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Best Offer On Hikvision DVR  Available on McCoy Mart

DVR recorders are used to save recorded videos in digital format. They are primarily secured using a USB flash drive, SSD, and SD memory card. They are handy for houses as well as offices for security concerns. You can rely on Hikvision DVR as they deliver quality products. The raw material used in the construction of this recorder is solid and sturdy. You can buy them both online and offline. They are affordable and primarily available in black, white, and silver shades. There are various types of this product, and you should check properly which model you are buying and your requirement. Some of the models are of four channels; some are eight, some sixteen, some thirty-two. They can record videos of various qualities, and the storage space also varies from model to model. There are many other features also that these recorders have. 

Know About the Features That the Hikvision 8 Channel DVR and Other Models Have

There are several features of these models. You should know about them before buying as you can understand what type of models will be required and buy that. The notable features are: 

  • Glass Clean video 1080P Video: This ensures that you can minutely keep an eye on what is happening and know about the whereabouts.
  • Contactless distance surveillance: helps you access the model from any place at your office or home.
  • Without wire machine controlling: This is the most modern way to get rid of wires and go one step further towards being digital.
  • Progressive Smartphone Application: This feature allows you to use android apps to access the Hikvision 32 Channel DVR or other models from anywhere you are. You can also check your whereabouts using the app.
  • Network Condition Warning: There are alerts to make you aware of the various notifications. 
  • Network Condition Checking: The feature allows you to know about the battery status and other details for the model's upkeep. 
  • Automated footage extra copy: You can keep a backup of the videos saved and this feature is automatic, so you don't have to enable any mode for saving them. By chance the video gets deleted, you can get a copy of the video. 
  • DVR Theft Alerts: If anyone wants to tamper with the Hikvision 8ch DVR, there is an alert that will make you aware of it, and you can immediately take action. This will help you to prevent theft.
  • Boost Employee Productivity: You don't need a person to supervise the productivity when you use this recorder. This will help you to boost productivity to the utmost extent.

Thinking Why is Hikvision the Best Brand? Here are the Reasons

Hikvision DVR 7200 Series and other models are considered the best brand because of the quality product they deliver. Besides that, the models are affordable and equipped with many features. You can get them at all online and offline stores. By checking the saved footage, you can monitor the work process and control it as you require. Moreover, you can control the product using a mobile app. There are smart features that make it the best and dependable. These products are a perfect blend of innovation and technology. All these factors make this brand evolve as the best brand, and thus you must buy them. 

Check the Things That You Need to Consider Before Buying a Hikvision 16 Channel DVR

There are certain factors to be checked before buying the models. This will help you to buy the perfect product required for your home or office. The things that you must not forget to check are: 

  • Features: There are several features that the various models of this company have. You should read the specification section to know more about the features. Once you know about the features, it will be easier for you to select the models. The parts of the Hikvision 4 Channel DVR will be different from other models. However, if you see that the model's specifications match your requirements, you can buy them. You should be clear about your need so that it is easy to check the features and select the product. 
  • Types: There are several types of this product like Hikvision 5mp DVR, 32 channel model, 8 channel model, and much more. You need to know which type of this model is your requirement and then buy one. The type is also an essential part because it will be difficult for you to search for the model and choose it if you don't select the type. 
  • Color and design: Most of the 5mp Hikvision DVR is sleek in design and does not take much space to be installed. They are either available in black or white. However, they don't make the area you are installing clumsy; rather it enhances the area's look.
  • Affordability: The models from this company are affordable. Though the Hikvision DVR Price for some models is high, it is a one-time investment you need to make. You should spend this money to secure your valuables properly. The rates vary depending on the type and features, so select the type and choose one.

Know About the Hikvision DVR Price 8 Channel from McCoy Mart

McCoy Mart is the best online store to know the price of these recorders from. You can learn about the cost and browse through the plethora of products they have. Besides that, you can read the specification of each product in detail and then proceed to buy. You can check the price list of the products also. Moreover, you will get flat discounts on items that are available. If you have a pro account, then you can get bulk discounts too. You can use either the browser or the app to buy the products. Don't loiter here and there. On the first hand go to McCoy Mart to buy the ideal product you want! 

Hikvision Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Price List

Hikvision HD-TVI, 2 MP, 4 Channel Digital Video Recorder
(W) 260 x (D) 222 x (H) 45 mm
Rs. 4,779
Hikvision HD-TVI, 4 MP, 4 Channel Digital Video Recorder (White)
(W) 200 x (D) 200 x (H) 45 mm
Rs. 5,262
Hikvision HD-TVI, 4 MP, 4 Channel Digital Video Recorder (Black)
(W) 315 × (D) 242 × (H) 45 mm
Rs. 7,710
Hikvision HD-TVI 4 MP, 8 Channel Digital Video Recorder (White)
(W) 201 × (D) 200 × (H) 45 mm
Rs. 8,398

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