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Godrej Smart Door Locks

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Best Offer On Godrej Smart Door Locks Available on McCoy Mart

Be it your home or office. Security is an issue that you cannot deal with casually. So, you can trust Godrej Smart Door Locks that allow you to stay worry-free. The latches from this company are made by fusing the latest technology and quality items that will not degrade quickly. Moreover, they are suitable for all types of gates like wood or metal.

These electronic latches can be accessed using biometrics, RFID cards, override keys, pins, and remotes. When it comes to the finishing, there are these black and galvanized shades. You can also use them for glass gates. Besides being available in online stores, you can get them at offline marts too. However, before buying, you must be aware of the properties of the latches.

Features that a Godrej Smart Lock for Door has

The latch models from this company are equipped with innovative features that make them unique from other companies. Moreover, they also ease your use. The notable features that the various models from this company have are:

  • Multiple access mode: The latch can be opened using passwords that vary from four to twelve digits. However, you can set up to four passwords. Moreover, you can access the gate bolts with fingerprints, RFID cards too. Many of the models have 360-degree fingerprint registration. Thus, it is easy for you to register as well as unlock the latch.
  • Low battery indicator: One of the most advantageous features of the Godrej smart lock for main door and other gates is its low battery indicator. It informs you with a beep sound when the battery goes down. Moreover, it also alerts you in advance for replacing the old battery with the new one.
  • Scramble password: This feature allows you to type three fake digits after typing the correct password. It ensures that no one can decipher your typed password from the fingerprint on the keypad.
  • Volume control: You might have children at your home and return at night lately. If the volume is high, they can wake up. Moreover, many people do not prefer loud sound operations. So there is an adjustable volume function with a mute button to allow you to control the volume.
  • Emergency power: If the battery life goes down suddenly, you could use an extra 9V battery to keep the latch functioning.
  • Spy code: Unlike scrambled passwords, spy code is another way in which your security is boosted. Suppose you are with a stranger and you don't want to let them know your pin. In that case, you can type some random digits before and after the pin. The Godrej door locks with fingerprint and other models help you maintain the secrecy of your passcode.
  • Damage alarm: The company never lets any breach in your security. So, the doors have a damage alarm that rings if the wrong passcode is entered five times consecutively.
  • Auto-locking: Often, we doubt whether the gate has been appropriately shut or not. However, when you install this bolt, you can stay worry-free. The auto-latching features bolts the door after a few seconds you have left it open manually.
  • Fire sensor: Another essential feature of these locks is the fire sensor. It unlocks the gate automatically whenever it senses fire. Thus, you don't have the tension of opening the gate. So you can get out of the house or office in an emergency.
  • Multiple usages: The Godrej smart advantis door lock and other models can be used on numerous gates like wooden or metal. You can also fit them on main gates and interconnecting gates. Moreover, they are ideal for commercial complexes. You can even place it on the right or left of the entryways.

Know the Reasons Why Godrej is Best in Manufacturing Digital Lockers

Godrej is a brand that does not need any exaggerated introduction. Being a senior company, it has been manufacturing many products for a long time. Whether it is furniture or appliance, they have always been a pioneer. Moreover, the quality products they deliver remain unbeatable. Even they produce items catering to the needs of the customers.

They do much research to add innovation to the gadgets. So, their products are a fusion of new technology, good quality, and aesthetics. Moreover, the Smart door lock Godrej and other models are available in all offline and online stores. So, you can access them very quickly. All these reasons collectively make this brand the best in the market. Thus, you can rely on and shop from them.

Learn About the Things To Consider Before Buying

As you decide to buy a Godrej advantis digital door lock or some other model, you must consider certain things before buying. Then, it will make your purchase regretless and perfect. The things you need to consider to buy the best item are:

  • Size: The available sizes for the digital latches are 172 x 63 x 45 mm, 177 x 71 x 18 mm, 178 x 72 x 67 mm, and 302 x 82 x 25 mm. You can choose any one size depending on the gate thickness and your need.
  • Finish: Generally, two types of finishes are accessible for these electronic latches. They are black and galvanized. You can select one upon your taste or by matching the color of your gate.
  • Access mode: It is essential to know how you can access the gate latches. Commonly, pins, passwords, RFID cards, and fingerprints are the ways to access them. Check the properties of the item to know in detail about it.
  • Gate type: Check the specifications to know whether you can use this bolt-on wooden, metal, and other types of gate.

Purchase Smart Latches From McCoy Mart

McCoy Mart should be your ideal destination to buy electronic latches. It is a shop where you can get the A to Z of your requirement. Moreover, you can have customized searches by adjusting the search parameter. You can also enquire about the Godrej smart biometric advantis door lock price from this store. Get bulk discounts on having a pro account. Else avail of the flat discounts open to all. Browse through brands, compare prices, to buy the desired item.

Godrej Smart Door Locks Price List

Godrej Smart Door LocksSizesPrice
Godrej Strike Box For Advantis Crystal Digital Rim Glass Door Lock, Galvanized
(172 L x 63 W x 45 H) mm
Rs. 3,380
Godrej Advantis Rimtronic RF (Pin + RFID) Digital Rim Door Lock, Black
(177 L x 71 W x 18 H) mm
Rs. 11,619
Godrej Advantis Crystal (Pin + RFID) Digital Rim Glass Door Lock, Black
(178 L x 72 W x 67 H) mm
Rs. 22,393
Godrej Advantis Biometric Digital Door Lock
(302 L x 82 W x 25 H) mm
Rs. 40,771
Godrej Advantis Rimtronic Biometric Digital Door Lock
(177 L x 71 W x 18 H) mm
Rs. 22,815