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Hindware Angle Valve

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Choose From The Best Range of Hindware Angle Valve Available Online at McCoy Mart

Angle valves are used to control the flow of water in the pipe. They open at right angles, and the water comes out of the tap. The primary function of the valve is to control the flow of air or water in the pipe. You should choose Hindware Angle Valve, as they are available in all leading online and offline stores. They are also attainable at affordable rates. The material used for constructing this product makes the model sturdy and lasts for a long time. Besides that this company delivers quality products for a long time so that you can rely on them. They manufacture affordable products. 

Check the Features of the Various Models of This Brand

The features make the product different from one another. You should check the features before buying the product because that will help you decide which product to buy. This company manufactures various valves, and the features of the different models are listed below with their features. They are: 

Lyra Angle Cock

  • This model is made from high-quality brass.
  • It has got an electroplated chrome finish which ensures that that shine it has will last longer.
  • The model has got a single knob for control.
  • The dimension of the product is 1000 mm x 50 mm x 100 mm.
  • The water volume adjustment knob is efficient in controlling the flow.
  • The product has got a twelve-year warranty.
  • The model is stylish, which matches any bathroom decor. They enhance the look of your bathroom also.
  • The weight of the product is 0.5 kg.

Contessa Light Angular Stop Cock (Chrome)

  • The structure of this model is perfect, which ensures effective working.
  • It is also light in weight. The weight of the product is 0.5 kg. 
  • The model is plated with chrome and electroplated, which gives a long-lasting shine.
  • It is also constructed from brass which makes the product robust.
  • The spindle size is BSP ½.
  • The dimension of the model is 5.51 inches x 3.54 inches x 1.97 inches. 
  • You can get a seven-year warranty on the purchase of this product.
  • The model is stylish, which gives an elegant look to your bathroom.

Contessa Stop Cock in Chrome Setting

  • This model has a simple yet elegant design that is very easy to install.
  • It is made by keeping in mind the latest trend of the current time.
  • It allows single-point control of the flow of water to the other water outlets.
  • It is made from high-quality brass, which makes the product more robust.
  • The model has electroplated chrome plating, which ensures a long-lasting finish and protects the model from corrosion and rusting.
  • The model has an angular stop cock which is a wall flange.
  • This product has a 12-year warranty also.
  • The weight of the model is 0.59 kg.
  • The dimension of the product is 5.51 inches x 3.54 inches x 1.97 inches.

H Vitreous Chord H760313 Angle Cock

  • This faucet ensures a smooth flow of water without any wastage.
  • This model's compact structure makes it look comfortable to the eyes and is very easy to fit.
  • It enhances the look of the bathroom.
  • The product is easy to operate and light on weight. 
  • It has got a seven-year warranty.
  • The brass used in the construction of this product makes it stronger. 
  • The weight of the model is 0.73 kg.
  • The dimension of the product is 6.3 inches x 5.51 inches x 2.36 inches. 

Contessa Plus Angular Stop Cock 2 Way

  • This model has a compact design that makes the model aesthetically pleasing and fits all types of decors of a bathroom. 
  • It is made from brass which makes the item strong.
  • This Hindware 2 in 1 Angle Valve is light in weight with 0.86 kg weight.
  • It has chrome finishing, and the product is electroplated, ensuring a long-lasting texture.
  • It has a twelve-year warranty.
  • The dimension of the product is 6.3 inches x 4.33 inches x 2.99 inches.

Is Buying Angle Valve from Hindware Reliable?

Hindware is one of the best brands in the market. It is also the best-selling brand. You can trust this brand for the quality of the product it manufactures. You can also stay assured that the product you will get will last long. The company has been manufacturing items by catering to the needs of the customer. Besides that, this brand’s products are available from both online and offline stores. You will get valves of various sizes and uses from this brand. Even they are polished well to prevent corrosion. All these together make this brand the best brand, and thus, you can rely on them. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Two-way Angle Valve Hindware or any Other Type

While buying an angle valve, you must take note of certain things that must be considered. If you check these things and then buy them, you will have a perfect product purchase. The factors to check before buying are: 

  • Material: All the products of this brand are usually made out of brass as it makes the product strong enough and lasts long; still, you should check the specification to know about the material with which it is constructed. 
  • Finishing: The metal items are always played with chrome as it goes properly with them. However, the products from this company are electroplated because they will protect the item from corrosion also.

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Best Hindware Angle Valve Price List at McCoy Mart

Hindware Angle Valve
Hindware Lyra Angle Cock (Pack of 2)
3.94 Inch x 1.97 Inch x 3.94 Inch
Rs. 1,443
Hindware Contessa Light Angular Stop Cock (Chrome)
5.51 Inch x 3.54 Inch x 1.97 Inch
Rs. 648
Hindware Contessa Angular Stop Cock With Wall Flange
5.51 Inch x 3.54 Inch x 1.97 Inch
Rs. 755
Hindware H Vitreous Chord H760313 Angle Cock
6.3 Inch x 5.51 Inch x 2.36 Inch
Hindware Contessa Plus Angular Stop Cock 2 Way
6.3 Inch x 4.33 Inch x 2.99 Inch
Rs. 1,204