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Havells Extension Board

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Buy Havells Extension Board Online At McCoy Mart

Multi Plug portable sockets are a requirement for every household. It helps you to connect electronic gadgets easily if there are no switch boxes near it. Moreover, it allows you to access power in a customized way. You can carry these sockets while traveling too. When it comes to choosing one company, there is no better option than the havells extension board. Not only are they available in online or offline stores, but also at affordable ranges.

You can get them in many color options also. The portable sockets also have indicators to signify their live status. You can connect more than two gadgets at a time from these power boxes. The extension board havells are made from polycarbonate, which makes it sturdy and long-lasting. While some models have individual switches for each plug, some have a single switch for the whole box. Nonetheless, before buying, know about the features of this product.

Look At The Features Of The Havells Multi Plug Socket

Features are the most crucial thing to know before you buy a particular product. It makes you aware of the type of product and the what are the specialties of it. Know about them in detail below.

  • Switches: Models like Rigel 5+1 Surge and Spike Guard, Royalstar 4+1 Surge and Spike Guard, and 4-Way-Extension-Board have a master switch with five or four universal sockets. However, the havells extension board with usb, the Royal Star 4+4 Surge and Spike Guard have four individual buttons for each socket.
  • Universal sockets: The advantage of having a universal socket is using multiple types of pins that exist globally. Both the havells 4 way extension board and the five-way ones have this feature.
  • Heavy-duty boxes: Heavy-duty spike guard that the havells extension cord have allows the usage of numerous appliances together. Thus, you can use gadgets that have high amperage plugs.
  • Children safety shutters: The havells reo extension board is also equipped with child safety shutters to ensure the security of children. So, if you are not there at home, you don't have to worry much about these portable sockets.
  • High-quality product: The quality of the wire is also high and matches the ISI quality. It is of the length of 1.5 m and has a three-pin pin plug top.
  • MOV: The high-power MOV in this havells extension box protects all connected devices during voltage surges.
  • Overload: The havells 16 amp extension board and other models have overload protection that reduces power transmission during high or low voltage.
  • Indicator: There is an LED light indicating the on or off status of the product. It is obtainable in a havells extension board with individual switches and master switches.

Know Why Havells Power Extension Board Is The Best

Several reasons make Havells the best in the market. Besides being there in the market for a long time, they develop quality items. Moreover, you can buy these items from all online and offline stores. Know about the other reasons why this company is the best in detail below.

  • The brand makes customer-friendly items that are equipped with the latest quality technology.
  • Moreover, they design various types of lighting and cooling options in the market for a long time. Thus, many people trust them.
  • The havells extension board 16 amp and other models have universal plug ports that support all sorts of pins.
  • In addition, the boards have overload protection and children's safety lock, which makes them more reliable.
  • Other than that, you can get these 16 amp extension board havells in many colors and designs with individual or master on/off buttons.
  • The boxes are made from polycarbonate that makes them hardy and long-lasting.
  • Even the wire length of the havells extension is ideal for using it in both houses and offices.

Finally, the product's cost is inexpensive, making them so popular to the common mass.

Glimpse Through The Things To Consider Before Buying

As you plan to buy a havells surge protector extension, you must check certain things before, making your purchase regretless. Here are the factors you should not forget to check:

  • Indicator: Generally, the portable sockets have indicators to let you know whether they are active or not. However, before buying, you should check the specifications to know whether the box has an indicator or not.
  • Overload protection: Almost every modern gadget directly connected to the power is equipped with overload protection. It ensures that, during abnormal current flow, the box will cut off the power transmission to the connected device. However, again, check the features to know whether your model has this or not.
  • Type of switch: Commonly, two switches are seen on these boxes - individual and master buttons. The master button allows current flow in all the sockets together. The individual ones transmit power to a particular pin whose switch is on. Again, check the product description to know about the type of switch the product you select has.
  • Type of socket: Before buying, be sure that the box has universal sockets. It helps you to plug in any kind of pin globally.
  • Child-lock: The child lock shutters protect you and your family from any mishap. Before buying, be sure that the model you choose has a child lock shutter.
  • Material: Generally, ABS plastic and polycarbonate are used in the construction of these boxes. Check the product specification to know more about it.
  • Cost: The cost of the havells extension cord price varies from one model to another. You should buy one that fits your purpose and budget. Check the price list to be sure of the cost and then purchase.

Purchase Havells Round Extension Board Online From McCoy Mart

McCoy Mart is an online store you can rely on to buy the A to Z of your needs. Besides being loaded with a plethora of brands, they provide you with flat discounts. You can check the havells extension board price, specifications, features and then purchase it. Moreover, you can use the app and the browser to shop.