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Best Offer On Havells Submersible Pumps Available on McCoy Mart

Submersible pumps are constantly submerged in the water, and thus they get their name. It helps in pushing the water outward from a reservoir and has a centrifugal motor. There is a waterproof coating within which the motor is placed. When it comes to the best company for this product, you can undoubtedly choose Havells. The Havells submersible pumps are perfect for water reservoirs that need pumping out of water. 

They are also a good aid for drainage during floods, pumping in a sewerage system, vacating ponds, filtration pumps, and fish tanks. They don't produce too much noise as the water absorbs the sound produced. The Havells submersible pump 7.5 hp price and other models cost less too. Even when it comes to energy consumption, they don't intake too much energy. 

Take a Look At the Features That a Havells Submersible Motor Has!

Some specific features are common to all the submerging motors from this brand. However, some features are product-specific, and they distinguish one model from another. Before buying the product, you should check the features to purchase the perfect item. 

The significant features that are common to all models of Havells borewell submersible pump are: 

  • Power Productive Motors: Often, you will spot that the motors get burned and can not sustain high temperatures. However, this happens because of improper insulation. The motor from this company is insulated with polywrap that prevents it from burning and resists high temperatures. 
  • Excellent Performance: You need not worry about the efficiency of these motors. The performance quality of the Havells submersible water pump is high. They have a high discharge rate of water while operating. 
  • Copper Winding: The motors lose effectiveness with time as they don't have PVC coating and copper winding. Nonetheless, the products from this company have proper copper winding and PVC blanketing that protects the motor and ensures more extended efficiency. 
  • Stainless Steel Shaft: As the name suggests, these products are always exposed to water. Thus, it requires proper protection that can prevent its deterioration. The advantageous feature of this motor is its stainless steel shaft. The shaft protects it from rusting. It also acts as a shield from the vigorous usage of hard water. 
  • Good Casting: Casting is another essential feature that needs to be good. In most cases, the casting is done with cheap materials that make the item degrade very quickly. However, the products from this company have an excellent casting which prevents fast wearing of the case. 
  • Better Seal: A seal blocks water from entering the area of the motor. If the seal is not proper, the machine will degrade very early. The motor from this company has an oil seal of high quality, which prevents continuous usage and works for a longer time. 
  • Multiple Application: Another important feature of these submerging motors is their numerous utility. You can use them for lifting the water out of a bore well in farmhouses, apartments, bungalows, and construction sites. You can also use them in gardening, fountains, hostels, hospitals, overhead storage tanks, and industrial water distribution. 
  • Cost: Havells submersible pump price varies from one model to another. While some are pricey, some models are affordable. Besides that, it is a one-time investment that you need to make and enjoy the benefits for a long time. You can check the Havells submersible price list too for knowing more about the individual cost of the products. 

As you are aware of the general features, look at the product-specific features of the motors from this brand.  

WL-1 Open Well Motor

  • Opt. water temperature - up to 65°C
  • Maximum working pressure - 2.8 kg/cm²
  • Pipe size - 25 mm x 25 mm 
  • Motor speed - 2900 Revolution per minute
  • Power - 1.0 HP
  • Dimensions - 35.5 cm x 20 cm x 30 cm

V4 Series 1PH 75M 32 12SG H3W12R1B10J Motor

  • Maximum working pressure - 4.4 kg/cm²
  • Pipe size - 32 mm 
  • Motor speed - 2900 Revolution per minute
  • Power - 1.0 HP
  • Discharge in litre/minute - 80 L/minute
  • Cable length and Size - 2.75 m & 1.0 sq. mm
  • Dimensions - 70.1 cm x 19.2 cm x 11.5 cm

Are you Guessing Why This Company is the Best Brand?

Havells submersible price is reasonable for which it is so popular among the customers. It is one of the primary reasons why it is the best brand. Besides that, the motor has proper insulation, shaft, and seal that protects it from being exposed to water. Moreover, it gets a long life as it has a copper winding and PVC coating. They protect the machine from getting burned. Havells has been manufacturing electrical products and other appliances for a long time. They use their experience in creating any product. Thus, the item stands the test of time, and the company evolves as the best in the market. 

Get a Glimpse of the Things to Consider Before Buying the Motor!

There are certain things that you should check before buying the Havells open well submersible pump. Know them properly to have a regretless purchase. 

  • Shafts: Most of the products in the market have an EN-8 shaft that cannot ensure longer life of the motor. Check whether your model has a stainless steel shaft that can make your product last longer. 
  • Affordability: Check the Havells borewell submersible pump price list before you buy the product. It will help you to know the cost of the item and then buy. You can also understand which product to choose and what to discard. 

Purchase Submerging Motors From McCoy Mart!

McCoy Mart is an online store for your A to Z needs. You can buy this product from Havells from this store. Besides that, the Havells submersible pump 2 hp price is discounted in this online mart. The other models are also affordable. Visit McCoy Mart and choose the ideal model you want to buy!

Havells Submersible Pumps Price List

Havells Submersible Pumps
Havells WL Series WL-1 Open Well Submersible Pump - 1.0 HP
Rs. 10,764
Havells V4 Series Water Filled Submersible Pump
Rs. 12,988
Havells Chester M05 1PH Open Well Submersible Pump
Rs. 8,950
Havells W Series WN1.5 32X25 Open Well Submersible Pump
Rs. 17,350
Havells V4 Series 1PH 4IN 32 10SG HC4W10B10S
Rs. 12,948