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Havells Centrifugal Pumps

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Buy Havells Centrifugal Pump Online At Affordable Price

Who doesn't require a pump at home or the office? Centrifugal motors help draw the water from underground or over the ground reservoirs and disseminate them to small tanks. When it comes to choosing a brand, no one stands better than Havells. The Havells centrifugal pump is not only famous for its brand name but also its effectiveness. They are available in many models and many colors. 

Apart from it, the motors have several power variations. You can choose one that suits your needs. Unlike traditional motors, they take very little space to fit in as they are not too big. Even the price is not so high to worry about. The company produces top-notch items blending their experience with the latest technology. Are you wondering what features these pumps have? 

Here Is All About the Features You Need To Know!

The Havells centrifugal monoblock pump has many features that you need to know before buying. It will not only help you with understanding your motor but check whether it matches your requirement. The notable features are: 

  • Power yielding motor: Havells has a power productive motor that ensures smooth working and less energy consumption while the machine functions. Besides that, it can endure high temperatures without the motor burning. 
  • Suction power: The suction power of the motor of this company is high. It can also discharge a large amount of water while working. 
  • Insulation: Often, you would see that the motors available in the market have Class B insulation. It results in insufficient protection against voltage fluctuation and high temperature. However, the motor from this company has Class F insulation that alleviates the high temperature withstanding capacity up to 155 degrees Celsius. It also acts as a shield during voltage fluctuations. 
  • IP-55 protection: An IP-55 protection allows the machine to be placed outdoors too. It preserves the motor from water, dust particles, and burning. The motors from this company are IP-55 protected items. Generally, the available models in the market come with IP-44 protection that does not give proper safety. Even they become unfit for the outdoors. 
  • Copper winding: The copper winding gives the motor much more efficiency. It also protects it from burning. The Havells centrifugal water pump has wires that are copper winded and double coated. 
  • Pump shaft: The shaft of the motor is made from stainless steel. It not only gives strong protection but also prevents rusting. Moreover, the stainless steel shaft also protects the engine from hard water and ensures its longevity. 
  • Casting: A proper casting prevents much wear and tear and increases the workability of the pump. The motor from this company has an FG-200 grade casting which in a way prevents rusting also. 
  • Seal: Mechanical seals are the best for motors drawing water. The machines from this company also have such seals. The seal protects the device by not allowing water to enter the functional area of the pump. 
  • Impeller: A simple brass impeller wears out very fast and deteriorates the device. However, the motor from this company has a forged brass impeller that improves the pump's performance and slows down its wearing and tearing. 
  • Suitability: The machine from this company is suitable for single-phase supply only. 
  • Motor body and stator: The motor body is made from aluminum die casting, and the stator had silicon steel lamination. 
  • Rotating direction: All the motors from this company rotate in an anti-clock direction when seen from the driving end. 
  • Case: The casing of the motors is done by using high-grade cast iron. 
  • Power supply cable and overload protector: Both the power supply cable and overload protector are included in the machine. 
  • Multiple utilities: The most prominent feature of these motors is that they can be used in many places. Apart from your home, bungalow, or apartment, they can be used in hospitals, hotels, schools, commercial estates, industrial areas, and in many other places. 
  • Power: The models from this company are available in many HP (horsepower). You can choose one that will suffice your needs.

Are You Guessing Why Havells Is The Best-Selling Brand?

Havells is not only the best brand in the market but also the best-selling brand. Havells multistage centrifugal pump is always on top of the list of every retailer. The company not only manufactures quality products but also infuses modern technology. They are available widely in all online stores and especially at McCoy Mart. Being adequately sized, you will not face a problem fitting them, even if you don't have too much space. Other than that, Havells has been manufacturing quality electrical products for a long time. They are a known brand to almost everyone, and many trust them. The longevity of their products is another big reason why they are the best brand in the market. 

Learn About The Things To Consider Before Buying Pumps

There are some pointers to check before buying a Havells vertical centrifugal pump. To have a regret less purchase check them before buying: 

  • Insulation: Read the specifications of the product to know whether your machine has Class F insulation or not. Generally, the motors have Class B insulation which wears and tears out very quickly.  
  • Shaft: Often, you will see products that have EN-8 shafts. However, they are not suitable because they rust easily. You must check whether the product you are buying has a stainless steel shaft or not. 
  • Copper winding: The copper winding protects the motor from burning and increases the smooth functionality. Check the specifications to know whether your model has copper winding or not. If they have enameled copper wire or aluminum wire, then avoid them.   
  • HP: Another essential thing to consider is the Horsepower of your motor. If you have extensive water drawing requirements, buy models that have more excellent HP. Check the specifications and then buy. 

Head To McCoy Mart To Buy Pumps

McCoy Mart is an online store from where you can get the A to Z of your requirements. You can also know about the Havells centrifugal pump price before buying. Apart from that, you can browse through the detailed specifications of the product. If you have a pro account, you can get GST invoices and bulk discounts. Purchase your preferable products from McCoy Mart anytime!

Havells Centrifugal Pump Price List

Centrifugal PumpPrice
Havells M Series Hi-Flow MSE2 1PH Monoblock Centrifugal Pump - 0.5Hp
Rs. 3,732
Havells D-Series Slow-Spd D2 1PH Monoblock Centrifugal Pump - 0.5 HP
Rs. 10,052
Havells S-Series Hi-Flow S-1 1PH Monoblock Centrifugal Pump - 1.0 HP
Rs. 8,957
Havells MP Series Hi-Flow MP1 1PH Monoblock Centrifugal Pump - 1.0 HP
Rs. 5,549
Havells S-Series Hi-Flow S-2 1PH Monoblock Centrifugal Pump - 0.5 HP
Rs. 6,171