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HDMI Socket

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Buy HDMI Sockets Online At Affordable Price

The HDMI Socket is a primary mode of connectivity for cables in transferring numerous types of data between gadgets like computer and phone, TV and laptop. It was first designed in 2002 to transmit audio and video signals between various devices and display them on monitors.

They are utilized for connecting devices where you can use the socket to transfer data using HD15, HMI, and USB modules. Apart from that, you can get them at all online and offline stores. The ports are also available in trendy designs with front-loading facilities for easy installation and ejections. Moreover, they are produced in compliance with the environment.

Furthermore, polycarbonate is used to construct the product. It makes the product hardy and increases longevity. They also have a spring-loaded shutter, which ensures a dust-free operation. The HDMI wall socket optimizes space and comes as a pre-wired data socket that is easy to use. Many companies manufacture them, and they are available in several types also.

Learn About The Different Types Of HDMI Port Socket

Commonly, there are five types of this product in the market. They are named alphabetically from A to E. However, ports A and B were the first ones to be designed. Know about each below before buying. It will help you to grab the accurate one.

  • Type A plug: As the name suggests, the Type A plug was produced as the first HDMI cable socket. Wherever space is not an issue, this type fits in well. Moreover, they are robust too. It has got 19 pins and bandwidth. This type is ideal for connecting audio-visual devices, laptops, TVs, and game consoles.
  • Type B plug: Type B was launched with type, and is also one of the initial products. However, this HDMI socket plate is not used much nowadays after the arrival of High definition multimedia interface 1.3.
  • Type C plug: This product is similar to type A having 19 pins. However, it is the smaller version of type A and can be called a mini HDMI socket. They are used to connect devices like DSLR cameras, tablets, camcorders, and others.
  • Type D plug: Another smaller version than type A and C is type D. these ports are generally seen on smartphones. So, if you need to connect portable devices to some other gadget, there is no better option than this. They are also known as the micro-USB connector.
  • Type E plug: The type E HDMI plug socket was introduced with the High definition multimedia interface 1.4. They always aim at automotive applications.

Check The Best Brands To Buy From

Whether you buy a twin HDMI socket or other models, you have to select a brand. Several brands might confuse you. Thus, we are here to shortlist some brands to aid you. As the competition is strong, many brands produce faulty products yet claim to be the best. So you have to consider the quality besides its affordability. So, the two brands we recommend are Crabtree and Havells.

  • Crabtree: Crabtree produces high-quality engineered products that are not only durable but cost-effective. They have a plethora of electrical products that have been ideal for both homes and offices. There is no better choice than this company when it comes to the fusion of aesthetics and technology. In addition, the ports that this company produces are environmentally friendly and have a transmission rate of 1 GB/sec.
  • Havells: Havells is a common name in the field of cooling and lighting options. There are several gadgets and cables that they produce. Moreover, they use quality items and blend their hard-earned experience to create products. Although the ports from this company are commonly available in white and black, you can get them at low costs. Other than that, they match with all types of interior and optimize space. You can buy this product from Havells across all online and offline stores.

Features of HDMI Sockets

  • These Sockets are used to connect electronic devices wherein customer wants to use the socket for data transfer through HD15, HDMI, USB modules
  • Pre-wired data socket for easy use
  • Optimizes space
  • Matches to any interiors
  • Front loading and removal for fast and easy installation
  • Tool-free connector - making it easy to install
  • Spring-loaded shutter for dust-free operation

Know The Pointers To Check Before Buying

As you finalize to buy a double HDMI socket, you should keep in mind specific pointers and check them before buying. It will help you to have a regretless purchase without any hassle. The things to consider before buying are:

  • Types: The different types of this product are available in the market. They have been discussed above. So, check the discussion before buying to find out the requirements you have.
  • Color: In general, two color options are available for this micro HDMI socket and other models - black and white. You can select one depending on your choice. Moreover, which color you choose, they fit in well with all sorts of decor.
  • Warranty: while some of the brands have a warranty of two years, some of them have one. You should check the specification to know about the warranty and buy one.
  • Discounts: As you buy from online stores, you will get a certain amount of rebate. However, it varies from shop to shop. For example, buy the High definition multimedia interface ports from McCoy Mart. You can get 15 to 16 percent discounts on the MRP.

Know About The HDMI Socket Price From McCoy Mart

McCoy Mart is a reasonable online mart where you can shop the A to Z of your requirements. Besides that, you can get to know the specifications and compare the price of items with different brands. Moreover, you can also use the app or browser to shop. If you own a pro account, you can get GST invoices and bulk discounts. Apart from that, you can adjust parameters to have a customized search. Then, browse through the store and buy the product you need.