need to dig much into your pockets to buy them. However, at times, there are some compulsory offers that you need to abide by. For example, you cannot buy the product until you order fifty pieces of it. In that case, the cost increases. 
  • Discounts: All online stores, especially McCoy Mart, offer variable discounts from time to time. You must check the current discounts and offers before buying to avail the best rebate deals. 
  • Wide usages: Besides using these holders at home, you can use them at your commercial estates also. Be it your railing, countertop, shelves, cabinets, shower doors, fixing mirrors, panels, and where not. 

Purchase adjustable glass standoffs From McCoy Mart 

You can buy the holders from McCoy Mart at affordable rates, check the specifications, browse through the various brands, know about the size and then make your purchase from this store. You can have a secured payment after purchasing from this online mart. Moreover, the products are authentic. You can quickly return them if you have any problem regarding it. McCoy Mart is an online store where you can get various other products too. From sanitaryware to hardware, everything is there in this store. It can be called your one-stop destination for all your needs. So, do not loiter here and there. Visit McCoy Mart to purchase the product you desire.

Glass Standoffs Price List at McCoy Mart

Glass Standoffs
Taj Products Diamond Cut Glass Standoffs / Studs
(1 H x 1 W) inch
Rs. 113
Taj Products Simple Glass Standoffs / Studs
(2 H x 1 W) inch
Rs. 138
Taj Products Simple Glass Standoffs / Studs
(3 H x 1 W) inch
Rs. 206
Taj Products Diamond Cut Glass Standoffs / Studs
(2 H x 1 W) inch
Rs. 225
Taj Products Simple Glass Standoffs / Studs
(4 H x 1 W) inch
Rs. 275