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Havells Changeover Switches

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Buy Havells Changeover Switches Online At Affordable Price

The changeover switches are used for changing the house or business electricity available from the power grid to a generator and vice-e-versa. They are helpful during electricity cutoffs and load-shedding. Commonly known as transfer buttons or changers, they instantly connect to the alternative power unit.

Two types of this product are available in the market - automatic and manual. The automatic changer directly changes to the alternative power source without your intervention. However, you need to manually adjust the power source by flipping a switch during an outage for the manual changers.

When it comes to the matter of the brand, there is no better option than the Havells changeover switches. They are available across all online stores, and you can get them at pocket-friendly rates. In addition, they are effective in switching loads between mains and generators.

Learn About The Features Of Havells Changeover

Before buying a changer, you must know about the features it has. It will help you to understand the product and how to handle it in a much easier way. Moreover, you can also know the specialty it has that can help you. Here are the notable features of a changer. Check them:

  • Microcontroller: The havells automatic changeover has a circuit based on a microcontroller for a better and faster response. As a result, the changers are efficient in changing various loads within the generator and mains.
  • PCB-based circuit: Having a PCB-based circuit ensures the low consumption of power. Thus, it is a significant reason for which you can buy these models from this company.
  • Indicator: The havells phase changer has LED indicators that make you aware of the operational status of ACCL. It helps you understand which is the current power source for your house or office.
  • Light-weight: In general, these changers are not that heavy as they are mounted on the wall. The changeovers from this company are also light in weight and can be fitted anywhere.
  • Compact size: The havells phase changer has an attractive look and is compact. Thus, they are easy to mount on any surface. Even they have a classy look and are ideal for all types of room decor. Moreover, they balance the aesthetics of your room appropriately.
  • Easy fitting: The changers from this company can be mounted with multiple other products like the RCCBs, MCB, and Isolators on the distribution board.
  • Durable: The product is constructed from quality items that make it durable and long-lasting. As they are a medium used for power transfer, they are ideal in all environments.

Are You Wondering Why Havells Is The Best Seller? Know The Reasons Below:

Havells has been a reliable brand for many years manufacturing several electronic products. They design ideal cooling and lighting solutions too. Moreover, the quality product they deliver has made them the best seller in the market. Apart from that, their devices are sturdy and long-lasting. You can also buy this product from any store offline or online.

Even the havells changeover price is not high. They produce both manual and automatic changers in the market. Since the company has been manufacturing electronic items for a long time, they design customer-friendly items. Their products have a proper fusion of good performance, innovation, and aesthetics. All these reasons contribute to the evolvement of this brand to rank number one.

Have A Glimpse Of The Things To Check Before Purchasing

When you plan to buy a havells automatic changer, you should check some pointers before purchasing. It will ensure that you can get a product without regret. Furthermore, you will not face any problems after it is installed. The things to check before buying are:

  • Type: There are two types of changes that are available in the market. They are automatic and manual. You must browse through the properties or the specifications of the item to find out which type you are selecting. If you are unsure about choosing which is ideal for you, consult your electrician before buying.
  • Color: Generally, not many color options are available for the changers. It is mostly in white or grey with black and red inscriptions. However, you can search for other color options if available. So, check the specifications and product image before buying to know more.
  • Price: The havells changeover price varies from one model to another depending on several factors. You can know about it from the product details. Moreover, if you have a fixed budget, you can adjust the search filters and look for one. However, you do not have to dig much into your pocket to buy one.
  • Indicator: An indicator is an essential part of any electronic gadget. It signifies whether the device is active or not. Moreover, it also makes you aware of the other details like phase. So, check the specifications to know whether the product has an indicator or not.
  • Lightweight: All the changer models are light in weight because they are mounted on the wall. Nonetheless, before buying, check whether the model you are purchasing is light in weight or not from the product description.

Specifications of Havells Changeover Switches

  • Electric transfer switch that switches the load between Mains and Gen. and limits current at Gen. end
  • Microcontroller-based circuit for faster and better response.
  • The PCB-based circuit consumes a very low amount of power.
  • LEDs indication provides the operating status of ACCL.
  • Staggered terminals improve the rigidity of the terminals.
  • Compact in size makes it easy to mount.
  • For longer and better electrical conductivity.
  • Can be mounted with other products viz. MCB, RCCBs, Isolator in Distribution Board

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Best Selling Havells Changeover Switches Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Starting Price
Havells MCB Changeover Dp 40 A
Rs. 1,750
Havells 3 Module Spn Accl Spn 6 (1200 W)
Rs. 1,916
Havells Higher Rating MCB Changeover DP 63 A
Rs. 1,983
Havells Premium Spn Accl Without Gen Start/Stop Spn 20 (4000 W)
Rs. 2,366