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Havells Personal Fan

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Best Buy Offer On Havells Personal Fan Available on McCoy Mart

With the new age and modern luxuries at our disposal, modern appliances requirement is also improving, and Havells icool personal fan fits flawlessly. Manufactured with unique traits and top-notch finish, it is going to be a reasonable option for modern consumers. Whether it is your sitting room, or study room, or bedroom, or just an office area, the fan will be there among the best ones. Wondering about convenient and plausible ways of lessening the heat in tropical countries? Then avail Havells icool personal fan without a doubt. They give aid and deliver breeze personally to you, giving you an excellent refreshing feel.

Here are Some of the Best Features of These Models to Explore:

  • They help you cool down fast and remove the sweat as well. The product helps in stabilizing the breeze and control the airflow near you. Its refreshing effect and attractive design beautify the room's decoration, thus improving your house's aesthetics.
  • The consumption of energy is comparatively less in these models. Moreover, you also need to pay less electricity bill. When a power cut takes place, you can even do a battery backup easily.
  • As they have a proper cage, it is safe for the little members of your family. It comes as one of the best cooling options and caters to a variety of styles and models. Also, you get the chance to choose from a wide range of color choices.
  • The materials used are not only formidable but also add sophistication to your fan. Besides being resistant to corrosion, it is quite sturdy as well. It also ensures the stability of the product.
  • Having good control options makes them much more desirable. Any product that gives you the option to control can be managed easily.
  • The products are enabled with two or more speed options. You can choose the one which is comfortable for you. These options are provided to ensure your complete satisfaction. The speed of blowing can also be regulated to a great extent.
  • They are not only lightweight but portable also. It seems to be one of the most appealing features that the product comes with. It is because of the fan's sleek design that makes it so lightweight and helps it fit any corner you prefer. Also, you can move it from one room to another whenever you feel like it.

Havells stands out to be the best and the oldest electrical companies working with a proper commitment for a long time. They manufacture products which last long and work well. This has made them evolve as the best brand.

The Two Models That Have Helped the Company to Promote 'icool' Models and Become the Best Brand are:

  • Havells Birdie Fan

Havells Birdie can be placed on the table as well as mounted on the walls. They circulate personalized fresh air, which makes you cool down. You can also use it in your kitchen or desk. This is also referred to as the multi-purpose fan due to its usage in multiple places. This model has two pole capacitor type motor, which gives you an airspeed of 2800 RPM. The model is light in weight, having aerodynamically designed blades with a sweep size of 230 mm. It is available in two colors, black, and grey. Due to its sweep size, it is also known as Havells birdie 230mm personal fan.

  • Havells icool 180mm Personal Fan

Havells icool can also be placed on the table as well as mounted on the walls. They come with a noiseless operation, which makes them much more desirable to the buyers. It is portable and has two options for speed control. Due to its small size, it can fit in any place in your house. You get air personally that cools you. The elegant look and the two available color options, i.e., white/maroon, black/grey, are not only classy but match with any decor of your house. It takes 52 watts of power to operate. One of the most significant advantages of this fan is its multidimensional rotating feature that enables you to direct the wind flow in the desired direction.

There are Some Pointers That You Must Keep in Mind Before Buying a Havells icool Personal Fan. Some of Them Are:

  • Space Saving and portable

This is an essential factor that you must check. Generally, icool models are designed to save space. However, it would help if you bought the model to fit in the place you want to keep. You also need to check whether the model is portable or not. Though Icool models are mobile, still some can also be mounted. You must check the details before buying.

  • Fashionable

You must check that they are never unpleasant to the eyes. This will help you to keep your room decorative. It would be best if you chose a model that is on par with modern-day elegance.

  • Soundless

Whether you do work while the model is on or sit, noise distracts everybody. You should check the specifications to know whether the model that you are going to buy has less noise level or not.

  • Energy usage

Though these models are energy-efficient, you should still check the specifications to know how much power it will consume when you operate and how much voltage it requires to function the motor.

Why Choose from McCoy Mart?

You can choose a Havells cool fan at McCoy Mart, as it is reasonable there. You can purchase various models of this brand by checking the individual features and prices. Purchasing these models from McCoy Mart helps you buy them at an affordable rate, availing various offers as available. McCoy Mart is a one-stop solution for your online purchases where you can check the specifications and then buy. So why wait? Head towards McCoyMart so that you can buy the product of your choice!

Best Selling Havells Personal Fan Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Starting Price
Havells Birdie Personal Fan- 230 mm (Yellow Maroon)
Rs. 1,574
Havells I Cool Personal Fan- 175 mm (Black Grey)
Rs. 2,031
Havells Crescent Personal Fan- 250 mm (Blue)
Rs. 2,310