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Godrej Kitchen Accessories

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Choose From The Best Range of Godrej Kitchen Accessories Available Online at McCoy Mart

Cooking room accompaniments are the most needed items which keep your room clean and tidy. It also helps you to keep things at the place and in an organized way. They are usable in many shapes and sizes. There are also a variety of these items with separate functionality that helps you to make your cooking room look elegant. You can also buy them from both online and offline marts. However, choosing from McCoyMart online would be beneficial for you as you can browse through the plethora of options that are available at a glance.

Godrej has been manufacturing many appliances and furniture for a long time. They deliver quality products which last long. Besides being a best-selling brand, it has gained a lot of repute also. They are a popular brand manufacturing Godrej kitchen accessories. There are numerous products that they manufacture under cooking room appliances. You can trust them for their quality. The products they manufacture have attractive designs. The organizers that they have helps you keep your cooking room items at the place.

Features of Godrej kitchen accessories

Godrej modern kitchen accessories have many features. The features differ due to the functionality of the products. There are a plethora of cooking room accompaniments that you can get from this company. The features of some of these items are discussed below.

  • Kadai Organizer

    • The Kadai organizer is a brilliant device that helps you in saving space in your kitchen.
    • It allows you to keep your Kadai together in an organized fashion
    • You can change the place of the organizer as and when required.
    • It is durable and adjustable as well.
    • The color does not fade easily and it is constructed out of high-grade ABS.
    • The product is ideal for drawers with a size of 380 mm, 430 mm, and 480 mm.
  • Cutlery Organizer (380 x 506 mm)

    • The biggest feature of this model is that you can organize your cutlery items properly and access them when required.
    • The dividers are adjustable and removable. You can stretch out or narrow down the division making the area big or small.
    • The material used to make Godrej sleek kitchen accessories is high-grade ABS.
    • There are two widths in which this model is available, 380 mm and 430 mm.
    • There is a single base tray with 4 partition dividers in this model.
  • Saucer organizer

    • The saucer organizer also helps you in saving a place in your cooking room and keep the cups and saucer in an organized way.
    • They can be fitted inside the drawer to get much space.
    • It is constructed out of ABS and chrome-plated steel which provides longevity.
    • The set includes one wireframe, one easy carry tray, and two locators.
    • This model goes best with 380 mm, 430 mm, and 480 mm drawers.
  • Jar or bottle organizer

    • The jar or bottle organizer is very sleek and fits in any place.
    • It is easy to carry to the place where you are cooking.
    • The material used to construct this model is high-grade ABS.
    • It is sturdy and lasts long.
    • The width of the product is 530 mm.
  • Frypan organizer

    • Frypan organizer is a Godrej home kitchen accessories that help you to store frypans without getting scratched.
    • The organizer unit is portable and can be kept on any shelf of the cabinet.
    • The material used in making this unit is chrome-plated stainless steel and ABS.
    • The model consists of one frame, one soft touch holder, and two locators.
    • The unit has two sizes, 15 for 380 mm and 430 mm drawer, and 19 for 480 mm drawer. The width of the product is 380 mm.
  • Thali Organizer

    • The thali organizer can be kept inside drawers and you can manage and save much space.
    • It is made from chrome-plated steel and ABS.
    • The organizer consists of a single wireframe with six adjustable thali separators and four locators.
    • Unlike the fry pan organizer, it is also available in two sizes, 15 for 380 and 430 mm drawers, and 19 for 480 mm drawers.
    • The width of the organizer varies from 380 mm to 430 mm.
  • Container organizer

    • Container organizers are portable and can be carried to the place of cooking.
    • It has a width of 430 mm.
    • The unit is accessible for 380 mm, 430 mm, and 480mm drawers.
    • It is constructed from ABS and chrome-plated steel.
    • The unit consists of two wire partitions, four adjustable partitions and two side mounts.
  • Cylinder trolley

    • The cylinder trolley is a part of Godrej stainless steel kitchen accessories.
    • It eases the movement of cylinder pushing.
    • It is easy to clean and handle.
    • The material used is stainless steel that does not allow the object to rust easily.
    • It is available in a circular shape.

How is Godrej the best brand?

Godrej is the best brand for cooking room appliances in the market because it manufactures products that last long. Besides being sturdy the items are trendy too. They enhance the look of your room. Godrej's best kitchen accessories are also available in both online and offline marts. All these collectively make it the best brand.

Points to check before you bring it home

There are certain pointers that you must remember while choosing a cooking room accompaniment. They are:

  • Size

If you are buying a product that you want to install inside a drawer or cabinet, you have to enquire about its size. You must check the specifications to know about the size.

  • Color

These models are more or less chrome-plated or grey. You don't have plenty of color options to choose from. However, you can browse through the specifications to see if the color option is available.

Why rely on McCoyMart?

To know about the Godrej modular kitchen accessories price list you should opt for McCoyMart. McCoyMart being a trustworthy online mart helps you to buy things like hardware or appliances very easily. You can browse through the plethora of items it has. If you have a pro account you can also get bulk discounts. The Godrej kitchen accessories price list can be compared with another brand before buying. So why wait? Go to McCoyMart to buy the product of your choice!

Best Selling Godrej Kitchen Accessories Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Dimensions Starting Price
Godrej Cuttlery Organizer for width 450 mm
450 mm
Rs. 534
Godrej Skido Smart Kitchen Fry Pan Organiser (380 mm)
(380 mm)
Rs. 1,301
Godrej Skido Smart Kitchen Cutlery Organiser
(430 X 506) mm
Rs. 1,487
Godrej Single Cuttlery Insert
500 mm
Rs. 1,654
Godrej Skido Smart Kitchen Thali Organiser
480 mm - 530 mm
Rs. 1,859