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Best Offer On Livpure Water Purifiers Available on McCoy Mart

Water purifiers are an essential part of offices and houses that cannot be neglected. You should buy them properly, keeping in mind the things to check to get the correct model you require. You can opt for Livpure Water Purifiers to produce filters with the best technology and proper innovation. The models are not only trendy in look but also work efficiently. They are available in online stores, especially in McCoy Mart. There are products available in various ranges. The Livpure water filter is also available in many shapes and sizes. Different models have multiple sizes of liquid tanks also. They are primarily wall-mounted, but certain tabletop filters are also seen.

Glance Through the Features of Livpure Smart Water Purifier

There are many features that the filters have, and these features make them different from one another. The notable features of the different models of the filters are:

Bolt Purification Technology: RO + UV + Mineraliser

  • This Livpure RO water purifier has a six-stage purification technique that delivers crystal clear liquid without impurities.
  • The table size of the model is seven liters.
  • There are LED indicators to warn you when the tank is full, or the power is on, or the purification is going on.
  • The mineralizer adds minerals to the liquid to enhance it and balance the pH of the liquid.
  • The tank is UV sterilized.
  • This Livpure RO price is not that high.
  • This model can be mounted on the wall.
  • Its elegant and sleek design makes it look attractive in the room.
  • The gorgeous metallic blue color of the filter is attractive.

Bolt Copper Purification Technology: RO + UV + Mineraliser

  • This Livpure copper RO filter has got a metallic blue color which adds elegance to your room where it is installed.
  • It can purify 15 liters of liquid per hour.
  • It can be installed on the wall as well as it can be kept on the tabletop.
  • This model is equipped with a seven-stage purification.
  • The product's dimension is 370 mm x 235 mm x 480 mm (L x W X H).
  • It requires 24 Volts to function properly.
  • This Livpure water purifier price is affordable.
  • The purification cartridges used in this filter are In-tank UV Sterilization, Super Sediment Filter, Ultra Filtration Cartridge, Mineral Cartridge, Carbon Block Filter, Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Membrane, Copper 29 Cartridge.

Zinger - Maroon, 6.5 liters, Mineraliser+RO+UV+UF

  • This Livpure UV water purifier plus RO plus UF model has a tank capacity of 6.5 liters.
  • It uses six-stage purification that makes the liquid safe to drink.
  • The mineralizer technology adds minerals to the liquid, enhancing its taste and balancing its pH value.
  • This model is for TDS up to 1500.
  • The color of the model is maroon.
  • This Livpure RO water purifier price is reasonable.

Platino+ Copper Purification Technology: RO + UV + UF + Mineraliser filter

  • This Livpure RO purifier is available in white and blue shades.
  • It can purify liquid at a rate of 15 liters per hour.
  • The dimension of the product is 370 x 235 mm x 480 mm.
  • The tank size of this model is 8.5 liters.
  • The copper filter enhances the qualities of copper into the liquid, making it much more ideal for drinking.
  • The feather touch control panel makes the model easy to use.
  • The trendy design makes it ideal for both houses and offices.
  • The mineralizer technology adds minerals to the liquid and balances the pH level of the liquid.
  • It has a copper 29 cartridge for advanced purification.
  • It uses a seven-stage purification that makes the liquid crystal clear.
  • It is an electric purifier.

Thinking Why Should You Buy a Livpure Water Purifier? Here are the Reasons

This company has been manufacturing filters for a long time and has become a pioneer in this field. You can get these in all leading stores. Apart from the above, there are various other reasons why this is a reliable brand and the best brand to buy. The reasons are:

  • They deliver premium quality items at affordable rates.
  • The items are a fusion of both innovation and technology.
  • It uses copper filters in the purification process, which enhances the liquid.
  • Livpure water filter price is also affordable.
  • The models are easy to install and can be used in both wall-mounted forms and tabletop-keeping forms.
  • You get a free installation as you buy them.
  • You also get a proper warranty on the purchase of this product.

Together, all these reasons make this brand the best brand, and thus you can rely on them and buy.

Specifications of Livpure Water Purifier

  • Elegant and sleek Design
  • Wall Mounted
  • Purifies water from any source
  • UV Sterilised Tank
  • Advance Purification
  • LED Indications - Power ON, Tank Full and Purification-in Process
  • Mineraliser - Adds required minerals and maintain the right pH of water

Different Factors to Consider Compulsorily Before Buying Livpure Water Purifier Online

Certain factors need to be checked before buying. If you check them, you will ensure a quality purchase without regret. The factors to check are:

  • Tank size

The most important thing to check is the tank size because it will determine how much water the model can store. Besides that, you must select a tank size that will be suitable for you. Generally, you don't need a large water tank for a home unless there are too many members.

  • Stages of purification

There are several types of purification stages that a filter has. While some have five, some have six, and some seven. You should check the specification to know about the stages of purification and then buy the product accordingly.

  • The technology used

Some models use UV, while others use RO. Some have copper filters, mineralizers, UF, and many other technologies for purification. You must read the specification to know about the technology used in manufacturing the product you are buying and then purchase it.

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Best Selling Livpure Water Purifiers Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Starting Price
Livpure Bolt Purification Technology: RO + UV + Mineraliser
Rs. 15,000
Livpure Zinger 70% water recovery with Mineraliser+RO+UV+UF+6 Stage Purification 6.5 litre Electric Water Purifier- Maroon
Rs. 18,990
Livpure Platino+ Copper Purification Technology: RO + UV + UF + Mineraliser
Rs. 21,990