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Hand Wash Station

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Buy Hand Wash Station Online At McCoy Mart

Washing hands have become the topmost priority during this pandemic. You need to rinse your palms at regular intervals so that you can stay hygienic. Even rinsing hands is also important before eating food. A Hand wash station helps you wash your palms anywhere very easily. There are some models where you don't need to touch your palms also. You can operate it using foot pedals. They are commonly constructed out of plastic or stainless steel. The finishing that these palm rinsing models have makes them look elegant and suits any occasion you keep them for. You can avail of these models from both online and offline stores. They are available in many colors and shapes. Often they are designed so that you can take them on your trips for washing. There is also a Portable wash station which can be transported from one place to another. They are mostly used by event managers. Commercial places also have these wash stations for their employees. They are very useful for washing your palms easily. 

Different Types of Portable Hand Washing Stations are Available in the Market.

The Various Types Have Various Uses and Functions. The Three Categories of Palm Rinsing Stand are:

  • Foot-operated palm rinsing stands: These models are equipped with foot pedals that can be used to avoid the usage of a palm to open the tap. The foot-operated machines are available in many shapes and sizes and colors. All you need to do is press the pedal which will allow water to flow. Even these models also come with a towel holder or a tissue holder. You can also arrange for a bottle of sanitizer which can be kept. They can also be transported from one place to another. These models are mostly constructed from stainless steel or plastic. 
  • Tap operated palm rinsing stands: These models are the traditional Portable hand washing station that is available. You need to use your palms to open the tap which will ensure the flow of water. They are available in many shapes and sizes. Various color options and designs are also available. Generally, it is constructed from stainless steel, but some models are also made of plastic. These models have elegant finishing that enhances the look of your room. Unlike the pedal models, this model also has towel holders and tissue racks. There is also a proposition to keep sanitizer bottles. 
  • Automatic palm rinsing stands: The automatic palm rinsing machines have sensors that allow the flow of water. You don't need to touch the tap or use the pedal to operate the functioning of the model. If you place your hand under this machine, it will automatically dispense water which can be used for washing hands. These models of plan rinsing units are available in many shapes and sizes. You also get a lot of color options to choose from. 

What are the Best Brands to Consider for These Items? 

Numerous brands manufacture palm rinsing stands. It is really difficult to decide which is the Best hand wash station. However, here is the brand which you can trust and is not only the best brand but also the best selling brand. It is the Merino Restroom. 

Merino Restroom has been manufacturing palm rinsing stands for a long time. They produce them for both indoor and outdoor purposes. They manufacture models that can be operated on foot. Most of the models have stainless steel bodies and faucets which make them sturdy. The models from this company also have waste collection bags that can hold tissues. They have emerged as the best brand because of the durability of the product. The models are contactless and you can get them in more than five shades. Even the tank size is also big enough. All these factors cumulatively make it the best brand.

The Things That You Should Not Forget While Choosing a Palm Rinsing Stand are:

There are some pointers that you need to consider when you want to Buy hand wash station. If you remember these points and then buy, you will have a proper purchase. The things that you should not forget and need to consider while choosing a plan rising stand are: 

  • Material: Generally, most of the models of the palm rinsing stand are made from stainless steel and plastic. However, the cabinet is made from various other materials. You need to consider the material properly so that you don't regret it later. You can go for stainless steel as it is sturdy and also lasts long. Nonetheless, food-grade plastic makes the model light in weight.
  • Color and finishing: Several colors and finishing of these models are available. You can choose a solid color finish or a textured color finish as per your choice. If you want a stand for multipurpose use in events then you must go for solid colors. From pink to brown, black to white, many solid colors are available. Else you can go for the various shades and finishings that are available. 
  • Type: The numerous types of models are available in the market. They have also been discussed above. You need to select the type depending on your requirement. 
  • Tank size: Tank size is another factor that you must not miss while you are selecting a palm rinsing stand. The tank size should be selected depending upon your requirement. You can go for a small tank if you have fewer requirements. Else you need to go for a standard-sized tank. 
  • Cost: The Hand wash station price is high. You need to think and then invest. However, if you invest once it will not go in vain. The products last long. 

Why Choose Your Products from Us?

You must choose McCoy Mart to buy a Hand wash station online as it is one of the most trustworthy marts. You can check the price of products and compare them with other brands very easily. You can also check the specifications before you intend to buy a product. If you have a pro account you can get bulk discounts on items. So why loiter?


  • Foot Operated water flow
  • Extremely durable
  • Impact Resistant
  • Contact-less
  • Compact Design
  • Made of anti-bacterial compact
  • Completely mobile
  • Available in 5 shades

Best Hand Wash Station Price List at McCoy Mart

Hand Wash Station
Sizes/Model No
Merino Puriwash Laminate Static - Salt & Pepper
(505 W x 605 D x 1287 H) mm
Rs. 28,025
Merino Puriwash Compact Static - Wenge
(505 W x 605 D x 1287 H) mm
Rs. 35,400
Merino Puriwash Laminate Static - Slate Grey
(505 W x 605 D x 1287 H) mm
Rs. 28,025
Merino Puriwash Laminate Portable - Walnut Brown
(505 W x 605 D x 1287 H) mm
Rs. 38,350
Merino Puriwash Compact Portable - Salt & Pepper 40499
(680 W x 605 D x 1287 H) mm
Rs. 39,200