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Buy Sanitaryware Online At Best Price! | McCoy Mart

Sanitaryware or sanitary ware refers to the sanitary equipment that is installed in toilets and bathrooms. The products which fall under sanitary ware are washbasins, WC bowls, bidets, urinals, cisterns, sewerage pipes. Many of the hygienic products were made from porcelain, which is a ceramic item. When they were coated with enamel, they were referred to as 'vitreous china.' They were known as ceramic, porcelain, or china sanitary ware, which were white for most of the time.  Now the sanitary equipment is formulated from different sorts of substances, including metals, acrylics, glass, high-grade plastic, and other things. Even bathtubs, showers, bins, macerators, incinerators are also a part of these appliances.   

Types of Product That You Should Consider Before Selecting One

There are many kinds of Bathroom Sanitary Ware products that are available in the market. Some of the most common products that are required for every household and offices are: 

There are various kinds of Sanitaryware Accessories also that are required. Some of them are: 

There are numerous models and fixtures of Bathroom Sanitary Ware Products. Some of them are: 

  • Wall hanging: These fixtures do not stand on the ground. They are fixed on the wall, which gives them a hanging look. 
  • Floor mounted: These fixtures are fitted on the floor as the support. This fixture is available in both classic and modern styles. 
  • Classic: These fixtures have a vintage outlook and traditional shapes. They are also known as Ceramic Sanitary Ware.
  • Modern: They are available in various geometric patterns and abstract shapes. These fixtures are trendy and add aesthetics to your toilet. 
  • Back to the wall: These fixtures may be hanging or wall-mounted. Whatever the type may be, they are fitted supporting the wall. 
  • Close-coupled: These fixtures have two items of the same design and color, closely fitted to each other. For example, a white WC pan can be coupled with a white washbasin, having the same geometric shape. 
  • No Rim: They are the most stylish Modern Sanitary Ware. They are also known as open-rim fittings.

There is some Shower Sanitary Ware. They are: 

  • Showerheads
  • Hand showers
  • Shower valves
  • Shower trays 
  • Shower enclosures

Best Brands to Choose Bathroom Fittings from

Many brands are manufacturing the Best Sanitary Ware for years. They not only cater to the needs of the customers but also bring innovation to the products. Bringing in new changes to the items they manufacture makes the life of the customers easy. Some of the brands which are excellent at manufacturing Bathroom Sanitary Fittings are: 

  • Cera
  • Cotto
  • American Standard
  • Jee-o

Things to Consider Before You Purchase One

You cannot go for a careless purchase when it comes to bathroom fittings. Though the bathroom is not a place to ostentate, you should still be careful to choose. Buying the right thing will ensure the proper comfort and functionality of your washroom. Hardware Sanitary Items should be handy and easy to use. There are specific pointers that you should keep in mind while purchasing Toilet Sanitary Ware. Some of them are:

  • Color

Maintaining color coordination is not that easy. You should choose the color of the bathroom appliances keeping in mind the color and decor of your bathroom and your house. Maintaining this coordination will reflect the personality and idea you have. You shouldn't arbitrarily mix and match with colors. For example, if you like yellow or golden color, you should choose white to complement it. If you think you cannot manage with colors, they go for white Ceramic Sanitaryware. White gives a classy and simple look to your toilet. 

  • Comfort

As you spend money on bathroom fittings and accessories, you should invest in things that comfort you. You can adequately invest in a bathtub or a shower with temperature adjustment options. They will provide relaxation when you take a bath after a tiresome day. Do not compromise over comfort by saving little. Purchase products that will satisfy your comfort. 

  • Easy to clean

You must choose the bathroom fittings and appliances that you can clean yourself. This will help you to clean the items and keep your bathroom neat. If you do not do that, you cannot maintain the elegance of the toilet. It would look dull. 

  • Size

Depending upon the space that you have in your lavatory, you should buy fittings and appliances for it. Do not overcrowd your toilet, as it would be of no use. If the space is small, you should go for small-sized items. This will help you maintain the proportionality of the things. For example, you should not purchase a big bathtub in a small bathroom. You may exclude it from your list in that case. 

  • Design and durability

Both design and durability are two significant factors that you should remember before buying bathroom fittings. You shouldn't blindly purchase a product by its design. It may turn out not to be a durable one. Your toilet pans, urinals, washbasins should be strong enough such that they do not break down easily. It would help if you avoided sharp edges items as they might harm you.  

  • Price

You must invest appropriately in bathroom fittings to meet your comfort. However, it does not mean that you will go out of your reach to buy products. You must fix a budget and then purchase items. This will help you in having a clear idea about how much you can spend. 

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It would help if you chose McCoy Mart for buying Black Sanitaryware because it is a one-stop store for all kinds of bathroom fittings and appliances. You can glimpse through various brands and designs before purchasing products. McCoy Mart is a reliable online store where you can buy bathroom appliances. Sanitary Ware Price Online varies from model to model. You can head towards McCoy Mart so that you can compare the price and purchase. So why wait? Visit McCoy Mart to buy online anytime and avail of the offers they provide. You can also get festive discounts on various brands. 

Best Sanitaryware Price List at McCoy Mart

American Standard Kastello WH Square Toilet Bowl With Seat Cover (White)
(552 L X 360 W X 290 H) mm
Rs. 14,841
Cotto Simply Modish One Piece Toilet S- Trap (Hyg.) Dual Flush, White
(L) 71 x (W) 37 x (H) 66.5 cm
Rs. 68,040
Jee-o Rio Basin -Large, White With Black Outside
(L) 500 x (W) 380 x (H) 175 mm
Rs. 75,075
Cera Canon Wall Hung Wash Basin Without Faucet
(450 L x 350 W x 290 H) mm
Rs. 1,152
Nirali Square Unique Stainless Steel Wash Basin
(12 x 12) inches
Rs. 1,184
Duravit D-Code Countertop Vanity Wash Basin Without Faucet
545 mm x 435 mm
Rs. 7,297

Popular Brand in Sanitaryware

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