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Honeywell Safety Shoes

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Choose From The Best Range of Honeywell Safety Shoes Available Online at McCoy Mart

Risky works are of different types, from icy or wet floors to a rocky path. For such cases, you need Honeywell Safety Shoes. They are protective boots that lessen the risk of wounds in the workplace. Many people work in an environment where regular shows are not suitable for work. They compulsorily require footwear that shall ensure protection. It guarantees injury-free working. Honeywell Shoes are a trustworthy brand that manufactures protective boots, often referred to as steel toe cap boots or rigger boots. They are available in various styles and fittings and are available according to your requirement. If you have to spend your day at construction sites or outdoors, a pair of security boots will always play a significant role in protecting your feet.

Honeywell footwear provides complete protection from all sorts of hazards leading to injury very efficiently. You can also use them in your kitchen if you work in a hotel or in places like that. It will prevent you from slipping and falling as the sole is slip-resistant. Safety Shoes Honeywell not only guarantees protection but also offers you fashionable choices. This makes them more attractive and appealing through the passing time. They are now available in many designs and styles, ensuring complete security with proper style.

Know All About The Best Features of This Product

Safety boots were formulated at the start of the twentieth century. It came up as much attention was drawn to workers security and health and the injury they can face while working. There were laws and compensations, but practically something more was the need of the hour. The prerogative then was not to compensate but devise something that would secure workers from sudden dangers. Foot injuries were the primary hurdle that affected the lives of the person and the company's workability. This gave rise to the creation of this footwear, which has many features. Wearing them will ensure the complete protection of your feet. Some of the features are as follows:

  • They protect from sudden fall of objects

One of the biggest reasons for which foot injury happens is when something falls on foot suddenly. Security boots ensure complete protection with the toe cap they have. This helps you to remove the object quickly and move forward.

  • They do not get punctured

The sole of Honeywell Safety Boots are such that it does not get easily pierced when exposed to sharp objects. Sharp objects may be anything, including glass or scrap or metal.

  • They ensure safety against cutting

If your work pertains to the machinery industry, you must have a proper shoe to protect your foot. Jobs like cutting logs or using a chainsaw may lead to danger. These ensure that you are not harmed even if those saws fall on your toe. The boots are cut resistant, as the material it is made of is durable and hard.

  • They protect you against electrocution

Though this is a thing that may sound odd, this also has a risk. Static electricity may inflict shocks. A pair of boots that are conductors will reduce the shock as it will lessen the amount of electricity passed. People who have to work on electric poles or directly deal with electricity can also choose these boots to deter electric charge from entering the body.

  • They will resist slipping

Honeywell Sporty Safety Shoes will protect you from falling. They have a sole, which is slip-resistant. This will lessen the chances of injury to any other part of your body by dropping. You should choose the sole perfect for grip according to your work. If you have to climb ladders or machinery, your sole should have the ability to grip over the surface.

  • They can protect you from burns

Last but not least, a great feature of this footwear is that they provide safety from burns. If your work is centered on molten surfaces or chemicals, which may ignite a fire, you can deter them by wearing these boots.

If You're Planning to Buy These Pairs, Here's Why You Should Consider Honeywell

Honeywell Footwear is the best brand for safety shoes because it provides safety from all kinds of hazardous work. It gives you proper protection from the kitchen to the construction site, from factory work to warehousing. They are the best-graded company for the material as well as the efficiency that the boots provide. The materials used for securing the foot varies from one sector to another. You will get different kinds of footwear for various purposes. This makes it one of the demandable brands. They can be easily identified in the market as they have the company's name inscribed on the sole. The soles are appropriately tested to give proper utility.

Factors to Keep in Mind Before Selecting This Safety Footwear

There are certain things that you should consider before buying safety boots. Some of the pointers that you must keep in mind are as follows:

  • Toe cap

It should be made of steel or TPU, or aluminum

  • Upper layer material

It should be of leather and not any human-made thing

  • Lining

It should be such that it makes the boot breathable, comfortable, airy, and can absorb moisture

All Set to Select This Pair? Head Over to McCoy Mart and Complete Your Shopping!

It would be best if you chose footwear from this brand because it offers a wide range of products. You can choose from fashionable styles and shapes they have. You must select from them because they provide you with different boots for different types of work. Some of the reasons for which you should buy boots from this company is because they manufacture and provide the following:

  • Heat resistant footwear
  • Heat resistant outsole
  • Steel midsole
  • Composite midsole
  • Metatarsal support
  • Non-metallic boots
  • Electrostatic dissipative
  • Cut resistant
  • Foundry footwear
  • Recycled pair
  • Waterproof boots
  • Wide fit shoes
  • Slip-resistant shoes

Honeywell Safety Shoes Price varies from model to model. Honeywell Shoes Price will depend on the material, style, and shape you choose. You will get Honeywell Safety Shoes Price List at McCoy Mart online. You can buy it from there at a good discount with various trending offers.

Top Selling Honeywell Safety Shoes Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Starting Price
Honeywell HS100X-44/10 Classic Leather Single Density PU Safety Shoe, Size 10
Rs. 1,186
Honeywell HRN100X-42/8 Rubber Nitrile Safety Shoes-42, Size 8
Rs. 1,483
Honeywell HS200X-44/10 High Ankle Safety Shoes-44, Size 10
Rs. 1,483
Honeywell 9541IN-39 Heavy Duty Low Ankle Safety Shoe S1, Size 5
Rs. 1,826
Honeywell 9542IN-39/5 Heavy Duty Ankle Laced Boot S1, Size 5
Rs. 2,019
Honeywell HSP100X-41/7 Suede Athletic Safety Shoes-41, Size 7
Rs. 2,029
Honeywell ERST17LB01/39/5 Lightweight Sporty Shoes Grey Blue S1, Size 5
Rs. 3,277