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Buy HDF Doors Online At McCoy Mart

Doors are a necessity for all residential buildings and commercial places. With the advent of technology, many types of doors have come to the market. One such improved quality of an entrance is the HDF door. They are not only better than the solid wood gates but also the MDF gates. Emerging as the best alternative to both types of entrances, many companies manufacture them now. It has an opaque finish, is much smoother than solid wood, and is less porous than the MDF.

Moreover, due to their high density, these gates absorb less primer. As these entrances consist of sawdust and eco-friendly resin, they are not harmful. Apart from being sturdy, the High-Density Fiberboard gates have excellent durability. There is no chance of graining, wrapping, or cracking, so these boards give your entryway a beautiful finish. The HDF door price is reasonable, and you can use them for multiple purposes.

Learn About the Several Types Of HDF Moulded Door

The High-Density Fiberboard gates are available in several forms. You can use them in many places in your building. Be it the kitchen or the cabinets; they fit in everywhere. As they are very decorative, it enhances the look of your room.

Generally, these High-Density Fiberboard entrances are divided into two groups. The first group consists of gates based on the finishing. However, the second group is classified based on usage.

Check the different types of these gates you can access.

Based on finishing

Depending on the finishing of the entryway, there are types that you choose from.

  • Polished entrances:

The polished HDF door has a glossy look that enhances your house or office decor. Labors manually polish them. You can get them in many shades and can match them with the color of your room.

  • Painted entrances:

The HDF wood doors absorb paint properly. Even not much paint is required to color the gates for their high density. You can get the painted entrances in many colors, unlike the polished ones. You can use them in kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, and offices.

  • Laminated entrances:

Unlike wooden laminate gates, the HDF door is also available in laminate finishes. There are many shades of this gate. They suit modular kitchens, interior decorated rooms, living rooms, and front doors.

Based on usage

Based on the usage, these entryways are classified into four types. They are:

  • Kitchen gate:

As the name suggests, you can use them as kitchen gates. Being sturdy, it will last long there. Moreover, the finishing of the entryway will improve the look of your apartment or home.

  • Bedroom gate:

You don't require too strong entryways for the bedroom. However, the HDF door can also be used for a bedroom. You can opt for any finish matching the color of your room.

  • Front gate:

As these entryways are durable, you can place the HDF molded door as the front gate for residential and commercial buildings. Generally, they are available in a one-way opening style, but you can get them in other forms too.

  • Office gate:

If you have too many rooms in your office, you can use these entrances to fit in. As they are available in many shades, you can get a corporate-looking gate that can match your office decor.

Are You Confused About Which Brand To Choose?

As HDF flush door is manufactured by many brands, you might get confused about which brand to choose. Well, we can guide you in selecting the best brand to buy from. Always remember that reasonably priced products do not make a brand the best. It is the quality you need to check. If you are buying HDF flush doors online, you can read the reviews and then buy. Some of the brands you can trust to purchase these gates are:

  • Action Tesa:

The Action group has been manufacturing gates and other wooden products since the early 1970s. They are one of the largest business houses for entryways. Besides producing gates for commercial buildings, they are also a pioneer at residential gates. The best wood fiber and glue enhance their product and increase the performance of the entrance. The gates are ready-made and fit in the frame you have. Due to the longevity of the product, the company has evolved as a best-selling brand.

  • Durian:

Durian gates are excellent for all seasons. They are also ready to install and last long. Besides being available in many colors and shades, the gates match with all types of decors. Durian being a four-decade-old company manufactures quality products. They produce valuable items at affordable prices. Thus, it is the best-selling brand in the market.

Know About The Things To Consider Before Buying

Unlike any other product, there are certain things to consider before you buy HDF kitchen doors. If you check them before buying, you can have a regretless purchase. Know the factors you need to check:

  • Durability:

As these gates are manufactured from wood fiber and resin, they are very sturdy and long-lasting. However, before purchasing, you must check whether the product is durable.

  • Dimensions:

As the gates are ready to install, you need to be proper about the dimensions. Measure out the entrance frame correctly to understand the length, breadth, and height of the item you want to buy.

  • Polish:

There are several finishes in which the doors are available. While some are painted, some are laminated, and some have polished finishes. There are many shades in which the gates are available. Check the perfect one that matches your room decor.

  • Cost:

The HDF door is much more reasonable than the solid wood doors. The price varies from one product to another and even depending upon the size. You must check the price and then select the product.

Are You Speculating From Where You Can Buy These Doors?

Well, the destination for all your requirements is McCoy Mart. It is an online store from where you can get various items starting from hardware to appliances. You can buy your HDF panel door from this store too. They are available at discounted prices. You can also check the detailed specification of the product you want to buy.

Best Selling HDF Doors Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Dimensions Starting Price
Action Tesa 32 mm HDHMR Door - Chocolate Zebrano
(81 L x 27 W) Inch
Rs. 3,756
Action Tesa 30 mm HDHMR Door - Straight Grained Wenge
(84 L x 30 W) Inch
Rs. 4,088
Action Tesa 30 mm HDHMR Door - Straight Grained Wenge
(81 L x 39 W) Inch
Rs. 5,124
Durian 30 mm HDF Laminated Moulded Panel Door Without Frame Icon, Cherry
[ (H) 81 x (W) 29 Inch]
Rs. 5,680
Durian 30 mm HDF Laminated Moulded Panel Door Without Frame Elegance, Cherry
[ (H) 81 x (W) 32 Inch]
Rs. 7,049