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Incandescent bulbs

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Best Buy Offer On Incandescent Bulbs Available on McCoy Mart

While the use of LED bulbs is on the rise, the incandescent bulbs are still in use. In places where traditional lighting is required, incandescent bulbs work the best. Being a readily available and cost-effective lighting solution, the traditional incandescent bulbs find use in a number of homes.

Benefits of Incandescent Bulbs

When you are confused about whether to buy the incandescent light bulb or not, knowing, the benefits can help. Here are some of the advantages of using incandescent bulbs.

  • Less Expensive

One of the main reasons why these bulbs are still in use is its cost-effectiveness. As compared to the modern lighting solutions, the incandescent bulb will cost you much less. Being inexpensive to manufacture, it is readily available at a lower price in the markets.

  • No Toxic Materials

Another significant benefit of the daylight incandescent bulbs is that none of its materials contain any type of toxic material. The absence of any harmful material makes it easier for you to dispose of the used incandescent bulb easily without much concern about safety.

  • Light Quality

The quality of light that the incandescent bulb also offers matters and proves to be beneficial. Even a 40w incandescent bulb can provide you with an optimum lighting solution. Moreover, it offers a reliable lighting solution as it can light up immediately without any flickering. Unlike the modern lights, it does not require any warm-up period and can provide full brightness almost immediately.

  • Ensures a better Fit

While there are a number of alternatives for these bulbs, there are many situations when it is the only option for you. When you are looking for a bulb for the small lamps or other specialty items, the incandescent light bulb is the perfect fit.

  • Easy Availability

These bulbs are readily available in the market. Moreover, they are available in different sizes, shapes, as well as for different applications. Depending on your purpose, you can easily avail of the 40-watt incandescent bulbs.

  • Easily Dimmable

With the incandescent bulb, you can easily dim or control the light. As it is highly responsive to the current flow, the filament glow can be easily dimmed. As compared to other bulbs, it works best on a dimmer switch. Moreover, it is quite easy to install these bulbs in your home or any other area where it is required.

Top Situations to Use the Incandescent Bulbs

There are a number of situations where the traditional bulbs are still the best option. Here are some of the situations where these bulbs work the best.

  • Low Traffic Areas

In the low traffic areas, having an incandescent light is a good option. There are certain rooms in your home, like the attic and utility room, where you go very less. Such places go months without turning on the lights. In such rooms, these bulbs work the best. In the low traffic areas, these bulbs can provide the appropriate lighting and go on for months without the need for replacement.

  • Heating Equipment

When it comes to heating equipment, these bulbs are the best choice. In the microwave, over, or other heating appliances, the incandescent provides the required amount of heat. Whenever there is a requirement of light inside the heating equipment, the different types of 100w incandescent bulbs are the optimum solution.

  • Temporary Lighting

When you require lighting only for some time, these bulbs are the ideal lighting option. For the lighting purpose in the temporary setups like the construction sites or a party at your patio, the incandescent walls work well. By using them only for the short term, you can easily meet your lighting needs effectively while keeping the cost of lighting low.

  • Aesthetic Enhancements

These bulbs are not only used for lighting purposes but also prove to be efficient for enhancing the aesthetic look of a place. In many places like home, cafes, and more, people use these bulbs to give a unique and traditional touch to the look. By using these bulbs in a variety of ways, you can give a place the desired look and feel.

Important Specifications of Incandescent Bulbs

When you want to buy incandescent bulbs, knowing about the important specifications is essential. Here are some of the important specifications you need to consider.

  • Watts

Watt is an important specification to consider as it determines the energy that the incandescent bulb will consume. There are different watt bulbs available, including 75-watt incandescent bulb, 150w incandescent bulb, and more. Depending on your need, you can choose the right watt bulb.

  • Lumens

Lumen refers to the brightness of the incandescent bulb. While buying these bulbs, paying attention to the lumen is also important. According to your brightness requirement, you can select the right lumen bulb.

  • Life Hours

Life hour is another important specification to be considered. Life hours indicate for how many hours the incandescent bulb can provide effective lighting solution. Purchasing a bulb with more life hours can help in increasing its longevity.

  • Color Temperature

Color temperature is a measure of the coolness or warmth that the incandescent bulb is able to provide. Depending on the level of warmth or coolness that you require for your home, you can choose the best incandescent bulbs.

Knowing the benefits, specifications, and places, where these bulbs can be used helps you in making the right choice. While the use of LED lighting is increasing, these bulbs still prove to be an ideal option in many situations. Buy these bulbs from the top brands to enhance its value even more. You can buy incandescent bulbs online that can help you get it at an even lower price. Whether you want these bulbs for lighting purposes or a decorative purpose, you can find the right one to suit your needs. Avail the traditional incandescent lighting solutions at an affordable price and explore its many benefits.