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Kitchen Handles

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Handles used in a modern kitchen include handles for drawers, cupboards, door and cabinets. The kitchen handles come in a plethora of styles such as T style, D style, drop, pull, round knob, square knob, bar, bridge, boss bar, etc. The modern kitchen handles are made of a number of materials such as chrome, brass, aluminium, nickel, porcelain, stainless steel, cast iron and wood. The various kinds of kitchen door handles for specific elements of the kitchen have been discussed here. 

Types of Kitchen Handles

Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Some of the popular kinds of kitchen cabinet handles are as follows.

  • Tubular bar pull- This type of handle is suitable for flat panel kitchen cabinets. This is a long and sleek bar which imparts a modern look to the cabinet. The length can be very high or short depending upon the dimensions of the cabinet.
  • Knobs- Knob is circular or square in shape which is attached to the cabinet at a single point. Knobs impart a traditional look to the cabinet. It can be made of stainless steel, bronze, brass, stainless steel and even natural stone.
  • Pulls- Pull handle is attached to the cabinet by two or more screws. They are usually 5-12 inches in size. Pulls are suitable for all styles of kitchen cabinets. Pulls made of brass or bronze with exposed screws on their sides make for eye-catching kitchen cabinet handles.

Kitchen Drawer Handles

The kitchen drawer handles are of the same design as cabinets. However, one specific type of handle is suitable exclusively for kitchen drawers. This is the cup handle. Cup handle has a semi-circular or semi-elliptical shape and is also known as half-moon or bin pull. This type of handle has a hollow point facing downward. In order to open or close the drawer, you need to grasp this point and pull or push. Thus, you cannot grab a cup handle from the top as is the case with other kinds of handles. A single cup handle can be present in the centre of the drawer or two cup handles can be present on either side of the drawer. In case of a drawer with two cup handles on either side, you need to pull both the cup handles to prevent damage to the drawer.

Kitchen Cupboard Handles

Some of the commonly used kitchen cupboard handles are as follows.

  • Flat pull bars- Flat pull bar is a long horizontal handle which accentuates the look of the wood grain patterns on the cupboard and even the tile backsplashes present in the kitchen. The square or rectangular shape of the kitchen cupboard is also emphasised by the flat pull bar handle.
  • Touch latches- This type of handle is concealed inside the door of the cupboard and needs to be touched to open or close. This type of handle is not recommended for people frequently cooking oily food in the kitchen because touching the latches with oily hand will result in the appearance of smudges on the surface of the cupboard.

How to Choose a Kitchen Handle?

You need to consider the design of your kitchen before deciding upon a particular type of kitchen handle. This is because kitchen handles have a profound effect on the aesthetics of the kitchen. If your kitchen has a modern design then the handles must also be of a modern style. Similarly, classic and traditional style kitchen handles are suitable for traditional kitchens. The crux of the matter is that the design of the kitchen handle should not be at variance from the kitchen design.

The material of the kitchen handle must complement the material of the cabinet, drawer, cupboard, etc. Improperly matched materials damage the aesthetics of the kitchen. Kitchen handles come in a variety of materials such as chrome, steel, brass, etc. The type of finishing of the handle is also an important consideration.

Kitchen handles come in various sizes. You may choose to install handles of the same size throughout the kitchen or may want to blend handles of different sizes. Ultimately, you need to consider the kitchen design before taking a decision.

Ease of use must also be taken into consideration. The handles must be easy to grip for you and others who use the kitchen frequently. Cup and other small handles must be installed only if you and others have no difficulty in grasping small objects.

Kitchen Handle Price List

The kitchen handles price depends upon the style of the handle you are choosing, the material of the handle, type of finish, hardware to install the handle and installation cost. There are many online stores where you get access to a huge collection of kitchen handles of all possible designs and materials. A whole range of prices ranging from cheap to expensive is covered. Attractive discounts are also offered by many online stores.

Kitchen Handle
Brass Kitchen Handle, 160mm
Rs. 358
CopperBrass Matt Drawer Handle, 160mm
Rs. 333
Antique Silver Drawer Handles, 160mm
Rs. 392
Nickel Drawer Handles, 160mm
Rs. 277
Gold Drawer Handle, 160mm
Rs. 545
Chocolate Drawer Handles, 224mm
Rs. 642