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Havells Pumps

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Best Offer On Havells pumps Available on McCoy Mart

Pumps are a necessity for every household. Whether you have a reservoir or pull out water from underground taps, you need a pump. They are available in many models, designs, and colors, with advanced features that make them efficient. When you can't decide which company to choose for buying this product, we would suggest Havells pumps! 

Apart from being a famous company, it produces quality products with the perfect blend of technology and innovation. You can use them for multiple purposes in many areas. Besides your house, they can also be used in offices, commercial buildings, and industrial plots. The Havells water motor price is also reasonable. All you require is to select the suitable capacity of the motor to pull out the proper amount of water. 

Peek at the features that Havells water pump has!

The features of a product distinguish them from one another. If you want to buy this product, you must know about the features it has. There are some general and product-specific features of this item. Notice them appropriately to have a regretless purchase. 

  • Elevated performance: The Havells motor pump performs adequately as the suction power is high. It also has a high discharge rate while operating. Both of these make the product perform in an elevated manner for a long time. 
  • Power productive machine: Many of these products get burned frequently due to the lack of proper insulation. However, this company produces items that are energy efficient. It has got an F class insulation which resists high temperatures and does not let the machine burn. It even makes the product work smoothly. 
  • Copper winding: In the market, most machines have copper-enameled wires or aluminum wires that burn easily. However, the devices from this company get much more efficient due to the double-coated copper winding wires. As the cables get adequate coverage, they can endure high temperatures and don't erode. 
  • Adequate shaft: Havells water motor has many models with different HP. The ones with less HP have EN-8 shafts. At the same time, machines with more excellent HP have a stainless steel shaft. The stainless steel shafts protect the product from rusting. It also prevents hard water from eroding the machine. The better the shaft is, the longer is the life of the product. 
  • High-grade casting: The items from this company have high-grade casting that prevents wear and tear. Low-grade casting materials will only deteriorate the product.  
  • Proper seal: A seal is used to prevent water from entering the side of the motor. If the quality of the seal is not good, water leakage can damage the machine entirely. The items from this company use a tough mechanical seal and resist water from entering the domain of the wiring. It also becomes a shield and prevents the wearing and tearing of the product. 
  • Impeller: Common products in the market have only brass impellers that do not guarantee longevity. However, the products from this company have a forged brass impeller that protects the machine from all sorts of attacks. It even ensures that the item functions smoothly and sustains for a long time. 
  • Casing: Cast iron is used for the casing of this product. It is sturdy and doesn't let the device erode fast. 

Are you wondering why Havells is the bestseller?

Along with years of experience and market practice, Havells happens to be one of the best sellers right now. Not only have they introduced a number of products, but they have also brought a wave of change in the world of technology. Among their latest innovations, the Havells heat pump and Havells monoblock pump are the best sellers for several reasons: 

  • The products they manufacture are a perfect fusion of modern technology and experience. 
  • The products are available in all online stores, especially at McCoy Mart. 
  • The Havells water pump price is also affordable, and thus, many prefer them.
  • They use proper casting, shafting, and seals that make their product last long.

Check the pointer to remember and check before buying.

There are factors that you need to check before buying this item. It would be best if you did not forget to inquire about them or read the specifications to know about them. The pointers are: 

  • Winding and shaft: Never miss to check what material is used to create the winding and shaft. The better the material is, the longer it will last. See whether the winding is of copper and the shaft is made from stainless steel. 
  • Impeller: Commonly, the motors have a brass impeller. However, it is not fit for the machine. You must check whether your model has a forged brass impeller or not. It will ensure the high performance of the product. 
  • Cost: Before buying, you must check the Havells pump price list to know about the price of various models. You can then decide which models suit your budget and requirement and then buy. 

Are you worried about buying this product?

Don't worry about buying pumps when McCoy Mart is there. It is an online store that allows you to purchase the A to Z of your requirements. Being a one-stop solution for all the products, you can know about the features and check the Havells pump price. You can even tally the cost of the product with other models and then buy. If you own a pro account, you can avail of GST bills and bulk discounts.

Havells Pumps Price List

Havells PumpsPrice
Havells M Series Hi-Flow MSE2 1PH Monoblock Centrifugal Pump - 0.5Hp
Rs. 3,732
Havells D-Series Slow-Spd D2 1PH Monoblock Centrifugal Pump - 0.5 HP
Rs. 10,052
Havells S-Series Hi-Flow S-1 1PH Monoblock Centrifugal Pump - 1.0 HP
Rs. 8,957
Havells MP Series Hi-Flow MP1 1PH Monoblock Centrifugal Pump - 1.0 HP
Rs. 5,549
Havells MX-Series Hi-Flow MX1 1PH Monoblock Centrifugal Pump - 1.0 HP
Rs. 6,618