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Choose From The Best Range of Health Faucet Available Online at McCoy Mart

When you plan to renovate your bathroom or build a new one, you should not forget to install a bidet shower. A bidet shower or a brass Health Faucet is one of the modern-day needs of any house. They can be held in hand and have a trigger that needs to be pushed so that the water comes out. While thinking of modern amenities for a bathroom, you should miss the bidet shower. These models are attached near the toilet seats. These faucets are available in various colors and designs. You can choose the one that matches your bathroom fittings. Before installing a Bathroom Health Faucet, you should properly know about the multiple details, features, and advantages you get. It will help you to buy the right product. These bidet showers help in keeping personal hygiene better. 

There are Two Types of Toilet Health Faucet Widely Available. They are

  • Detachable hand spray

Detachable bidet shower is the widely seen hand spray in toilets. Their mechanism is straightforward. They are mounted on the wall. It has a hosepipe, a nozzle, and a trigger. It rests on a small stand fixed on the wall, and it can be detached from it while using it. They are made from both plastics as well as stainless steel. Many colors and designs are available for this product. Not only is it flexible to use, but it also has a long hosepipe. 

  • Butterfly spray

Butterfly ss Health Faucet Tap, which has a metal disc used for the operation. When the metal disc shaped like a butterfly is opened, the fluid can pass through it. These models of spray tap are available in various shapes and sizes. They have an appropriately sized hosepipe that allows the perfect flow of water. There are different actuation methods available for this product. It has got both a plastic and stainless steel body. Thus, they are also known as Stainless Steel Health Faucet. They are very light in weight, so it is straightforward to use. 

Besides these two broad categories, there is another category of bidet shower. It is popular among travelers. It is known as a Portable Health Faucet. These jets have a pouch where you can fill the water and use it. Being light in weight, they are effortless to carry. Even the nozzles they have are proper, ensuring the adequate flow of water. You do not require any battery to operate it. They are widely available in both online and offline marts. 

As the demand for bidet showers is increasing, many companies have been manufacturing these products. 

Some of the Brands from Which You Can Buy the Best Health Faucet Easily are: 

  • American Standard
  • Eauset
  • Watertec
  • Cotto
  • Hindware

There are Certain Things That You Should Keep in Mind While Buying a Health Faucet Set Online

Keeping These in Mind Will Help You to Have a Proper Purchase. The Factors That You Must Compulsorily Check are: 

  • Material: Whether the product is made from plastic or stainless steel, you should check it. The price of a bidet shower made from plastic is much less than that made from stainless steel. However, stainless steel is much more sturdy than plastic ones. You can choose the material as per your requirement and choice. The function of both models is the same. The extra feature you get by choosing a plastic model is that you can get many color options. Stainless steel models are plated with chrome that saves them from rusting. 

  • Length of the hosepipe: Another essential factor that you must consider during the purchase of these jets is the hosepipe's length. Though the models that are sold have a standard size yet, you should check the specification before buying. Generally, the hosepipe's length should be chosen, keeping in mind the wall's distance from the toilet seat. You should also check that the pipe does not leak. 

  • Piston: The piston or trigger is the portion pressing which your bidet shower will work. You should check the specification to know which material is used for making it. Generally, a stainless steel model has a trigger made of steel, and a plastic model has a plastic trigger. The piston allows you to control the flow of water.

  • Design: There are various designs of bidet showers that are available in the market. Choose a design according to your taste, as well as keeping in mind the decor of your bathroom. If you are renovating your toilet, then you need to think of a design that fits in. However, if you are constructing a new toilet, you can choose it freely. The trendy designs make your bathroom look classy. 

  • Color: There are various types of finishes available for these bidet showers. Some of the commonly available colors are French gold, white, polished chrome, brushed bronze, and nickel. The color enhances the decor of your bathroom. Choose color wisely according to your taste. 

  • Easy to clean: The bidet shower model that you are buying should be easy to clean. This will ensure proper hygiene in your toilet. Generally, these models are easy to clean, but the pipe area is not easy to clean. You should check and buy the pipe's design and see that it is not too curly. 

Why Choose Your Products from Us?

To enquire about the Health Faucet Price, you need to browse McCoy Mart. It is a trustworthy online mart from where you can buy various appliances and products. The cost of the products varies due to the color, shape, and size. It may also vary due to the material used for its construction. You can go through the Health Faucet Price List thoroughly on McCoy Mart. You can choose these products from a wide range of options available there. Besides this, you check out models of various brands you can buy from. So why wait? Head to McCoy Mart to purchase the health faucet of your choice. 



  • It is not only drip-free but also leak-free.
  • It is a small handle for easy grip
  • It is effortless to maintain
  • The model is drip-free and leak-free. 
  • The weight of the model is 0.375 kg
  • It is available in a very affordable range


  • Long-lasting
  • Higher durability
  • Superior performance
  • ABS pipe length

Best Health Faucet Price List at McCoy Mart

Health Faucet
Hafele Brass Bib Cock Two Way With Wall Flange
(L) 103 mm x (H) 91 mm
Rs. 2,130
Hindware H Vitreous Health Faucet ABS Flexible Tube & Wall Hook
7.09 Inch x 5.91 Inch x 1.97 Inch
Rs. 612
Eauset Health Faucet With Flexible Hose Chain & Wall Hook
Rs. 848
Grohe Tempesta-F Trigger Spray Set With Wall Holder
(200 L X 225 W X 45 H) mm
Rs. 1,939
American Standard Jet Washer Hygiene Health Faucet (Chrome Finish)
(1300 L X 72 W X 1300 H) mm
Rs. 1,255
Cotto Rinsing Spray Health Faucet, Nickel Chromium Plated
Rs. 3,121
Watertec Waterline Health Faucet With 1 Meter Pipe -White
(L) 19 x (W) 19 x (H) 5 cm

Rs. 418