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Luminous Exhaust Fans

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Best Buy Offer On Luminous Exhaust Fans Available on McCoy Mart

The importance of Exhaust Fans can hardly be overlooked, and for the purpose they cater to, that makes them even more critical. Without it, the kitchen would be no less than a boiler and a hub of pungent smells. Do you want to picture your kitchen like this? Definitely, no. However, choosing anyone would not help, and thus, you need to avail of one that can maintain your kitchen's sanity and add to its grace and charm. They prove to be greatly helpful in drawing out the extra moisture and undesirable odors from your kitchen. The kitchen is prone to moisture as actions like washing and cooking are done there. The primary function is to give ventilation so that chemical fumes do not grow. It also helps in removing other pollutants that may be harmful when we breathe.

To talk of such a ventilator, the Exhaust Luminous Fans come to the rescue. As a brand, luminous differs a lot from the other brands to a great extent and comes with modern designs and an extensive range of products. It will be right to quote it as the contemporary way to ventilate your kitchen and make it a place worth visiting. The primary goal behind the development of such a product is to keep your kitchen clean and maintain your home's hygiene. Though they work following the conventional method, their mechanism is relatively modern by venting out the air from one room to another. Thus, with such modern ventilation at your disposal, you do not need to worry about the cleanliness and hygiene of your kitchen.

Know the Top Features of the Product

With the Luminous Kitchen Fan in your kitchen, you can now keep the kitchen free of dust, grease, and oils. Gone are the days when exhaust fans were piled with grease and dust. But now, they come with features that do not load you down with worries but make your kitchen chores a lot easier. So are you aware of all the features of the Luminous Ventilation Fan? If not, we will guide you down the way.

  • Comes with dust resistant blades

Its blades are coated with lacquer, making it resistant to dust and grease. The special coating also makes it easy for the users to clean the blades with just a swipe. So, you do not need to spend ages cleaning it.

  • Resist accumulation of oil and moisture

As these blades are coated with lacquer, they don't allow the oil and grease to stick to the blades. Whenever they come in contact with any such element, it stays on the surface without affecting the blade's speed.

  • Cools quickly

Areas that have been heated due to prolonged cooking can be rapidly cooled. As the hot air is vented out, the temperature inside reduces. It is the mechanism that air conditioning follows. The extra inducement to it is the external and artificial cooling mechanism.

  • Removes extra moisture

These fans are competent to remove excess moisture from the kitchen. Moisture can quickly settle from cooking or boiling water, near the ceiling or wall, or any other surface. They promote the growth of mold. Once this moisture is let to move out, you get a healthy kitchen.

  • Removed humidity

The indoor humidity is removed very fast by them. They not only remove odors and pollutants but provide proper ventilation. This improves the quality of the air you breathe. By venting out the contaminated air, fresh air is induced through the turning of the blades.

Some of the Popular Models That Make Luminous the Best Brand are as follows:

  • Luminous Exhaust Fan 9 inch

    • Having a 200mm blade size, 0.20 M sweep size, and 1300 RPM, it keeps your kitchen free from smoke
    • You can avail of a two-year warranty as you purchase a Luminous Exhaust Fan 200mm
    • The blades are aerodynamically designed so that the rotation is faster. This model has five blades
    • It consumes 35 watts of power
    • While working, it doesn't make noise
  • Luminous Exhaust Fan Vento Deluxe 200 mm

    • The Vento Deluxe fan also has a 200 mm blade size. They have five blades
    • They are efficient in keeping your kitchen clean from smoke and moisture, and stickiness
    • Having wider blades enables them to give an output of 490 CMH high air delivery
    • The height of the Luminous Vento Exhaust Fan is 9.44 inches
    • Rotating at a speed of 1350 RPM, it consumes 35 watts of power
    • The stylish design that it has suits every interior
  • Luminous Exhaust Fan 300mm

    • As it has a high speed and powerful motor, it is the best for kitchens, restaurants, and bathrooms
    • Having properly designed five metal blades provide high air thrust
    • It has a sturdy birdcage guard that has powder-coated finishing
    • With a speed of 1350 RPM and having a blade size of 300 mm, it has a high air delivery output
    • It does not produce noise when it works and consumes 50 watts of power

There are Some Pointers Listed Below That You Must Keep in Mind Before Buying Exhausts

  • Size

You should consider the size of your kitchen or bathroom, wherever you want to fit the exhaust, and then buy. If you have a big kitchen, you need to buy a larger model that will help you to keep your kitchen smoke free.

  • Type of mounting

There are two types of exhaust mountings: the wall mount and exterior mount. You should purchase the one that will fit your room.

Why Choose from McCoy Mart?

McCoy Mart is a one-stop solution for purchasing exhaust fans. Luminous Exhaust Fan Price varies from model to model. You can go through a wide range of models from McCoy Mart and then buy. It is a reliable online store.

Top Selling Luminous Exhaust Fans Price List at McCoy Mart

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Luminous 100 mm Vento Axial Ventilation Fan
Rs. 1,014
Luminous 230 mm Vento Metal Ventilation Fan
Rs. 1,237
Luminous 250 mm Vento DLX Ventilation Fan (White)
Rs. 1,354
Luminous 230 mm Fresher Ventilation Fan (Wg)
Rs. 1,727